Council to improve water supplies: Masvingo mayor


MASVINGO mayor Hubert Fidze has assured residents that council will do everything in its capacity to improve water supplies although demand still outweighs supply.

Speaking at a meeting hosted by Masvingo United Residents and Ratepayers Alliance (Murra) at the Civic Centre on Friday, Fidze said though supplies remained lower than demand, the city would continue to work to improve the situation.

He said the city needed 48 mega litres of water per day to meet demand, yet only 30 mega litres were being pumped daily.
He said due to the shortfall, those who reside in suburbs such as Rujeko, Runyararo, Hillside and Target Kopje have to do with their supplies being cut between 16:00 hours and 04:00 hours every day.

Fidze also said the previous winter season saw a lot of water pipe bursts due to high pressure caused by residents not using as much water.

“In the previous winter, water consumption per household declined substantially because of the cold and that led to an increase in pressure on our pipes,” Fidze said.

He said the continuous rural-urban migration was compounding the problems because the huge human influx was causing a strain on the existing infrastructure. — TellZim