Tsvangirai to grace Mujuru party convention

NATIONAL People’s Party (NPP) leader, Joice Mujuru has roped in several opposition leaders, among them MDC-T president, Morgan Tsvangirai, to grace her party’s inaugural convention in Harare today, as part of efforts to keep the coalition talks on track.


NPP leader Joice Mujuru
NPP leader Joice Mujuru

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka yesterday confirmed that his boss would attend the NPP convention, but “as a friend”.

“President Morgan Tsvangirai has been invited to the NPP convention tomorrow (today) and he intends to go there as a friend and speak in solidarity. We are very much aware as to the source of the crisis that we face as a country and the source of that crisis is none other than President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF,” Tamborinyoka said.

“Moreover, president Tsvangirai is going there as leader of the MDC Alliance, with the intention of witnessing the solidification of yet another political institution that we are currently in discussion with in line with the demands of the unification of the democratic voices.

“Those bilateral talks are still to be concluded and president Tsvangirai will be going there as a friend and not as an enemy or competitor.”

NPP secretary-general-designate, Gift Nyandoro also confirmed Tsvangirai’s attendance and described the convention as historic.

“The day is historic because it is going to be a day where NPP has invited friends and we have sent out written and electronic invitations to all the political opposition parties we perceive to be pro-democracy.

“We have equally invited civic society, we believe they are the public watchdog of processes, which are done in the name of democracy and we have nothing to hide, so we have invited them,” he said, adding various heads of church denominations, student bodies and trade unions had confirmed their participation.

“Tomorrow (today) is an historic day in the following regards: Firstly, the NPP will officially and legally be given birth. Secondly, this is the first time that the NPP is going to make a public announcement in terms of depth and substance with regard to what it stands for as a party whose origins are rooted in the war of liberation ideology.

“Thirdly, it is tomorrow (today) that the NPP is going to send a clear message that the journey to finish the unfinished story of the liberation ideals, their fulfilment and total implementation has begun.

“So key from the president’s message would be to give Zimbabweans the political map and economic map of how to extricate our country from the number of problems that it is being engulfed in.

“Fourthly, tomorrow (today) is the day where the elected and appointed national leadership of the party is going to be confirmed.”

The convention cames at a time when there are fears of mass exodus from the fledgling party, owing to differences in ideology.

There are high hopes that Tsvangirai’s attendance would reignite chances of broadening the opposition parties’ envisaged electoral alliance ahead of the 2018 elections. This is despite the fact that Mujuru snubbed the signing ceremony for the MDC Alliance attended by seven opposition leaders at the weekend.

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  1. We are the bridge NPP.

    1. bridge raani

  2. “The convention cames at a time when there are fear…….” Check your grammar Mr Editor. It should be “comes”. May you rectify please. Thank you.

  3. The journey of a thousand miles began with a few steps

  4. am where were you all along n you are the bridge to who dai musina kudzingwa kuzanu pf hw were you going to finish the unfinished
    tipeiwo maserious

  5. There is no bridge at NPP, they are coying and toying around the coner,but the true hero is MDC-T

  6. M D C is the real bridge nt nnp the agent of zanu pf kutotumwa kudisturb the people’s revolution

  7. Mujuru knew that by not inviting MT… their event would be a monumental flop. She possesses zero leadership qualities. She’s very unispiring and unconvincing… You simply have to wonder why she thinks she can lead this nation.

  8. Dzinomwa Muna Save

    I was reading on this shit Dairly News which was saying Tsvangirai should live Matebeleland to Khupe , thats wrong they want Khupe to take the good people of this region back to Zanu through this colour changing Mujuru ! Khupe and Company you are free to move forward with your life from MDC ! in an organisation you cant hold parrarel meetings why they not in Harare kana kuri ku Zanu kana tuma farms twese tunotorwa sell outs!

  9. Dzinomwa Muna Save

    Khupe akakwidzwa ndege na Mujuru nemari yakabirwa nyika now she want to sell the strugle even me i can join the phisicall fight to fight her and her team ….Tiripahondo …. Saka let her not to try to disturb people’s movement of change. She is claimming she bleeds because she made Tsvangirai to be him today , she is lying its the opposite Khupe was beaching muma clubs and you were changed by Tsvangirai go back to Club Banguuuu

  10. Jamela ka Mthikana

    Watch out Khuphe who ever told you that people of the the south are yours truelly misled you

  11. Khupe and company are no longer part of the struggle they must be kicked out of the party with immediate effect

  12. Mujuru mus also stand as Presidential candidate as this will split the Zanupf vote and give Save a credible chance of claiming the big one.

  13. Arinane kutonga ndiani?mujuru natsvangirai

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