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Justin Rose out to erase Masters blow


London — Justin Rose’s motivation to secure the FedEx Cup goes beyond the $10 million bounty that he, unlike others, is happy to admit he is thinking about.

Rose’s 2017 thus far is dominated by a near miss, that at the Masters in April, with the former US Open champion determined to make success rather than falling short his season’s story line.

“Right now, everybody, including myself, would sum up my year as that I lost in a play-off at the Masters,” Rose said.

“That would make most players’ year and that’s what they would be remembered for in 2017. But this would certainly rectify things on that front, for sure.

“This is a bucket-lister. This would be another huge step for my career. It’s not a major but any time you win ‘a season’ on a tour, it’s a big deal, whether it be the Race To Dubai or FedEx Cup. Those are highlights on a small list of highlights on your CV.”

From a current position of eighth, Rose’s FedEx destiny is relatively simple. If he wins the final event this weekend, the Tour Championship, he would be seriously unfortunate not to walk off with a second trophy and the largest one-off prize ever collected by an English golfer.

“Oh, you do think about it, believe me,” Rose said of the cash at stake. “But I do think it is possible to play for $10m-$11m whatever it is, and not get too distracted by it, however daft that might sound.

“We are all seasoned pros out here and when you face those biggest moments is when you trust your training as much as you can. That’s when you have to suck in that extra bit of air and then do what you do. It’s not easy ,but I think I’m pretty adept at that now. If you’d offered me this position at the start of these play-offs I would have ripped your arm off.”

— Guardian

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