Grace nowhere near ‘excellency’ status: Mtetwa

President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace attend a rally CREDIT- REUTERS

HUMAN rights lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa yesterday rapped the State for “wrongly” addressing First Lady Grace Mugabe as “Her Excellency”, saying she was nowhere near the “excellency” status.


Mtetwa made the remarks while applying for the removal of her client, war veterans’ secretary-general Victor Matemadanda from remand in a case he is accused of insulting the authority of President Robert Mugabe.

“The State witness, Benius Murira, in his affidavit, stated that Matemadanda insulted Her Excellency Dr Grace Mugabe. Surely Your Worship, the First Lady is not Her Excellency,” Mtetwa said.

“The State must separate His Excellency the State President from other people. There is no provision for that in our Constitution.

“Matemadanda can criticise his party president, who is also his patron at the war veterans’ association and the facts in the State outline did not disclose any criticism directed at the President, but the First Lady, who is not the authority.”

Mtetwa said Matemadanda’s actions could not be criminalised, as he was exercising his right to freedom of expression.

She said when Mugabe is wearing his Zanu PF party garb, he is not protected from any criticism by members of his party and that constitutes unprotected criticism of the party president, not State President.

“The State is wasting your time, Your Worship, this is not a court of politics, but it’s a court of law.

“This court should not be used for people who want to push their political agendas,” Mtetwa said.

Matemadanda faces another charge of causing disaffection among security forces.

The State alleges that on July 29 and August 3, Matemadanda addressed journalists in Harare, where he made statements aimed at causing disaffection among defence forces and in the process criminally insulted Mugabe.


  1. War Veterans created Mugabe using Zvobgo and Solomon Mujuru. They gave him executive powers for their selfish gains at the expense of all peace loving Zimbabweans…So please war veterans dont cry foul.

  2. This is the kind of behaviour which is quite common in personalised political situations, sadly, this is what is obtaining in this country.People should stand up and challenge this political circus.Government and party business are conducted in a manner that doesn’t show clear boundaries from the First Family’s private life.

  3. Mtetwa for Chief Justice, Unoveranga Mutemo and you separate and read thoroughly between the lines, even the judges can not be like you.

  4. Yes Grace is not her excellency, yave monarch here? Ko zvambonyaya kuitasei? Did these State Witnesses study law else he didn’t. If they are not competent , are we failing to get learned brothers. Give us seriousness.

    • @Maposa are you implying that all state cases must be shelved waiting for state witnesses to study law first.

  5. “Her Excellency”kumba kwake naChatunga wake kwete kunesu vana vevhu. By the way “excellency is not sexual transmitted “. Mtetwa has made a great point she is nowhere excellency status.

  6. I think Murira anongotakurawo dengu rezviyo raatakuriswa hapana chinozivikanwa, as a Law and Order officer he should be in a know how on the interpretation of the constitution, kutya kuiswa kuiswa ku Binga kunzi watadza basa. Kumwe kusaziva kuchakuteerai.

  7. Titles are earned, not given or demanded. A number of these self-serving clauses have craftily been entrenched in the constitution to constrict democracy.

  8. When it comes to defending people, this woman is up there, she is a legal sharp shooter; her reasoning is spot on. Case yadirwa mvura, yatota.

  9. Ma o Vets enyu aya. The same Beatrice who is now standing for thier leader was not so long ago being vilified by the same ovets, for defending others percieved to be enermies. difficult to sympathise with them.

  10. the battle is on cdes constitution doesnt recognise that grandmother mugabe, they may try it to give her titles and voice but thats unheard of, saka madzimai emamps arova ma honourables????? kuzanu chaiko mbuya mugabe have no power as the first lady hakuna izvozvo muconstitution yes yehu women’s league boss but she is not an executive akangoganana na kudzai chipanga kungoti mbuya vanosunga dhuku nezambia chete

  11. Yaa facts are stubborn, this woman talks a lot of sense, she is a lawyer of high standards. Attending a Zanu PF rally as the first secretary of Zanu PF doesn’t mean one is exercising State duties where the president is protected to insults. Am Zanu PF asiwo zvimwe zvanyanya. Wife to the president cannot charge like that unabated. Masimba awandisa aya. Thanks Mtetwa

  12. chabvondoka, the state is wasting its tiome on this one. Inga Chief Justice once said, the minsirtry is full of people without proper qualifications, hezvo mazvionera. Surely if a legal mind can not seperate falsehoods from facts, aaaaa tinedambudziko in this country. Regai mnangagwa azvitongere nyika ino veduwe, ko ambotadzei zvoda vakadzi kupindira.

  13. In a new free Zimbabwe Beatrice Mtetwa has my vote for Judge President position being wasted on a certain Rita.

  14. Ever wondered why HE is only applied to Third World countries? Never heard Obama or Trump being referred to as Excellencies and why, because they fought against the very same with British Monarch in the late 1700s. These titles breed a sense of sanctity, holiness, god-appointed etc. That’s why you now see the Chipanga’s now worshipping Mugabe and grown men calling him an angel. These are the least insignificant leaders in the world, who have nothing to give their people but ‘dreams in the sky’.

  15. Good on you, Beatrice, show them their frailties. Only in failed African countries are failed Ministers, Presidents and their wives given the title of His/her Excellency and we are told to respect them.’Dr’ Dis-Grace is just a slut, just like the woman she hit with a cord in South Africa.

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