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Dzinemunhenzva rebrands party, ready to take on Mugabe


FORCES of the Liberation Organisation of African National Party (FLOANP) leader Egypt Dzinemunhenzva says he has finally put his house in order and is ready to take President Robert Mugabe and other opposition parties head-on in next year’s harmonised elections.


Described by many as comic and never serious about his political threats, Dzinemunhenzva said he had rebranded his party to include the liberation war objectives and had started mobilising for the elections.

Yesterday, he visited the NewsDay newsroom to give his side of the story on the impending elections. He said he would not seek to enter into a coalition as many leaders were now fixated on making money.

Dzinemunhenzva said he had what it takes to win the elections and was planning on fielding all the posts, including the Presidential poll.

“We have started campaigning. We will not be joining the coalition because most people are now interested in positions. The opposition is trying to swallow other parties and come up with a one-party State and this is what we don’t want,” he said.

“According to our plans, we want to field candidates in all the positions and our supporters must now start to register to vote. In the coming three months I will be leading a delegation to some African and European countries and from there onwards you will be seeing more of us.

“What is happening now is not what we agreed during the war. The direction we have taken is different and we
cannot have one person having access to all the State resources and that must change.”

Dzinemunhenzva also spoke of the usual challenges faced by opposition parties ahead of elections. He said people should campaign peacefully without violence urging police to be thorough in their work.

He also said he had policies to fix the economy and letting everyone play a role in rebuilding Zimbabwe. In some of his plans, Dzinemunhenzva wants to build a school and university.

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