Fungisai’s stage attire sparks controversy

GOSPEL musician Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave has lashed out at people whom she labelled “cyber bullies” who were unhappy with her dressing, saying they were ignorant about stage attire.


This is not the first time the musician has been caught up in a social media storm as previously she had her images photoshopped and distributed on social media networks.

Zvakavapano-Mashavave told NewsDay yesterday that she was “a simple, natural artiste”, but it appeared that many people who followed her on social media did not appreciate her clothing tastes.

“This cyber bullying is my worst experience and I am tired of being torn apart. People must know that artistes are not what they are on stage, as they dress up for an act on stage depending on one’s artistic nature. I don’t see anything wrong with my stage costumes as they are unique to me since a costume is a piece of art along with the performance and it is what you are on stage, not offstage,” she said.

The musician said there was nothing wrong with her stage outfits, which she described as expensive.

“There is nothing wrong with all my stage looks, as they are my performing costumes. The costume keeps the audience’s minds busy. It is in itself part of the entertainment. It’s not the ordinary everyday kind of thing people see me wearing on the streets. I know how a gladiator is put on by the general public, but I will always twist the ordinary for the art,” she said.

Zvakavapano-Mashavave said she was proud that the way she composed her songs was the same approach she used for her stage costumes.

“People who find me worth discussing, murdering my every innovative dream through the social media, can only strengthen this woman and her creative traits,” she said.

Zvakavapano-Mashavave said the way she put her act together was unique and she would not be forced to change by the negative remarks.

“It has been 17 solid years still going strong. I put up the songs, the choreography and costumes, including my backings’ according to my artistic imagination which is unique to me so I will not have social media disses take it away from me, I was born holding the creative gift tight and I won’t let it go,” she said.


  1. Comment…True. I am impressed by Fungisai’s expressions especially para.6. “…the costume keeps the audience’s mind busy. it is in itself part of the intertainment…” That is good. If these were her as, expressions as i believe, she is great! Of course, I ordinarily like her but ichi chakanyanya.

    1. Keeps the mind busy with what?

  2. Kutsvaka mari regai vanhu vatsvake cash

  3. Has she pulled a Zodwa Wabantu act or something? I always see haer in decent stage attire and wonder what this is about. My the journo go a bit further please.

  4. This is definitely not the Fungisai we knew and liked in videos like Ndiye Jesu, Ndosimuka ndomutevera, to name a few. Arasika uyu.

  5. Nezuro…Heeee Zodwa haana bhurugwa…now Fungisai chino chino aagghhh!!!!!

  6. Comment…you can pretend for some time later u will get tired when ua tired u will come out and u will feel freedom at last. This is who she is she never been a good girl ,but it was acting

  7. Concerned Citizen

    Guys munhu wese akutsvaga mari, akada kuwanza hunhu anofa ne nzara. I believe kana munhu achiimba zve gospel zvema zvokwadi haafanire kubhadharisa but since muchibhadhara zvinoreva kuti akuimbira mari saka i dont blame her she is singing for survival. Muno mune dambudziko rekufunga kuti munhu anotaura or anoimba zva mwari anofanira kuita holier than thou, ndopaaitovhiringidza ipapo, uyu akuimbira bag uyu. Ngatisanyepera Mwari pls. Hanti mukuona akuimba nana Killer T coz anoziva kuti ndozvirikubhashara mazuvano saka zvekuzviti mutendi izvo kubhaiza chete, she must just sing owana ye hupfu osiya zvekuzoti “aiwa ndiri mutendi zvimwe handiite” pedzezvo woimba ne vanhu vanonwa hwahwa ne crowd iri kunwa futi, its high time we differentiate between a gospel singer ne a christian. Tb
    hank you

  8. Regai munhu atsvake mari mhani

  9. fungisai unondikomborera keep it up

    1. Chinonzi kukomborerwa vanhu hamuchizivi, munofunga kuti mukanakidzwa nesong then makomborerwa…Zivai chinonzi makomborero first plz.Rima nechiedza hazviyanani .

  10. Fungisayi should stop fighting her fans. They will critic but she should know those who do are the people who follow her. Those who don’t follow her don’t even know her stage works so why fight followers.

    1. Artistes need a thick skin because barbed comments from followers go with the trade.

  11. Right from the onset,she has been a wayward person though she tries to hide behind a cloak of Christianity.Glad Tidings members who fellowshipped with her will attest to that.Even her high school days were littered with scandalous affairs and all her singing is fake,she is a pretender

  12. for the love of money is evil but the gift of God is everlasting life in Jesus christ. she was nt supposed t be changed by d wrld for the sake that she needs to survive. if u play to God wth wat u hv evrythng wil be fine . I dnt see any reason y she turns out frm gospel to thoz songs, The Lord who gave her voice t sing gospel i believe vaisambomusiya nor forsake her. UNIQUE

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