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Zimbabweans must reject Mudede’s shenanigans


REGISTRAR-General (RG) Tobaiwa Mudede’s pronouncements that have a bearing on the biometric voter registration (BVR), which are a calculated move by Zanu PF to create confusion so as to rig the 2018 plebiscite, should not be taken in isolation, but dealt with immediately to level the playing field.

Editorial Comment

This is because Mudede is no stranger on the political scene having been used by the Zanu PF regime to rig on its behalf by manipulating the alien vote in the country’s crucial elections in the past.

Sadly, Mudede has been central to the Zanu PF rigging machinery through the reconfiguration of citizenship/belonging and relentless violence during elections.

It is important for Zimbabweans to stop Mudede from continuing to use the masses as before when he actually abused migrant descendants by the hegemonic socio-political hierarchy for Zanu PF’s electoral benefit.

We do not understand why Mudede would want to illegally usurp the powers of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) by issuing statements that have a bearing on the forthcoming elections.

What is telling is the fact that Mudede’s position on aliens and BVR contradicts that of Zec.

The country’s Constitution is clear on who should manage elections and/or the voters’ roll at any given time, and we call on Zec to protest against Mudede, failing which opposition political parties must draw the line even if it means approaching the courts for redress.

What Mudede is saying makes sad reading, as this is not provided for in the country’s governance charter. As a civil servant, he also should not continue to make provocative political statements with the aim to sow confusion.

Can Zec please explain what role Mudede will play in the forthcoming polls? Zec chairperson, Rita Makarau has in the past indicated that citizens classified as “aliens” will be allowed to register and are eligible to vote in 2018, yet the RG thinks otherwise.

We have not forgotten that it is the same Mudede, who has been used by Zanu PF to strip “aliens” of their right to suffrage in successive polls. This has been dictated by the politics of power, benefaction and bullying under which immigrants have constituted a critical swing vote, which Zanu PF has either embraced for its benefit or marginalised it in the face of formidable opposition politics.

And, this subjugation has affected the livelihoods of these alien progenies through violence, intimidation and denial of socio-economic leverage.

It is inopportune that Mudede’s antics are a broader Zanu PF plan to disqualify multitudes of citizens of this country, who may not be able to replace the identity documents in time to meet the timelines of the BVR exercise.

Zanu PF is teetering on the brink of collapse given the economic, social and political decay prevailing in the country. We have every reason to think that Mudede’s role in this whole issue is to try to give some lifeline to the Zanu PF sinking ship.

This is treachery of the highest order.

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