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Nurse contradicts ‘rape victim’ testimony


A NURSE, who examined a 19-year-old maid allegedly raped by a top army officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Rangarirai Kembo, yesterday told the court that the complainant appeared stable and that was not consistent with a rape victim when she attended to her.


The witness, Shuvai Mabaya, further told the court that the complainant had no visible injuries consistent with someone who was a virgin as she alleged.

“The victim appeared stable when I talked to her and it is not consistent with someone who had been raped,” she said.

“She told me she was a virgin, but there were no injuries observed and she did not mention to me that she bled.”

The complainant had earlier testified in court that she was a virgin and that she reported the matter on a Sunday, but was turned away by police officers who were on duty at Mabvuku Police Station.

The nurse further told the court that during the interview, the complainant did not mention that the police officers had turned her away.

She said a rape victim, who was a virgin, would have had a visible hymen tear that would heal after three days or more.

Mabaya, however, said although she examined the complainant after two days of the alleged rape, she failed to see injuries, which were consistent with virgin rape victims.
Regional magistrate Noel Mupeiwa postponed the trial to Monday for continuation.

Kembo is out on $50 bail.

Allegations against Kembo are that on July 29 this year, the complainant was asleep in her bedroom when he arrived home and instructed her to warm his food.

When the complainant went back to sleep after serving him his supper, Kembo allegedly called her back and ordered her to watch television with him, but she

As she went back to her bedroom, Kembo allegedly followed her making sexual advances, prompting her to scream for help, but he went on to forcibly kiss her and rape her once.

After the alleged abuse, Kembo allegedly ordered her not to spill the beans, but the complainant immediately filed a police report, culminating in Kembo’s arrest.

Timothy Makoni appeared for the State.

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