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DRC colonel sues CAAZ


A DEMOCRATIC Republic of Congo (DRC) colonel, Andrew Lokotongo Mazawara, has taken the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) to the High Court demanding $45 000 for helping the parastatal recover $450 000 from his country’s air transportation board, Régie des Voies Aériennes (RVA).


According to the summons filed on August 28 this year, Mazawara, who is represented by GN Mlotshwa and Company, also cited CAAZ chief executive officer and general manager David Chawota as a co-respondent in the matter.

In his declaration, Mazawara said sometime in 2014 he was approached by CAAZ and requested to mediate between the latter and RVA of the DRC so as to recover an outstanding $6 392 716,61 debt.

Mazawara further said he then entered into a written agreement with CAAZ and Chawota and thereafter acted as the intermediary between the two governments’ institutions after being promised a 10% commission of whatever amount CAAZ would recover.

“The material terms of the contract were that: The plaintiff [Mazawara] would act as a mediator between the first defendant [CAAZ] and the Department of Civil Aviation and RVA of the DRC for the recovery of a debt owed by the Department of Civil Aviation and RVA of the DRC to the first defendant on behalf of the government,” Mazawara’s lawyers said.

“The debt to be recovered was in the amount of $6 392 716,61 and the plaintiff was to receive 10% of any amounts he managed to recover in accordance with the contract. The plaintiff proceeded to mediate and facilitate discussions between the first defendant, the government of the DRC and the Department of Civil Aviation and RVA of the DRC for the recovery of the debt.”

Mazawara also said after extensive negotiations and upon completion of his mandate he managed to recover $450 000 for CAAZ which amount was paid to the parastatal.

“The plaintiff performed its obligations in terms of the agreement and managed to recover the total amount of $450 000 for the first defendant upon completion of his mandate. In breach of the agreement, the defendant has refused or failed or neglected to pay the plaintiff in terms of the agreement between the parties,” he said, adding he was demanding his commission, interest plus costs of suit on a higher scale.

CAAZ and Chawota have not yet responded to the lawsuit.

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