Doc Vikela revives Comedy Nights


ONE of the country’s top comedians, Victor “Doc Vikela” Mpofu, says he will be taking comedy to the people through the revived Comedy Nights programme, as he prepares for his forthcoming one-man international tour scheduled for early next year.


The award-winning comedian will be on the stage on November 4 at Borrowdale’s NewsCafe in Harare for a potentially explosive night of laughter supported by rising comedians Kadem The Comic, SP The One Liner, Vaking Kandoro and Tinaye.

Doc Vikela told NewsDay yesterday that the forthcoming show is in fulfilment of his new mandate of doing a full show after every two months in different venues across the country, as he seeks to grow his brand.

“The Comedy Nights will be spread across the country, as we take comedy to the fans, instead of using just one venue now and again. This will be in preparation for my one-man show as well as international tour for next year,” he said.

“For the forthcoming Comedy Nights, I will be supported by my comedy products when I have nurtured, an indication that our comedy is growing.”

Doc Vikela said the November 4 show would further test the strength of his new content.

“NewsCafe has given us that chance to connect with a new audience as well as service our existing audience in a different environment. It is going to be an exciting show that I urge people to come in their numbers and we laugh, drink and eat together,” he said.

The comedian said he was determined to grow the comedy circuit in the country, so that it can be appreciated like other arts genres such as film and music.

“Despite all the challenges we face, it is my desire that the comedy industry continues to embrace high levels of professionalism so that the sector is taken seriously as comedy helps relieve people of stress,” he said.