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Beware of bottled-up frustrations


While poverty continues to deepen in the country with no hope in sight, bank queues growing longer and disposable incomes almost wiped out, for President Robert Mugabe and his family, however, it is business as usual.

Editorial Comment

The President and his wife left for Tehran on Thursday to attend the inauguration of Iran’s newly-elected President Hassan Rouhani and probably carried with them a huge entourage as usual as they continue to drain the country’s depleted resources, which could have been put to better use if they really cared about the citizenry.

While the First Couple continues to fly around the globe, with their sons living large in South Africa, courtesy of the hardworking Zimbabweans’ taxes, the hard-pressed population continues to pray for respite from misfortune’s roll call as life gets tougher and ageing pensioners sleep in bank queues. Perhaps the irony here is that by now, Mugabe should have long been one of them.

Zimbabwe needs a younger, energetic and visionary leader who can guide it into a bright future than an octogenarian trapped in the glory of the past, all his achievements having been slowly eroded by failed economic policies that have only served to entrench his rule and tighten his grip on power.

While the Tehran gathering brings together leaders from countries with strong anti-American sentiments, perhaps the irony is that living conditions in these countries are far much better than in Zimbabwe, itself long a pariah State with no place among modern civilisations.

The people of Zimbabwe have suffered for far too long and it is about time that something gives.

A largely peaceful people, Zimbabweans appear to be paying a huge price for their love for peaceful existence.

One gets the feeling that the country’s leadership has effectively taken advantage of that weakness – if one may call it that.

The recent fights between the police and members of the army in the CBD, however, are an indicator of the tension existing within the population.
It may just be a matter of time before the bubble bursts.

What that simply demonstrated was the frustrations even in the lower ranks of members of the armed forces. Too much-bottled up frustrations can explode. And the time bomb is ticking!

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