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Beitbridge urged to increase human capital, acquire more land for development


THE BEITBRIDGE Town Council has been urged to increase its staffing levels and acquire more land for development on a 15-year plan basis in line with its town status.

An inception report on the border town by Nhewa Town Planners and Development Consultancy contracted to help planning Beitbridge City, says vacant positions on the town council’s structures cripple service delivery.

“Currently, the Beitbridge Town’s human capital is far short of the desired capacity for a settlement or town of its magnitude,” says the report.

“Vacant positions on the existing structure are crippling service delivery.”

Presently, Beitbridge town is grappling with manpower shortages in its engineering division overwhelmed by bursting water pipes.
Immense pressure from the new water treatment plant has raptured the town’s ageing pipe network on numerous points and the water division cannot cope.

Government recently commissioned a new $40 million water plant designed to end the town’s water problems and spread water even beyond the town to South Africa.

Council, which has made proposals to take over its water supplies from the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa), will require more staff to efficiently reticulate water.

The council was also advised to upgrade its sewerage facilities that have resulted in the construction of new houses being stopped for lack of the facility.

Last week, the construction of more than 4 000 housing units in new development areas was put on hold until the sewer plant has been upgraded.

The consultants also recommended that Beitbridge town employs new methods of solid waste management with a heavy bias towards recycling.

Beitbridge was recently named as the dirtiest town in Matabeleland South.

The 44-page report mentions the need to engage the department of Environmental Management Authority (EMA) for assistance in the recycling of waste.

Beitbridge, home to one Africa’s busiest dry ports, handles more people than 70 000 ratepayers, with about 18 000 people passing through the town daily on peak periods.

The consultants said under the circumstances Beitbridge Town Council has to source extra funds to cater for the travellers.

“The town has other developmental or implementing agencies like Zimbabwe National Roads Authority, the Local Government ministry, Public Works and Urban Development and Zinwa which can assist.”

Nhewa Town Planners also proposed that Beitbridge could levy at most $0,10 per traveller as departure or arrival fee, money that would be channelled towards the town’s development.

There are a few public toilets, bathing or rest facilities in Beitbridge
The council was also advised to engage the National Railways of Zimbabwe to resuscitate operations at its Beitbridge station to increase movement within the town.
The consultants said at the moment Beitbridge did not have a master plan, there is need to source land on a 15-year plan basis considering the potential.

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