Makarau dithers over voter registration

ZIMBABWE Electoral Commission chairperson Rita Makarau continues to dither on the voter registration issue after two citizens approached the High Court seeking an order to force the election management body to launch the exercise without further delays.


Rita Makarau
Rita Makarau

In the application, Kakudzwa Mavure and Victoria Chiyanike pleaded with the court to declare as unconstitutional Makarau’s decision to discontinue the voter registration exercise and only register people in constituencies where by-elections were being held.

“If the personnel at the offices of the second respondent (Zec) are to be believed, that means persons who reside in places where by-elections were or are being held are the recipients of a benefit under the law which I am being denied because there is no by-election in the constituency I seek to be registered,” Mavure, the first applicant, told the court.

“This is clearly in contravention of the right to equal protection and benefit under the law. By failing to comply with the requirements of the Electoral Act [Chapter2:13], the first (Makarau) and second (Zec) respondents are violating my right to equal protection and benefit of the law as well.

“For those reasons, I am seeking a declaration regarding the non-compliance with the provisions of law and an order for the first and second respondents to comply with the requirements of the law.”

The applicants further argued that the denial of registration as a voter was against the letter and spirit of the law.

While Makarau admitted that indeed the law placed an obligation on Zec, the High Court has already made a decision in the Zapu case in which the opposition party also sought a mandamus (a judicial writ issued as a command to an inferior court or ordering a person to perform a public or statutory duty) directing the commission to commence voter registration.

“This contextualisation of the voter registration functions of the Commission in terms of Annexure B lies in paragraph 1 of the order granted in that matter (Page 6 of the cyclostyled judgment), which reads: That the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission shall forthwith discharge its constitutional and statutory functions in a way it deems best suited for the purpose and within the scope and confines of the available resources,” the Zec chairperson argued.

Makarau said Zec had, therefore, made the decision to adopt the biometric voter registration system, which would allow the election management body to do away with the contentious old voters’ rolls compiled by Registrar-General Tobaiwa Mudede.

“By so doing, the Commission seeks to do away with the reference to or reliance upon the erstwhile voters’ rolls that had been maintained by the Registrar-General of Voters, which rolls, rightly or wrongly, have been the subject of many objections from various stakeholders,” she said.

Makarau said Zec would soon begin nationwide voter registration.



  1. Makarau said Zec would soon begin nationwide voter registration.

    hey- heyi how soon is soon

  2. Rigging Machinery

    Thuggery and Rigging already underway………..please do not disturb!

  3. time is up Makarau people need to be registered very soon…. A lot of youths want to register and you are delaying the process asi makutotutira fut ma finger prints edu kubva kwa Mudede tisati tatotanga kumashandisa ma BVR acho? be serious Makarau…

  4. Mai vanonzi Makarau avaka ava. Asi zvichapera, chinobhururuka chinomhara.

    1. u cn say tht again..imi muchiti Mwari hazvizive here?one day is one day…

  5. An overhaul within the electoral commission is the only way out. We can hardly withstand a compromised electoral system.

  6. The rigging algorithm hasn’t been finalized which explains Makarau’s aloofness!!

  7. Janana wa Bikaz

    Makarau has been sleeping with zanu pf for a long fucking time and has benefitted immensely from her bias against all voices of reason,so to expect her to carry out her mandate as ZEC chairperson without fear or favour is a snowball’s chance in hell.People like her will rather have will rather throw away their conscience through the window than to loose the kickbacks that they get from the mafia party.They would rather give their souls to thye devil than to do the right thing.

  8. Thats the way we need the Voter Registration to start Now. This business of educating an already educated populace is nuts. Have been waiting for this since beginning of the year and its now stories after story. Pse pse bring it on.

  9. lets let our vote speak for us.. lets vote in larger numbers.. not only the few to vote. it gives room for rigging.

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