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Use ICTs in teacher training, colleges urged


HIGHER Education deputy minister Godfrey Gandawa has urged teacher training colleges to impart latest information communication technology (ICT) on their students, to make them technologically relevant in the fast-changing

By Tatenda Chitagu

Speaking at the Masvingo Teachers’ College’s 33rd graduation and prize-giving ceremony on Friday, Gandawa said most of the institutions have been lagging behind and this had a trickle-down effect on the pupils.

“Teachers’ colleges should apply hybrid learning that demonstrates a blend of different methods, technologies and resources to improve student learning. Therefore, the challenge to use ICT in your learning will make sure that you are not left behind in the era of technology,” he said.

“Teachers’ colleges must invest in ICTs for pedagogy. The use of ICT in education and training has become a priority but few have achieved progress. Colleges need to do more and change their curriculum to embrace the effective use of ICT in education and training.

“There must be new innovations in teaching and e-learning that facilitates augmented learning, adoptive learning, web-based learning activity based learning and project based learning.”

Gandawa said students on teaching practice travel back to college unnecessarily to submit information, something they can do online.

“With their paradigm, ‘anytime, anywhere computing’, a shift from electronic to mobile services must be embraced. So as e-commerce is extended to m-commerce, e-learning now includes m-learning. The benefits of newly gained mobility are expected to be reflected in more efficient education and improved learning results,” he said.

Masvingo Teachers’ College principal, Benson Mutambudzi said they lacked relevant infrastructure and there was low staff morale due to low remuneration among lecturers.

“Like any other institution, the college is facing some challenges, which include low staff morale due to remuneration, lack of essential infrastructure. We lack sponsorship of college activities and payment of utilities is entirely from college resources. Staff accommodation also continues to be a challenge, especially among new lecturers,” he said.

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