Consumers urged to buy from reputable places

The cost of living as measured by the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe's low income urban earner monthly basket for a family of six decreased fom the March 2013 figure of US$573.22 to US571.51 by the end of April 2013, showing a 0.3% decreased.

CONSUMER Council of Zimbabwe executive director, Rosemary Siyachitema, has urged citizens to always buy from reputable places that guarantee receipts and supply genuine goods.


Speaking on the sidelines of a workshop on safe use of energy in homes in Masvingo on Wednesday, Siyachitema cautioned against buying cheap but substandard products.

“We always say that at least people should buy from reputable places where they can get a receipt and a guarantee. The problems come when people buy from non-reputable places where they can hardly get a receipt or that paper that has a guarantee.

“Another challenge is that of porous borders where people are smuggling some of those things that don’t meet the standards. So if you buy from reputable places and if there is a problem, you have a receipt that you can take back and identify yourself with. In other words you have a way of getting your problems solved,” she said.

She added that awareness meetings that they were conducting were meant to equip consumers so that their rights were not violated.
“It’s an opportunity that we make as CCZ to create a platform for consumers to be in directive dialogue with service providers.

It’s part of our strategy to ensure that consumers have the opportunity to ask burning questions that they come across to services that they are given,” said Siyachitema.

She, however, said some of the complaints do not reach them.

“Of course, we have a number of complaints that we receive but at times some of the complaints do not reach us either people give up or the issue with us is that we are not in all places so once the Consumer Protection Act is in place there will be a better chance of decentralisation of our service,” she said.