‘Poisoned’ Mnangagwa airlifted to SA

VICE-PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has reportedly been air lifted to South Africa for medical attention after his health is reported to have deteriorated yesterday.


Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa
Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa

A well-placed source said Mnangagwa was taken out of the country in the company of his wife Auxillia.

“He is now out of the country to seek further medical attention following (the poisoning). I can’t tell you more,” the source said.

Details were scant at the time of going to print, but sources had initially revealed that Mnangagwa had been discharged after the alleged poisoning that happened at President Robert Mugabe’s youth interface rally in Gwanda on Saturday.

Another source said Mnangagwa left at 10:20am from Manyame Air Base en-route to Lanseria Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa.

He was accompanied by his wife, his son and other close family associates.

Mnangagwa, sources said, was supposed to have an engagement with war veterans in Mwenezi yesterday, but did not pitch due to his affliction.

The VP had earlier yesterday been reportedly discharged from Thornhill Airbase military medical facility in Gweru, where he had been admitted.

Although Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo and Information deputy minister Thokozile Mathuthu declined to comment on the matter citing VIP security concerns, sources in Mnangagwa’s family said he had been certified fit and discharged from the medical facility.

“It’s nothing to do with the public, it’s a personal issue,” Mathuthu said.

“If someone has a flu and is not feeling well, why should the government issue a statement?

“It has got nothing to do with the government, you should talk to the Vice-President himself.”

Moyo said he was unaware Mnangagwa had been taken ill.

“To be honest my brother, I am in the dark as you are. I have not been briefed, so I don’t know,” he said.

“If nobody has bothered to tell me, then how would I know?”

Efforts to contact presidential spokesperson, George Charamba for comment were fruitless, as his mobile phone went unanswered, while the minister of State in Mnangagwa’s office, Clifford Sibanda, was also unreachable.

But Mnangagwa’s allies were convinced itwas their foes were behind the “poisoning”.

“This is the work of G40. They want to kill him because they have failed to discredit him and now the answer is to eliminate him,” a top official aligned to Mnangagwa claimed.

“We are going to respond and the response will be felt.”

Even people close to the family said they suspected that the Vice-President was poisoned by his rivals within the ruling Zanu PF party in an alleged attempt on his life.

The sources said the VP was taken ill after he complained of feeling dizzy after drinking a fruit juice during the rally.

“He had some drink during his flight in the helicopter and at the rally. So we are no longer sure where he could have ingested the poisonous food,” one of the sources said.

According to protocol used on VVIPs, Mnangagwa was supposed to be rushed to a military hospital at Thornhill Airbase in Gweru, but he chose to be taken to a private hospital in the Midlands capital first before he was later transferred to the airbase after he was ruled out of danger.

“He refused to go to the military base and, instead, chose to go to the private hospital. He was later transferred to Thornhill after his doctor saw that he was out of danger,” a close family member said.

Larry Mavima, a close friend to the Mnangagwa family, who accompanied the Vice-President to Thornhill Airbase, yesterday declined to comment on his condition.

“I have no comment. Please refer to the Vice-President’s office for details,” he said.

Sources said when Mnangagwa was discharged from Thornhill, doctors are reported to have prescribed bed rest and said he was out of danger.

Meanwhile, United Family International Church (UFIC) leader, Emmanuel Makandiwa reportedly told his followers during a church service yesterday that he prophesied Mnangagwa’s food poisoning incident on April 9 this year and publicly shared the prophesy.

“I see someone in authority, who is loyal to a higher office, swallowing poison through food and vomiting blood and rushed to the hospital and only prayer can save him,” Makandiwa said in an April recorded video, which he showed to his congregants yesterday.

UFIC spokesperson Prime Kufa confirmed the prophecy, saying: “Yes the video was played, re-living the service of the 9th of April wherein the man of God spoke about the need to pray for a prominent politician because he was seeing something entering his stomach causing him to vomit — food first and then blood and ending up in hospital. Though the man of God did not mention any names, you need to watch the footage in order to come up with your own interpretation.”


  1. Looks like the gloves are now finally off……

    1. The evil west has poisoned Cde Mnangagwa to stir rife within Zanu-PF so that their anointed successor Morgan-you-know-who can enter through the backdoor.

      Let us remain vigilant comrades and make sure that we defeat this Morgan-guy hands down.

      1. kutya Morgan zvekusvika pakumuvhunduka kana makuda kuurayana mega zvenyu ikoko hauone kuti hugwara here ihwohwo

      2. Sly Fox i dont agree with you. what about if the ice cream was stale

  2. Oh for Fuck’s sake these fake Prophets are in the mix again..!!!

    1. How is he a fake prophet, when he indeed prophesied about it on the 9th of April and I along with 30 000+ congregants witnessed the prophecy? He made a gesture to say second from the top with his hands 3 times. It’s one thing to hate the man, that’s your own personal feeling for what ever reason but do not discredit the work of God through his prophets! Funny thing is you are already hating before you’ve analyzed the video, don’t hate bruv, it’s God who appoints and anoints irregardless of the fact that you like the appointee or not….You can’t even discern the evil in your own language, how then can you discern the good or bad in a prophet?

      1. ME. Makandiwa sees everything. i mean everything. you are happy now!

      2. @Me: mmmmmmmm….wise words there- Thank you!

        “You can’t even discern the evil in your own language, how then can you discern the good or bad in a prophet?”

      3. Yes, u are correct. Makandiwa is a Prophet of GOD.

    2. What is your defination of FAKE sir?


      Prophet Makandiwa is here to stay and it’s up to you to hate or like him but whatever you decide, GOD WILL NOT BE SILENCED by your feelings towards the Man he so adores!


      “Does our law condemn a man without first hearing him to find out what he has been doing?”

  3. Its all over for ngwena

    1. never lacoste haifi zvekumhanya

  4. they poisoned thousands of innocent zpra and killed many others later, including innocent mthwakazians….
    asambeni sibone….

  5. shame .it never rains but pours for Team Lacoste:Mutodi has been arrested,Ngwena taken ill and now Amai Mahofa has passed on.Fire on all fronts.

  6. its indeed trouble for Lacoste if Mutodi has been arrested,Mnangagwa in hospital and Mahofa has passed on.rip amai mahofa.

  7. Confusing report. But these people should not be rushed to South Africa unless they do it for every person.

  8. Qedanani sibone. Economy died first

  9. What is wrong with our healthcare in Zimbabwe, if its good enough for the majority surely its good enough for the royalty.

    1. he is a high profile figure fighting serious opponents. you wont know the extend of the web (‘posion web’). you play into their gallery unknowingly. that’s why he first rushed to a local private doc who certified him fit.

  10. this is just the beginning, shots fired, wait for it when the croc returns

  11. Nokuda this is disgusting,so you think you have it all figured out?you aint seen nothing yet,nonsense

  12. Cain August 14, 2017 at 9:45 am #
    Nokuda this is disgusting,so you think you have it all figured out?you aint seen nothing yet,nonsense,rumor or fact this is someone s liufe at stake

    1. @Cain – does Mnangagwa care about other people’s lives. Who was CIO minister during Gukurahundi? Who led the 2008 atrocities? Who got Majonga where he is now? Seriously, yes someone’s life at stake but hundreds have perished under his watch.

  13. In the bible, in Israel, many prophets of GOD were killed by people who were inspired by the demons of Lucifer to try and destroy the work of GOD and the destiny of Israel. Although these killers later died of whatever causes, the demons that inspired them never died. They are still busy on their missions even today

  14. but surely what does SA healthcare offer that Zim Healthcare doesn’t offer? they r the individuals in top authority so if there’s something below standard they should fix it so that it benefits everyone else including them.

  15. I see Makandiwa is also doing TB Joshua’s “prophecy after” nonsense. Charlatan

    1. Does our law condemn a man without first hearing him to find out what he has been doing?”


  16. it is really bad for Lacoste.With Mutodi in prison,Ngwena taken ill and now Mahofa dead.

  17. I think going to sa is wiser. Why I say that? If hospitalised locally. Possibilities of having followed there by killers are very high. Worse in the so called military health care.

  18. Kwanzi kuno makwa ane bhora. First Chairmen and other officials were for spurious reasons eliminated through suspensions or expulsions. Then they moved against the War Veterans leadership. Then minnows like Mahoka and Mandi were sent to embarrass and humiliate with threats of an extra-ordinary congress. Every party public gathering was choreographed for that. Then it was realised that he would win any contest at an extra-ordinary congress. Well before that his war record had been questioned, kukanzi he wasn’t part of the Crocodile gang and people laughed with amusement. Then the professor upped his attacks by charging that there was someone else more senior that he was anointing. The attacks to discredit and eliminate have now reached fever pitch. We are not stupid

  19. mlungisi khumalo

    Yeka babulalane they killed our Ndebele people now its pay back time those spirits of the dead are haunting them ….what goes around must surely come back around

  20. Vakaropofadzwa vanogara munaJesu , vanonzvengeswa !

  21. Honestly whatever happens to him i dont give a f–k.Tht man is responsible for other ppls deaths.So whats so special when th same shit attempts to visit him?Everydog has its day simple.

  22. Every dog has its day, and a bulldog has more days! Watch this space

  23. Mahofa was poisoned and she lived for how many months? Mnangagwa is poisoned and compare the months he shall live to that of Mahofa.

  24. What goes around comes around. People were killed like rats in Matabeleland during the gukurahundi era and they celebrated. Zvaiwana Ngwarati. A lot of people have disappeared due to the madness and callousness of the regime in which he is second in command. God punishes the cruel and the wicked at his appointed time. Who is next ? Lets wait and see.

  25. These greedy, incompetent, selfish and corrupt politicians destroyed our economy and now they are shunning the local hospitals. Shame!

  26. nematambudziko aAmai Mahofa. MHSRIEP

  27. Kuitwa kafira mberi ,anouraya anofa nekuurayiwawo and they have doubt with their health facilities lacoste ikoko amai ikoko futi watch space for more

  28. Let’snot judge so we also will not be judged they are fake prophets then the day day of reckoning will come,as for ngwena mmmmmmmmmm huuh pakaipa

  29. Mhondi dzakapedzavamwe

    Regai zvife vazvakauraya vangani hanya nemhondi hatina nxaaaaa

  30. this is not the first time mnangagwa has played this poisoning game. if my memory serves me right it s the 3rd time. as recent as sometime last year his mail was supposedly laced with some dangerous chemical which claimed the life of an official, and that was preceded by another. poisoned people don tlive to tell especially in such high stakes. mnangagwa is manipulating peoples emotions. let him fight his battles alone, no one cares.

    1. Some of us do care. Get well soon Ngwena. The country needs you.

    2. @Munyaradzi you are very correct.

  31. Not everyone has a clean/ blameless past. Do not ever forget that if it is not you then it could be your tribesmen. History has a longer memory than anyone of us. Be real. Introspect

  32. Mnangagwa is not ‘someone with a flu’. He is a vice president of the republic of zimbabwe. What happened to him cannot be likened to flu. It raises a number of questions!

  33. Get well soon Ngwena. Tougher battles are ahead. Kuno makwa ane bhora, you said. The colonial government tried eliminating you. During mai Mujuru’s time as Vp you were accused of plotting a coup. Today same rwiyo. For their perceived support of Ngwena Chairmen and other officials have been eliminated through suspensions and expulsions. They said his war record is fake and was never in the Crocodile gang. Then they moved against the War vets but they have remained resolute. Minnows like Mahoka and Mandi were roped in to embarrass and humiliate threatening to call an extra ordinary party congress. Then it was realised that Ngwena would win any contest at the congress. The attacks then reached fever pitch kukanzi he is not senior, going to the extent of trying to anoint their own successor. The country needs someone with pedigree , consistency, pragmatism and a vision. This moment is just a tiny hurdle

  34. fair iripo ndeyekuti garwe arikuda kuti bhaiza.munhu uyauye igudo.security inenge iri tight.remember the cinide issue.makudo vanhu ava vakuda kutidya brain.makudo vanhu ava

  35. What you sow is what you reap, if you kill a brother with sword, you also die by the sword.

  36. What ever he says, Makandiwa is a satanist

    1. “Does our law condemn a man without first hearing him to find out what he has been doing?”

      What has this man done to you?
      Why do you hate him

      Funny you accuse him of being a satanist
      What r u?

  37. thank you tell them the truth ,you can not fight against man of GOD

    1. I don’t normally dabble in ‘testing’ these so called Men of God but Makandiwa lost it with the Miracle Baby issue. Yest, they tried to do damage control by changing the story ……….

  38. I believe this guy had a hand in the death of Solomon. He must suffer the same way he had done to his victims.





    ndiri seni zvangu ndinoti Mwari vakuwedzerei mamwe makore mazhinji pano panyika.
    Masimba aMwari haana mapitse.
    Kuda kwenyu tenzi ngakuzadziswe.




  40. Jongwe Rachembera

    They are now killing each each.

  41. Mutanbo uya wasvika kuma pena.

  42. The fact still remains, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa is in his own levels, no competition whatsoever.he saw it months before it happened and even announced it publicly and it was so accurate and fluent.this can only be the power of the most high God.hate him or love him but this nation of Zimbabwe really needs Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.you cannot live without the voice of God.

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