Come down: Khupe tells Tsvangirai

MDC-T vice-president Thokozani Khupe has urged party leader Morgan Tsvangirai to defer the planned second launch of the MDC Alliance in Bulawayo on Saturday and organise an urgent meeting with his top officials in the region to iron out their differences over the contentious coalition deal.


MDC-T deputy president Thokozani Khupe
MDC-T deputy president Thokozani Khupe

Khupe, national chairperson Lovemore Moyo and organising secretary Abednico Bhebhe, in a letter to Tsvangirai dated August 21, said the opposition leader should climb down from his high pedestal, postpone the launch and address their concerns first.

They argued Tsvangirai should embrace the “spirit of devolution” and listen to their reservations over the MDC Alliance agreement.

“We accordingly suggest and request that you urgently have a dialogue with the leadership as well as the membership to all affected areas in the spirit of devolution of power as enshrined in the Constitution of Zimbabwe. We, accordingly, implore you to provide the structures with the detailed explanation on the contents of the alliance agreement,” the letter by the three read in part.

“We further suggest that the launch of the alliance agreement in Bulawayo scheduled for September 2, 2017 be suspended pending, and to allow consultations with the leadership and structures. The launch can subsequently be made after dialogue, consultations and concurrence of the leadership on the signed agreement.”

But MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu yesterday said the Saturday programme would go ahead as scheduled.

“As far as I know, the launch of the MDC Alliance is going ahead at White City Stadium this Saturday. It’s all systems go and preparations are at an advanced stage,” he said.
“Of course, negotiations are not going to take place in the media. We are finding each other. Remember, we are seasoned democrats.

“Those accusations are totally misplaced. President Tsvangirai was mandated by a national council resolution to personally handle the coalition negotiations and this is exactly what he did.”

Gutu dismissed speculative reports that the MDC-T was heading for a split following Tsvangirai and Khupe’s fallout.

“The MDC is not heading for a split. We are very mature and responsible politicians who are capable of amicably resolving whatever differences that we might have among ourselves.
Let me make it abundantly clear that the MDC Alliance is the new game in town it is irreversible,” he said, adding that the party’s leadership was currently in consultations to resolve the impasse.

“As party leaders, we are meeting and discussing our different opinions and believe you me, at the end of the day, we are all going to agree on the need for a formidable coalition to face Zanu PF in next year’s elections. These are just teething challenges. You shouldn’t read too much into this episode. It’s just a passing phase. Trust me.”

The MDC Alliance brings together the MDC-T, Welshman Ncube’s MDC, Tendai Biti’s People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Transform Zimbabwe under Jacob Ngarivhume, Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF), Multi-Racial Christian Democratic Party and Zanu Ndonga.

Tsvangirai’s top lieutenants — Khupe, Bhebhe and Moyo — have distanced themselves from the alliance.

They were particularly angry over the distribution of parliamentary seats with other opposition parties, especially in Matabeleland and Bulawayo.

“Further, we believe our concerns on the contents as well as the method that was used in the distribution of the seats are pertinent, and should accordingly be addressed,” they said.

The three have raised concern about the party only having to nominate the Speaker of Parliament with other legislative leadership positions being given to coalition partners.
They were also not happy with a clause giving away the post of Bulawayo and Harare deputy mayors to PDP.

They have raised concern over the distribution of chairpersons and deputy chairpersons of provincial councils and also the setting-up of a Coalition Principals’ Forum and Coalition Liaison Committee, arguing “in our view, these committees usurp the functions of the organs of the party”.

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  1. Tsvangison a dictator for sure

  2. Khupe is just an arrogant single mother who thinks after surviving cancer she can survive through any situation.
    Tsvangirai is the MAN.The only one capable of dislodging zanu.She just has to join the alliance if she habours any political life.This alliance is simply a gentleman’s admission by egoistic and learned men like Biti and Welshman that ”ITS COLD OUT OF MDC-T”
    It is obvious that Biti and Welshman will challenge for presidency after Tsvangirayi has brought us into a new democratic Zimbabwe.She can still do the same but still I think the peak for her political career would be being a female vice president a position which should have been Mujuru’s.

    1. It could not have been said any better. Unity and the transition into a new Zimbabwe with democratic rules and a functional economy that serves the ordinary citizen’s basic needs are more important than empty political positions.

    2. My friend MDC-T is total bankrupt hence the alliance will boost it by help it share election costs so who is in the cold? Tsvangirai is big headed man if on the winning side he doesn’t compromise we so it in 2008 and 2013 unity talks why now did give up the whole province of Matabeleland South to Ncube? MDC-T is bankrupt and Tsvangirai did single handedly

  3. With due respect, while she may be arrogant, the issue waters people’s hope. The mdc t should have attended to these issues first before rushing to make an alliance with others.THEY NEED TO BE UNITED FIRST.That is a fact which cannot be disputed.

    1. Proud Zimbabwean

      Exactly where the problem is. The MDC T or whatever you want to call it does not have the power to dictate to the others the pace at which the Alliance should be launched. The Khupes and Moyos are simply showing their fear of personal loss of positions or spheres of influence. They would rather see the project crush and allow the ZANU PF zombies continue to run down the Nation and the economy just to satisfy their egos.

  4. Khupe worried more about positions than getting Zimbabwe free, sorry maa but you have lost my respect and support.

    1. tendai chaminuka

      @musombodia how is Tsvangson capable of dislodging zanu (Poisoning Factions) when he has failed since 2000.Ngomwa ingomwa chete hapana musi wainozonzi yazvarisa.Ndeye mafriendly games chete kuPremier hakusi kwayo

      1. Its very simple Tendai.This time Morgan has to do nothing.Just campaign and show the populace he is still existing.He also simply needs to avoid more scandals by keeping his willy in his pants.Zanu pf has voted itself out of power this time around.

  5. Up to now Khupe you have not uttered the golden words of saying congratulations on the new edition of a baby boy to your much endeared Leader Tsangison, but why.?

  6. I’ve lost patience in this woman called Khupe. She is worried about party positions at the expense of the pple.

  7. Mother avo varikuchemera chigaro chete she is selfish kunge mugabi ,she want to be vice president we nyika isipo ha ma 1 chaiwo pamwe vakatengwa futi ne zato pf .

  8. NO MORE TIME for negotiations, its time to campaign, madam TK.

  9. This mom should know that she is powerful ONLYwhen she is supported by Morgen. If he discards her she will nose-dive from politics.

  10. Madam Khupe I respect you but why ask for the suspension now whilst the program is now at an advanced stage. As VP where have you been when all these developments were happening. Tsvangirai won’t leave you out.

  11. Khupe and her comrades should stop chasing a wild goose. They have to embrace the paradigm shift and be ready to forfeit certain positions to accommodate others. We can’t keep backtracking in order to retain worthless honours. Khupe should better aspire to be a mere MP in a ruling coalition in ‘new Zim’ where every citizen enjoys true democracy than retain top meaningless titles in the opposition as citizens live from hand to mouth. Do not misconstrue the formation of an alliance for a reshuffle in MDC-T. Its a give and take exercise. Wake up from your political slumber as the country is bigger than your petty selfish interests.

  12. she said she is in politics because of money. She is directionless. Hapana chaari kuda uya kunze kwemari.

  13. its terrible that we have such brains as khupe, you better embrace this idea your political life dies ask welshman and biti. They know its cold out there, dont be selfish soon you will be a fish out of water ita hako manyawi edhongi riripachigayo uchidaro

  14. Khupe ? kikiki who is Khupe after all ? She is power hungry like the rest . Zimbabweans are now tired of all these people . We would rather vote for anyone .

  15. this journey is about CHANGE at last but Khupe is worried about positions…. i’ve seen this from the time Nelson was appointed, it didn’t go well with her, she is worried much about her position but guess what Khupe?????? you need to relax and i’m sure everything is going to be well.This coalition means that every city has to be occupied somehow…the moment you say Bulawayo and Matebeleland should not be part of the coalition in terms of distribution, definitely you have lost it…. Look at your leader, he is not power hungry only 54% of parly seats… Savhunduke Khupe chigaro chako chakachengetedzwa kunana Ncube na Biti muchapinda pama votes toona anodiwa nevanhu coz i myself believe in Nelson saka skawara

  16. @gibson, you Khupe are cueless and only want money. By forming a coaliation mdc think its now the ruling party. NO,NO! You have just started the struggle, please roll up your sleeves and get into the trenches, especially in the rural areas where about 70% of the population live, has largest number of parliamentary seats and is dominated by Zpf. Khupe is right and Tsvangirai should remember that mdc split when refused mdc to participate in the 2006 senatorial elections. Tsvangirai is determined to ensure that history should repeat whereby mdc splits again just before the 2018 elections and Mugabe is the winner whilst he cries nikov has stolen the elections

  17. I think Khupe is behaving like someone who have been bought to scuttle the alliance. But what I see is she confusing her popularity and thinks she is now very powerful. If the council gave Tsvangirai authority to negotiate on behalf of the party then why is she complaining. It will be a tragedy to have a person of her calibre as a vice president of the republic. Simply put….SHE IS SHALLOW.

  18. kupe must comply or kicked out
    what we want is change not position holders
    she is wasting time

  19. crying for a big chunck from a yet to be caught rabbit……. these people are surprising me,why not catch the rabbit first then mourn about the portions later.
    what if the rabbit is not caught apa manga matotanga kupopota nekubata tsvimbo preparing to fight. MaZimbo lets be strategic and mature enough.

  20. Ini mbuya zivai kuti basa munoriwana under MDC T ticket saka muakaita zvenyu zvekumbinjurikazvo munosara panze maguta kugra mupaliament muchagwauta muri panze bvunzai Biti wati rotooo unotouda mubatanidzwa nekuti anotozviziva kuti akasadaro chake hapana MWAKATENGWA ERE?

  21. Tea boy has lost it big time.He will never rule this country.Remember he was with Welshman and company,Biti and company,Gibson and company.I suspect he is on Zanu-pf payroll and is happy to see people suffer .For those you despise Khuphe,I say she may be power hungry yes but we all know you
    bathengisi ndini

  22. siyananai khupi is selfish she will realise that mdc is not Bulawayo.
    ndosaka ndichida zanu haitsoropodze mukuru kunyangwe akatadza ino furidzira

  23. What value are Ncube and Biti going to add to the coalition? Do you honestly think that they will split the vote? Khupe may be right after all. These guys are a spent force. They want to use Tsvangirai to go back o parliament and enjoy whatever benefits there is. They know that without the so called coalition they will not win even a single sit in parliament.

  24. 100% correct @mukweni.Lets discuss this issue with open minds not emotions

  25. The Blind loyalty to Morgan is shocking to say the list. These guys are raising fundamental questions that beg for answers. Lets take Bualwayo for example, the only pronvince MDC-T had a clean sweep, contesting against the Ncubes and all. So what is the point of allocating them seats in Bulawayo. The sharing of seats should be in constituecies that where won by ZPF period, so that everyone tries to bring something to ultimate coalition in parliament. Besides most these start-ups like Zim-PF have no resources to effectively campaing country wide, giving 10 or so seats to campaing for in Mashonaland gives them a better chance to bring somthing to the table than spreading them thin country wide.

  26. Ths single mother khupe has no morals at all. The parties engaged are many n therefore hard for all principals to agree unanimously, in this regard part leadership retain the privilege to make certain concessions to save tym. She z there to make money n we lose nothing if she leaves. We are better wth ncube and biti back n the first goal z to send zanu packing then everything follows. She bng a seasoned politician shld know better communication channels for the party, not media that wld give state media smthng to write about. Accept or else leave the coalition Khupe, Tsvangirai remains our leader for now


  28. ladiesandgentlemen.,let everyone come to the big tent if mdc is to rule zimbabwe.i plead with madam khupe to rethink on this issue.even without the trio ,mdc alliance will still win in bulawayo and matabeleland region.

  29. Khupe can u please leave and join Mujuru as planned in peace and leave the MDC T party intact. We Zimbabweans have suffered enough. some weeks ago wn u snubed the Coalition Alliance u went on to say Tsvangirai is is unaproachable, why today and why wr u quiet all the years?

    Amai fambai zvakanaka tozokuonai modzoka kwatonhora kunze uko

  30. I am deeply saddened by the statements coming from Khupe and her handlers. We have been avid supporters of the opposition since it was launched. Our support should not be taken forgranted and used by self-serving people like Khupe and her team. We are voters and arent bond coins that you can decide to pocket when you so-wish. The MDC has had huge numbers in Matland over the course of their political journey but this is not because the MDC has such a better message and the electorate are owned by the institution.. we are starving Zimbabweans and not only people from Matland but all over Zimbabwe. We only want a means to an end which is using the only option to remove a failed gorvenment .. trust me when the cloud settles the same MDC which Khupe things she is a defacto boss in Matland may find the going tough in an open political playing field. Khupe and her backers must move away from the small-mindedness which centers their focus on a province and not on delivering the ultimate goal which is to liberate the country from the political and economic mire. We are not owned by the MDC madame Khupe, we are not your stoogies but are serious citizens who want a genuine leadership that takes the welfare of Zimbabweans seriously and not to busk in the glory of ‘owning’ a struggling province in a dying country. You have been winning in Byo since all this time but what have you archived at national level. STOP THIS SHALLOW POLITICS AND TRIBAL JIBES AND THINK NATIONALLY!. We are a tired people and we will not forgive you if you derail the opportunity to unite forces and unseat Bob and his failing coterie. People are tired of this hullabaloo.

  31. This country needs an independent candidate to drive this country forward.The politicians that we know are just fighting for power in order to place themselves ready to steal.

  32. In addition to all the right points raised here, Mama Khupe should realize MDC carried Mat province before she became a leader. The likes of Welshman will neutralize her base and move them over to the new Alliance. Unfortunately when a train is overloaded like the new Alliance, some will be left by the wayside but it doesn’t stop the train from pushing fwd. Collateral damage.

    1. Whats within mdc? So they dont up date each other b4 rushing to make public statements ? So u dont meet for discussions as one pple? Honestly how do u operate?

  33. is kupe not in the excative council? where was she,when others were making crucial desicions?,i think its time she should stop presiding matters through media,

  34. if she is wrong show her the door.but if she is right in what she is saying you will be sorry.nowadays people analyse what is being said.if zanu has 2 vice presidents and you come up with 3.i see disaster inthe making.mama khupe please do whats right and expose any wrong doing according to the constitution.this time vanyangira yaona

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