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Get rid of negativity before you get into the gym


FROM my previous article, most of those who got in touch with me requested that I explore guidelines on how to get a flat tummy.

BY Tinotenda Ryan Gumbo

Hold on a bit, next week, we are going straight into detail on how to lose belly fat and how to build a six-pack.

But this week, let’s get our minds into the right place first before we begin our fitness journey.

Challenge negative thoughts and excuses. The moment you find yourself entertaining doubts on whether you can achieve certain goals like, for example, losing weight or when you question whether you can stick to a gym regime, get yourself in the habit of challenging negative perception.

There is no reason why an exercise or diet plan won’t work for you. If you think you can’t find time, you can always find a way to make time.

Ask yourself what is more important to you, going to the gym or staying at home watching TV or going for a drink after work.
Treat yourself kindly because closely allied to your feelings about your body is the way that you talk to yourself (we all do, even if not loud).

What are the things you say to yourself? It’s all too common to be saying things like, “I’m useless, I’m overweight, I hate myself, I never stick to anything”, but I say to you, it’s time to challenge yourself and let go of negativity.

You don’t have to leap in and try to do the hardest version of any exercise I am going to give you.

If you are trying to learn a new skill, just like a new language, you know that you need to start at the beginning and put in regular practice to make progress. It’s the same here.

If you want to learn to do a pull-up or sit-up or any exercise at home or in the gym, don’t just try it once because you can find it too difficult, and then decide you “can’t” do it and then you quit.

Use a tactic called “regress to progress”. Pretend you are a complete beginner. Take a step back, try an easier adaptation like taking yourself half way through the movement and do what you can.

When the simpler version of an exercise becomes easy, that is the time to move on to the next stage.

Whether you want to burn belly fat, build a six-pack be it in the gym or at home, next week in this column, I will begin to help you sculpt the body of your dreams.

Look out for my for my special abs workouts and diet plan to help you build those abs and burn belly fat in next to no time. This summer is ours.

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