5 cops accused of gouging hiker’s eye seeks discharge


FIVE junior police officers accused of gouging a Harare man’s eye after he intervened and tried to restrain them from bashing his wife in the central business district in March, have applied for discharge, citing lack of evidence.


The police officers – Livingston Zvimba, Tendai Musungambira, Sunday Nyaude, Khululekani Dale and Evans Mashonganyika – are accused of brutalising Yvonne Magora and her husband, Washington Gezana, for no reason.

The cops denied the allegations, arguing they could not be held accountable since the alleged incident occurred late at night, with their faces covered by helmets.

The accused said no other witnesses saw them allegedly assaulting the complainants.

Magistrate, Farai Gwitima yesterday remanded the matter to Monday for ruling on the application.

Allegations are that on March 23 this year, the accused were controlling traffic at the corner of Kenneth Kaunda Avenue and Julius Nyerere Way in Harare, when one of them confronted Magora and Gezana and asked them why they had stopped.

They allegedly then assaulted Magora with open hands and batons before Gezana intervened to rescue his wife.

The State alleges the suspects then turned on Gezana and assaulted him with batons, open hands and an unknown object, which then gouged out his right eye.

Realising that they had injured Gezana, the police officers jumped into their service vehicle and drove off.

Well-wishers took the couple to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals for treatment. Gezana’s eye was subsequently removed, as it had been severely damaged.
Dorah Moyo appeared for the State.


  1. If Gezana doesn’t win this case in court, he should consider pursuing these bastards one at a time and mete out the same treatment to each of them. Tit for tat.

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