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Activist urges protest votes against Mugabe in song


KWEKWE human rights activist, Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo, has penned a satirical political song, Bhora Mudondo, which advocates for protest votes against President Robert Mugabe accusing the 93-year-old Zanu PF leader of dumping his wartime colleagues, particularly war veterans, at a critical time in his political career.

BY Stephen Chadenga

In the song, Moyo sings as if he is a war veteran, accusing Mugabe of personalising the country to an extent of unleashing his wife, Grace, on war veterans, who are critical of his rule.

The lyrics then point to the recent statements by members of Christopher Mutsvangwa’s executive of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association, who recently threatened to lead the anti-Mugabe campaign ahead of next year’s general elections.

The song, released this week, has already gone viral on social media platforms, where it has attracted several subscribers.

Moyo, who last year courted controversy after he sent Mugabe some prison garb, as a birthday present, said the Bhora Musango campaign was part of a series of protest songs he has already prepared to challenge the status quo.

“Bhora Musango is a protest song that speaks to the political dynamics in Zanu PF and the country at large,” he said.

“It is the first song on my debut album, Pisarema raNkosilathi, which I hope to launch in late October this year.”

Last year, Moyo released two songs Nyaraiwo Vanhu in which he implored Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor, John Mangudya to respect the populace and stop equating bond notes to United States dollars.

He also produced another political song, Urombo Hwanyanya, where he implored the Zanu PF government to end poverty in the country.

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