Outrage as Mugabe gobbles $10m on UN trip

OPPOSITION parties and civic groups have expressed outrage at reports that President Robert Mugabe’s delegation of more than 70 people to the forthcoming United Nations General Assembly will blow over $10 million in allowances at a time the country is facing a crippling cash shortages.


They accused Mugabe of being selfish and insensitive to the plight of suffering Zimbabweans.

MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu yesterday said Mugabe’s decision to travel with his entire family, including his grandson, Simbanashe, was an indication that the Zanu PF leader takes the nation as his personal property.

“This just goes to show that Zimbabwe has now been reduced into a Mugabe family fiefdom. We are now a de facto Mugabe (Private) Limited company. The State has been captured by the Mugabe family. Robert Mugabe is the chief executive officer and his wife, Grace, is the chief operating officer. This is a tragedy of monumental proportions. Cry the beloved country,” he said.

Lawyer, Fadzai Mahere took to Twitter in shock saying the fact that each person on Mugabe’s delegation earns $1 500 a day when most Zimbabweans do not earn that much in a year was an insult.

The Welshman Ncube-led MDC said this was a globetrotting jaunt disguised as an international engagement, which they described as the height of irresponsibility.

“It is a heart stopper to learn that the 10-day trip will see each member of the delegation gobble over US$15 000 — at a time people are sleeping in bank queues, going for months on end without getting salaries,” the MDC said.

The MDC said the Mugabes, who are banned from travelling to the United States, were using the trip for personal business.

“It is a no brainer that since the First Family is barred from travelling to Europe on personal business, they see no shame in using important government trips such as these for vacation purposes,” the MDC said.

Mugabe’s spokesperson, George Charamba, refused to shed light on the delegation accompanying his boss, saying it was a security issue.

“As a matter of protocol and principle, Charamba will never comment on the President’s travel plans, his delegation and any other issue because it’s a matter of security. Do you want me to tell you that he will have snipers and their location? That’s a matter of security,” he said.

This Constitution leader, Abigale Mupambi said: “Citizens are either ignorant or cowards. Citizens, who are the real owners of this money, which is being abused, must claim their position to hold these officials accountable. This is clear madness.”
People’s Democratic Party Bulawayo organiser, Bekithemba Nyathi said it was “insane” that such a huge delegation was travelling with Mugabe when the nation faces serious cash shortages.

Ibhetshu likaZulu secretary-general, Mbuso Fuzwayo said it was sad that the trip had no likelihood of benefiting the country.
Indications are that Mugabe is expected to address world leaders on September 21. Although the summit runs from September 19, Mugabe and his delegation are expected to depart on Saturday.


  1. you need to learn to do maths 70 people x $1500 x 10 days = $1,050,000.00

    1. that is only in allowances, there is also travel, security and accommodation expenses. you need to consider that as well

    2. it is actually $15000*70*10 days……. $10,500,000.00

      1. liki.wiki@rocketmail.com

        It sound nunrealistic kuti munhu 1 arikupiwha 15000 each day for 10 days.It must be 1500 per day making it 1m

        1. whatis realis cashbert dube was earning 300 000 + a month ka ….

    3. so are you justifying the 1 million do u know what a million hard cash can do to a city …. the old people seen sleeping in bank qzz its sad sad sad. izwi zwazwe Mweya swina

    4. Madroy just like your name suggests, MAD_ROY you have the idea of how to do mathematics but i think concept hamuna blaz…..you are actually the one who needs to learn to do maths and come up with correct answers…

    5. check again.. 15000 is 1500

    6. Iwe ndiwe Dofo Chairo. $1,050,000.00 is the allowance figure per day for 70 people and these people will be out for 10 days which translate to over 10 million.
      Dzokera kuSchool , inga ndimi munotinyaudza muchiti 2nd highest literacy rate in Africa.

      1. Shamwari dont call others madofo especially when you cant do your maths right!$1500/day for 70 people is $105,000 and then for 10 days it is $1,050,000. I guess it is yourself that needs to go back to school.

    7. yea 10 million is a bit exaggerated. We need fair news .

    8. there are other expenses to be incurred eg accommodation and travelling,security personnel…..dont b rigid when reading an article

  2. Comment…The trip is for ten days

  3. This useless opposition. What are going to do about it? NOTHING

  4. This useless opposition. What are you going to do about it? NOTHING.

    1. Why the oppsition. If the opposition says lets act,you stay with your wife at home. So you want the opposition to die for you. We are cowards. Go register to vote.

  5. Our leader and his dear wife are disgustingly greedy and power hungry. They must burn in hell!!

  6. looting at its best. Why Simba and chatunga on a gvt trip. I know someone a mere clerk in the PO Dept who owns 5 big houses in the low dentity areas. They are looting big time

  7. On earth Zimbabwean people are the most coward and docile people never seen on this earth. This is unheard of in other nations that such a lot of money is spent on a trip that brings nothing to the country except that this people are on holiday. Shame to the cursed nation Zimbabwe !

  8. MDC what are you doing about it. You now loosing relevance if you are nt going to question his large entourage in parliament.

  9. Richer countries at that same summit will have much smaller delegations.
    And Mugabe will spent much of his time sleeping after gobbling so much money. Its really sad.

  10. This is too much , Mugabe is evil . I read and saw an article about the Doma people life style of living . Is Mugabe not aware of this and what is the job of the MP and Senator of that area. Mugabe must be a Chinese human man made , he is not thinking but is now a robot . The 1.050.000. allowances to his delegation can change the lives of the Doma people , God have mess and save us from this evil people.

  11. last dinner let dem enjoy

    1. nice one 😉

  12. Blatant misprioritization! Had Zimbabwe been a private company, it would long have run insolvent and liquated. Were it a cow, it would have been milked to death. The man is leaving nothing to chance.

  13. Zimbabweans must stop being internet trolls and go into streets and boot out these blood suckers.. Arise Zimbabwe vanhu vanonzi vana Mugabe ava havakudei. They are self-serving maggots slowly killing us. Lets rise up. Its dangerous but it is the only sensible thing to make sure that we are heard. How long shall we be maligned in our own country like this when these looters bleed us to death!!

  14. Useless oppositions. What are you going to do about it? nothing, nothing, nothing….!

  15. We only have ourselves to blame… Pavanodzoka madzimai aya otambisa sele achideedzera mutupo usiri wake… ‘gu-gu-Gushungo!!!’ paairport.

  16. Sad…when good men do nothing. Our ministers are an impotent lot. No financial discipline.

  17. ivhukuvanhu chete, chete

    So is our President going to attend the UN summit alone? Who gave the amounts to the reporters since the Presidential spokesman never gave figures.

    These journos are sensationalizing common news. Zimbabwe is a regular participant in these summits since 1980….! In an event, our President is not the founder the UN.

    By virtue of being a member, Zimbabwe and fellow members are obliged to attend; and the are opportunities abound in engaging other foreign nations, never mind the cost.

    The real issue is for the opposition to impress upon their allies the USA, UK, and European Union to remove the ruinous, satanic,demonic, deleterious economic sanctions against our Motherland.
    The economic sanctions have seen over 50 International Banks shunning to do business with corresponding local banks and failing to access balance of payment support.

    These oppositions goons lack the basic understanding of economics workings of the nations.

    We do not want to be led by the most blind and dump opposition figures in our Motherland.
    Nhundira mutsime chaidzo! They invited economic sanctions in a bid to undermine democratic processes………they must go and hang!

    1. Don’t try and divert attention from your useless President and his vast entourage spending TAXPAERS MONEY!! Banks don’t lend money because you are crooks.

    2. iwe unogwara fungwa chete. Pane zvauri kudya kuzanu pf. otherwise you are one of the delegates who is paid 1500.00 per day. Which oppositions do you min you nincompoop?Munhu akaronga opposition iri strong zvonzi haasiye afunga audzwa zvokuita nomurungu. explain how sanction are invited? kana zvako zvichifaya idya wakanyarara isu vanemiono tikugadzirire nyika ugoona kana ukadya wega vamwe vachiyaura. unofunga kuti pawafuma uchimwa tea nechiropa vanhu vese vavachimwa sewe. problem yako ndeyekuda kutungamirigwa nomunhu apera bcoz he immunises you from prosecution. Fungawo mhani iwe ivhukuvanhu haikona kuita semombe yeivhu

  18. sad sad people are dies in hospitals no medication Mugabe is spending 10m. oppositions please do something.

  19. mdc wake up and smell the coffee .

  20. Come 2018, zanu will go to hell.

  21. Dont worry, let him go with his family into exile coz when he comes back Ngwena anenge atova panyanga. Nekutukwa kwakaitwa kuya?

  22. Jamengweni Godonga

    I am so keen to learn what Magufuli’s entourage will be like. I have no doubt that Ian’s one will be less than 10 considering the size aircraft he will be using which is exactly the same type Tanzania uses. Sad indeed

    Bring on the B777-???ER and we have 300 travelling the Robert.

  23. you find some fools supporting this utter madness chero vakadini they will die one day shit mhani vanhu vepi vasinganyari the ordinary people cannot even afford fees ye 36 dollars but you keep supporting these thieves going to their rallies bullshit kumama pfungwa chaiko

  24. Opposition is USELESS in Zimbabwe.PlEASE MDC go and get lesserns from MALEMA in South.Hewill teach you how its done.
    Ian Smith was put on sanctions ,real sanctions and he told the world up yo behinds.Because he never left the country till 1980.He stood his ground.Our dear leader said the same ,chinyika chinotonhora ,but at every opportunity he is 1st on the plane to cHINYIKA CHINOTONHORA.Shame.and at a seriouse cost.His children now running Airzim ,wife in charge of state while he sleeps.AND WE HAVE OPPOSITION.Not even a single word has Tsvangirai uttered on Grace ,or this madness.He is busy skimming against his deputy Thoko.cry zimbabwe

  25. Why do people run to oppose the opposition whenever the old dictator is on a looting spree or when he is up to no good??We are the opposition including you matson.Taking action against the tyrant needs everyone’s effort.If the opposition leaders call for nationwide protest people like you are the first ones to go into their shells.What has Malema done that has changed the way ANC runs their government?Nothing,besides dressing down the ANC leadership particulary Zuma in parliament.The opposition supporters actually give strength to the leadership because when they say lets protest or demonstrate,the come in their millions unlike the likes of you matson.Imi ndimi matoregerera ma opposition parties.You think Tsvangirai and his team are the opposition?Its you and me,the leaders are only there to give directions.


    and zimboz concentrate on maths than the money being spent by these thieves. Rise up Zim enuf is enuf

  27. guys l think opposition parties must wake up bcaz the next thing pamaelection kubirirwa futi monofunga kuti vana veStem kubhadharirwa mahara here …………………………… think about it

  28. This has been the order of the day,they hev no limit on expenditure come 2018 the samé pple who are complaining will not vote and will even betray us

  29. new drama series coming out soon…. THE PEOPLE VS R.G MUGABE

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