Khupe takes on Tsvangirai

A POLITICAL time bomb is ticking in the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC-T, with his deputy, Thokozani Khupe, writing a stinging letter last week accusing the former Prime Minister of being “unapproachable and unilaterally” signing the MDC Alliance deal, which gave him excessive powers, NewsDay has learnt.


MDC-T deputy president Thokozani Khupe
MDC-T deputy president Thokozani Khupe

In a letter in our possession dated August 21 and co-signed by Khupe, party chairman Lovemore Moyo and suspended organising secretary Abednico Bhebhe, they claimed that they decided to write instead of visiting Tsvangirai to register their concerns for fear of further attacks.

The move by the trio emerged hardly a day after Tsvangirai suspended Bhebhe following a three-hour extraordinary national executive meeting in which Bulawayo East MP Thabitha Khumalo was reinstated to her position, while deputy treasurer-general Charlton Hwende remained suspended.

The three were recently severely bashed at the party’s Bulawayo provincial offices by party youths allegedly sent by Tsvangirai after they spurned the MDC Alliance signing ceremony in Harare.

They added that they boycotted the MDC-T national executive council meeting held in Harare on Friday over the same security concerns.

The latest move, which comes less than a week before Tsvangirai’s scheduled trip to Bulawayo to officially launch the MDC Alliance, is likely to further derail the envisaged coalition pact.

Part of the letter read: “We write this memorandum to reiterate our concerns about the MDC Alliance co-operation agreement you signed with other alliance partners on August 5, 2017 . . .

“We are, however, concerned about the seemingly centralisation of power in one person, and method that was employed, which gave birth to the alliance agreement, which is fraught with inconsistencies, as we were never consulted regarding the substantive contents of the alliance agreement.”

Tsvangirai’s lieutenants said while they supported the coalition pact, they were, however, concerned over the uneven distribution of constituencies in the Matabeleland region and Bulawayo, among parties to the MDC Alliance.

“In terms of Clause 3(c) of the Composite Political Co-operation Agreement, the party which is strongest electorally in a given constituency must field the candidate for the coalition. It is for this reason that we are against the allocation of the seats that have been allocated to other coalition partners from Bulawayo, Matabeleland South and Matabeleland North. We are certain that the party is strongest electorally in these provinces . . . ,” the top MDC-T officials said.

“More specifically, we are concerned about the formula or method that has been used to come up with the distribution. Precisely, because mathematically, the party has given away 45,7% of the parliamentary seats and remained with 54%.

“Our concern is that even if the party is to win all the contested seats, it may not achieve outright majority presidential victory.”

Efforts to contact Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka, Khupe and Moyo were fruitless as their mobile phones were switched off yesterday.

Bhebhe refused to comment, saying: “Why do you have to call me when you have the letter?”

The three also raised concern about the party only having to nominate the Speaker of Parliament with other legislative leadership positions being given to coalition partners.

Khupe, Moyo and Bhebhe were also not happy with a clause giving the post of deputy mayor for Harare and Bulawayo to the Tendai Biti-led People’s Democratic Party.

Part of the contentious clause read: “The alliance party with the second highest elected councillors shall nominate the deputy.”

The MDC-T bigwigs also raised concern over the distribution of posts for chairpersons and deputy chairpersons of provincial councils and also the setting-up of a Coalition Principals’ Forum and Coalition Liaison Committee, arguing “in our view these committees usurp the functions of the organs of the party”.



  1. Tsvangirai is an idiot, a three fold Mugabe,hez very violant kutuma violant dogs agnst hz deputy again js like Mugabe,fuck u

    1. khupe uri ku shield moyo na bhebhe avo aaaah hava basa rose siya mdhara Tsvangi vavake party .Bhebhe haanyare uyo ndiye mumwe chete wekuenda na ncube kauyo .zvigaro zvamurikuda izvo haapana nyika ichiri mukutambura ok.consultation yeyi iwe khupe aah usataurise iwe.panoda maturity apa

    2. @zaka jerera. well you are entitled to your own opinion. but i dont think either Tsvangirai or Mugabe are idiots. the likes of Khupe or Munangagwa should breakaway and form their parties and win elections if they can.

      1. i agree with you.lets see if they have influence in their constituencies.bhora musango style

    3. Ndimi munoita Masvingo itsvinyirwe nekusafunga kwakadai. Khupe must know in a coalition its not about positions but a principle, what you want to achieve now who you are in the party.

      1. how can one person be leader for the past 20 years.lets practice what we preach,another dictator inthe making

    4. Tanga wadzidzira kunyora and simple spellings before you paste your nonsense!

  2. career politicians fighting over anticipated proceeds.No liberators.Nkosana may be right.

  3. ZANU PF smiling all the way to electoral victory (which is tragic for Zimbabwe) with all this chaos in the opposition. We hope reason will prevail and the leadership of the opposition is not distracted from the bigger mission of rescuing the country from the ZANU PF mafia economy.

  4. tukanai mugonyeyana mugoita zvese muone kut mazimbo anofa here

  5. Khupe Khupe pliz.Dzikama please.Muchasara nechitima chekuCanan.

    1. 40 years hadzisati dzakwana.ko ma vice president akazova 3 hanzi chii.

  6. Its so surprising that after almost a year of negotiations on the alliance issue, these Khupes were saying only Tsvangirai had the mandate to negotiate. Now all is done done and suddenly Khupe is awake. meaning that akanga akarara hake while Tsvangirai was busy. Sure uchasara ne chitima.

  7. Khupe is nothing without Tsvangirai, so she is must shut up.If she thinks she has what it it takes why dont she just form her own party and leave Tsvangirai and his Alliance alone

    1. Unconquerable Chibaba

      She can join Joyce & have a women’s party

    2. tell our beloved president to announce those words and lets see what happens.ngavafaye ka1 officially

  8. Alliances are not devoid of upheavals but the trio should not take it personal. Coalitions entail the give and take formula. In my opinion, the opposition should momentarily sideline their respective parties and register one giant all-inclusive political outfit where everyone should feel accommodative competing for the primaries in an equal capacity. In a free and fair nomination exercise, those who lose should unequivocally support the winners for the betterment of strengthening the outfit. Only then can you succeed. All other inter-party accusations and counteraccusation are just a start off on the wrong foot. Meanwhile Tsvangirai should forthwith drop his much touted MP’s ring-fencing exercise to create a level nomination ground. It is a misplaced patriarchal hype, after all.

  9. Thokozani is too politically weak to take on Tsvangirai. Political giants like Gibson Sibanda, Fletcher Dulini Ncube, Welshman etc failed to do. Khupe’s political profile is just too low. On her own she is hopeless. I advise my young sister, Thokozani, to just quietly talk to Morgan and all will be forgiven!

  10. Khupe is interested in just being an opposition vice president. People asked for a coalition its there now its you who does not want it not Tsvangirayi. You are fighting people not the MDC Alliance.

  11. Why not have elections in Matebeleland about these issues and see whether people want Khupe or Tsvangirai or a Coalition? Only way. Otherwise it sounds childish

    1. @Reader,you can say that again.
      Above all these Khupes the Bhebhes this world are power hungry.This alliance is a compromise where no party can win averything.These guys are power hungry.Why nor join the alliance now and fight one common enemy,then after that you raise your issues.Come 2023 you will then run on your own as MDC T.
      Remeber if the opposition lose agin next year because of your confusion,people will never forgive you.They will take you as the most primitive traitors,who were arrogant and ignorant.

      1. ivhukuvanhu chete, chete

        Our history is littered and full of footsteps of traitors the grand group of traitors is found in the Mdcs political parties.

        However, it is not their fault, it is only that they are spiritually cursed.

        The story goes; there is a crime which was committed in Manicaland during the save trade when some Chiefs sold some people as slaves without the permission of Mhondoros.

        And the Chiefs are Makoni and Mutasa. Due to this issue many people died during the First Chimurenga at Urombwe in Manicaland.. These people wanted to take cover at a sacred place seeking protection from the Mhondoros.

        This incident later caused the capture of Chief Chingaira. The Chiefs were then told then that what had caused this was the issue of the slave trade. These chiefs said this was a crime that was committed a long time ago and they were not responsible. So first was the Nhari-Badza Rebellion, then the spirits came to Ndabaning Sithole.

        The spirits want the Manicaland issue to be sorted.

      2. how will people lose.its either they have inflience or not.

  12. Khupe, Khupe, Khupe, please dzikama. So you want to remain an opposition VP instead of taking probably a lower post & march to State House. Just swallow your pride & join others in the Co-allition & harvest the fruits in 2018.

    1. She wont now its painfull because she saw herself as the next VP of the country, the same lady was celebrating when the likes of Ncube Biti and Mangoma left MDC because to her it was chance to consolidate her power.

  13. Anyone who read ‘animal farm’ by George Orwell, Napoleon used a pack of dogs to force all to accept his leadership. Tsvangirai has adopted the same tactics and the likes of Frank Chamunorwa, Elton Mangoma and now Khupe and co will testify. Its very unfortunate that non of the mdc-t supporters above see nothing and actual blame the victims. All the writers are not Ndebeles and dont know and care about how they feel about this mdc-t gukurahundi as they will blame nikov and cio/military for rigging the elections

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  15. Vincent Gwarazimba

    Thats the death of MDC. Consensus is good for good governance.

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    cell 0772 998 646

  17. Madam Khupe did you congratulate Tsangison on the birth of the new baby boy, first things first.

  18. Vanhu veMDC makafa brain mese

  19. Khupe or no Khupe Zimbambwe goes on. Who is Khupe ? Let her go Zimbabweans do not care anymore we are now waiting for God ‘s intervention

  20. mwari pindirai

  21. Khuphe get wat wanted anditi you were always on Tswangson side but knowing well the man’s true colours when others left this man you did not support them because you wanted to cling on to that post at all cost to you it was a chance to consolidate you power as the VP f the party in the hope that you will be next country’s VP. Little did you know you were just being used because the moment the party realised that Morgan is dying and a possibility of a Ndebele leading the party was becoming reality (the cause of the first senate/antisenate split) the schemers in the big tent came up with idea of two more VPs Nelson and Elias and before you knew it you were elbowed out
    Right now you are a non entity they are done with you, do you think Morgan will risk this coalition and a chance for his old nemesis Welshman bowing down to him for a non entity like you. Your political life is over maKhuphe l hope you were making plan B but seeing you lack foresight judging by what you said to bbc the other time that you are in it for money, then you are finished!!
    I will not feel sorry for this women she got what she deserves maybe try your luck with Nkosana’s APA

  22. This khupe woman is irritating. Remember she said she is in politics to make money. Tsvangirai should leave her. Stupid woman

  23. Kangaira@ wapedza apa mwari ndiye anoziva kufamba kwake

  24. Why worry Yourselves no opposition party will win elections in oir life time lets keep on dreaming till kingdom come bo Tswangison sticking on that seat why not give others with better ideas you the same with the old guard or is it a shona culture

  25. my sisi u are better off with Tsvangirai than anyone else. keep those BHebhes and MOyos away from you.Ziva kwawakabva, all those are meant to put you off. ko kundotaura naTsvangison wega uyerere, what do u loose?. ko Inga kwawakabva ndokure wani, wabva waremerwa zvakadiiko zvokubva warasa mvura yose iwe watosvika. we love u my sister, you are of great importance to us and Mdc family. the history of MDc cant be complete when u are out. Manzwiiko nhai mai vemusangano, u are just as good as Joyce Mujuru in ZAnu pf ,u are irreplaceable. ko Inga manga matisvitsa panew dipansation zvakanaka Inga wani.chenjerera basa remuvengi asingani kubudirira kwako. ko ivo bhebhe namoyo vacho wanyanyo vatruster zvakadiiko . by the way who reports to the other . is u reporting to them or them reporting to u?.Vagozvifarira izvozvo?. hameno!.Those guys are meant to destroy your political career, be careful. Varume tagara tikaenda pasi pemukadzi tinorwadziwa, tinototsvaga nzira dzokukudonhedza chete.

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