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Zera vets independent power producers


THE Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (Zera) is reportedly considering applications from independent power producers (IPP) with potential to add 680 megawatts (MW) to the national grid as the country moves towards power sufficiency.


Zimbabwe, over the past decade, has been relying heavily on power imports from South Africa, Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of Congo to supplement its local supplies from Kariba and Hwange.

Three players – Hwange Electricity Supply Company, Hippo Valley Estates and Zimbabwe Power Company – have applied for generation licences to increase their production figures.
Zera in a statement at the weekend said it had received an application from Hesco for an independent electricity transmission licence.

“Zera has received an application from ZPC, for an independent electricity transmission licence for Hesco a subsidiary of ZPC, to construct, own, operate and maintain a transmission line and infrastructure for the connection to the proposed Hwange 600MW expansion plant,” Zera said.

The project will also include construction of approximately a 355km Hwange-Insukamini transmission line, 40km Insukamini Marvel transmission line, construction of Hwange-Insukamini 420 killow volts (KV) substation, extension of 330KV substation at Hwange, Insukamini, Marvel and Sherwood B and 132 substation at Sherwood B, construction of 10km tie-in line at 33KV Hwange and Sherwood B substation and 8km tie-in line at Sherwood B substation.

Zera also received an application for renewal of a generation licence, issued to Hippo Valley Estates to own, operate and maintain the 39MW Hippo Valley Estates Limited Power Station at Hippo Valley Estates in Chiredzi for purposes of generation and supply of electricity in Zimbabwe.

ZPC also has applied to expand its production at Harare Power Station from 80MW to 120MW.

“The application is for the extension of the tenure of the generation license issued to ZPC for Harare Power Station by 18 years as a result of the repowering exercise of the power station. The licence amendment will also entail the changing of the capacity of the power plant which will be increased to 120MW due to repowering of power station.

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