Mugabe, Mnangagwa clash over death penalty

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe yesterday disclosed that he had on several occasions clashed with a section of Cabinet ministers led by Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa over how to deal with capital punishment, which he said should be retained on the statutes to allow for the hanging of some convicted murderers.


President Robert Mugabe
President Robert Mugabe

In a speech to mark Heroes Day commemorations at the National Heroes Acre, Mugabe also appealed to the public to take up the hangman’s post, which has remained vacant for over two decades.

“We are still debating whether to remove capital punishment. My Cabinet is divided about that and Mnangagwa wants it to be removed, but we are still considering. We now have many people on the death row,” Mugabe said.

Mnangagwa, who doubles as Justice minister, is on record describing capital punishment as inhuman and wants it abolished.

“We are failing to get a hangman. If there is anyone brave, they should apply and we will appoint,” Mugabe said yesterday.

The death penalty has remained a controversial issue in Zimbabwe and the new Constitution exempts women murderers from execution while only allowing for certain male criminals to be hanged.

Meanwhile, Mugabe, who is preparing for re-election in next year’s general elections, said his government was contemplating setting up a new fund to cater for the welfare of war veterans, as most were living in a sorry state.

“We should create a huge fund to assist war veterans and their dependants. (Finance minister Patrick) Chinamasa is failing to raise enough revenue for all this due to the dwindling tax base,” he said.

Mugabe said they will also consider having the rich donate to such a fund.

“I know some people have money. The rich should come forward and donate to the fund. We need that fund to help families of war veterans,” he said.

Currently, war veterans are being catered for under the War Veterans ministry headed by Tshinga Dube. In 1997, war veterans caused a major economic haemorrhage after the government succumbed to pressure and paid them a whopping ZW$50 000 one-off payment each under the hastily-organised arrangement.

Mugabe also called on the military and police to be more disciplined and learn to co-exist.

This follows a recent incident where soldiers and police clashed in Harare’s central business district after traffic police reportedly clamped an army truck.

Mugabe said soon after the incident, he summoned top military and police bosses to his office and read the riot act.

“If soldiers and police are working at cross-purposes, how will they be able to stop civilians working at cross-purposes when they (security services) are doing the same?” the President further said.

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  1. He is right but he must be hanged first. There is no greater murderer than him in Zimbabwe.

  2. Zimbabweans don’t have DNA for violence or killing. Maybe you can try South Africa for that Hangman post

  3. shame guys ooh God help us for our country

  4. My humble submission Mr President its not about someone being brave, its because hanging is cruel, degrading and inhuman. our constitution has a Bill of Rights enshrined in it and it clearly says noone should should be treated or punished in a cruel, degrading or inhuman way. Capital punishment is inconsistent with this section of the constitution. it is unconstitutional.

    1. why can’t those in zanu pf who have murdered innocent zimbabweans and perceived political enemies be deployed to the position of hangman.

  5. spot on Mr President some murderers really deserve the death penalty .life in jail doesnt work coz at one time they will be freed or even escape jail after wasting taxpayers’ money on clothes, food and medication.

  6. First, when you get the hangman, you should hang those who murdered the white farmers and opposition supporters. On the issue of war vet fund and dwindling tax base, your policies are driving away investors and how are you gonna collect more tax when your policies are so scary to those who wish to set up companies and industries locally??? Why the hell are these war vets wallowing in poverty when they got the farms??? They killed the whites to get the farms, so, why are they still suffering???

  7. u know about chibhobhoribho ask anyone in domboshava death penalty surely is the best. pety criminal who killed for just one dollar. killing four pple in one night. thise kind of pple dont deserve to live

  8. if u know about chibhobhoribho ask anyone in domboshava death penalty surely is the best. pety criminal who killed for just one dollar. killing four pple in one night. thise kind of pple dont deserve to live

  9. Where do we apply for the Hangman Job? Address yacho ka???

  10. My question is, why does it apply to males only, leaving out women since both men and women are equal? That is some funny bias there. Focus on reviving the economy not looking for people to kill others. War vet fund, even some 30 year olds are war veterans noq, who wants to put their money in a fund to finance that? War veterans should just learn to work and support their families like others. Remember the consequences of giving those Z$50K per war veteran? Yeah right, death of the US dollar. Stop with all that and create an environment for people to work for their families.

  11. Mugabe please appoint the current first lady of Zimbabwe Doctor Grace Mugabe she is capable of doing a good heartless job results are showing from the brutal beating up of that whore in South Africa ………Rovai donki newaya GIRE

  12. If you have been found responsible for the murders in Operation Gukaruhundi, will you be hanged on the appointed day?? I wonder.

  13. Mafirakureva weDiaspora

    Remember Price Diana she wanted to contaminate the Royal blood with an Egyptian man and she died because of that, so you want the Mugabe blood to be contaminated with that whore’s blood no no. Paparazi did it so Mother do it

  14. Hangman’s Job? For 10K nett a month Mina would hang all the desrving M#therf#ckers happily. Murderes, Rapists etc, No Problem!

  15. mgobhozi wezintabeni

    At least Diana’s children are well behaved,they don’t go about gallivanting with ladies of the night.That’s why they completed the military cadet ship at Sandhurst. After completion of the course,they even volunteered for external combat military operations,Prince Harry in particular,who flew the Royal Air force Helicopters along side the rest of British military servicemen in Afaghanistan.These can’t be compared with Mugabe’s sons who are regular patrons of the night clubs spending tens of thousands of dollars drinking the most expensive liquor.It is reported that one of Mugabe’s sons abandoned military training in China in order to pursue a career in drinking liquor.

  16. I want that job Baba Mugabe

  17. dayz have gone by


  18. Kkkkkk Mahumbwe

  19. Ndoida post iyi. Bcoz how can someone kill someone so it deserves one to be killed as well. Ndoida post

  20. Mwana waSamora Amuka chipoko

    Munangagwa is smart than any other Zanu pf idiot .He knows very well that the future can change anytime and if they allow that kind of thing .Ivo vakawanda vekuzanu will suffer because of it.Nyika yedu yakazara madzubvurandi ndosaka Zanu ichiita zvainoda nesu .Maopposition 100 kutadza kufunga kuti ngatibatanei for once after the first battle tozodzoka toita a new election inenge iri free and fair .U can actually see kuti hapana kana one ane people at heart these guys are just after money .PLEASE OPPOSITION MUKAI MUSAITA KUNGE VANHU VASINA KUKWANA .STOP CALLING THE WHITE GIRL A BITCH THATS BEING RACIST .DAI UNEMARI MABABY KANA MUKADZI WAKO ANGA DAI ASIRIYE TYPE YAUNAYO MAZUVANO PABATEI IPAPO.

  21. death penalty is a barbaric method of punishment. those hangman also deserved to be killed because they have also take one’s life and the circle of execution can go ad inifinitum. by whose authority the state possess the right to take one’s life???

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