10m Zimbabweans wallow in poverty

Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare minister Prisca Mupfumira

PUBLIC Service, Labour and Social Welfare minister Prisca Mupfumira has disclosed that more than 10 million Zimbabweans, which translates to 72,3% of the population, were living in abject poverty.

By Tinotenda Munyukwi

In a speech read on her behalf during commemorations of the Nelson Mandela International Day in Harare on Tuesday, Mupfumira said more than 72,3% of Zimbabweans were living in poverty, while the number of people in need of food aid was also on the rise.

“The fiscal space remained subdued due to underperformance of domestic revenue generation, increase in public expenditure, decreased exports and other declining capital inflows in the country to the extent that it has undermined social services provision in both urban and rural areas exacerbating the incidences of poverty,” she said.

Mupfumira said Zimbabwe had registered economic growth since 2009, but this was inversely working against increasing job creation and increasing poverty levels in the country.

She said the government was committed to implementing the Sustainable Development Goal 1, which stipulates an end to poverty, but said this was only possible if long term interventions during droughts were embraced by everyone.

“We have started placing emphasis on linking emergency aid to long term development through resilience building and livelihoods strengthening,” Mupfumira said.

“We believe that it is high time we capacitate communities to cope with risks and shocks by building community assets and implement interventions that address all the dimensions of poverty.”

Speaking at the same event, United Nations representative, Adolphus Chinomwe said Zimbabwe should emulate Nelson Mandela’s vision of eradicating poverty.

“We should expedite efforts to end poverty in Zimbabwe because women and children are suffering the most,” he said.

“Ending poverty is an act of justice and let’s fight it now if we want to secure a future for our children.”


  1. I thought one Psychology told people more than 3 million jobs were created by Zanu since 2013 harmonised elections and now Minister are you telling us this boy has some psychological problems in grasping reality?

  2. Chenhamo Chikezha, this psychology boy was desperately trying to sing melodiously for a place at the dinner table. He failed dismally; discord racho raakaita ndiro riyariya ratairoverwa kuMavorovondo Primary School nachoir master Ndlovu, kuMberengwa uko mugore ra1973 hondo isati yatanga uyezve iye asati azvagwa.

  3. Singing Hosiah Chipanga song: Kana nyika ichinge yakanaka munhu wese anoshanda kumabasa asi nyika kana yave mamvemve, munhu wese rave VENDOR.

  4. This is caused by one person and he is ‘PHAROAH’. PHAROAH NESU TAKE TAKE.

    Singing Hosiah Chipanga song: Baba Abraham tumirai Lazaro azotidzimura tatsva nemoto.
    Baba Abraham, tumirai Lazaro azotidzimura tatsva ne moto.

  5. Nhai MUgabe, haubvi seiko pachigaro, hauwoni kuti zvekutonga hauzvigoni here, cheuka kumashure uone zvanga zvakaita nyika pawakaipiwa na Smith, chiona nhamo yawatipinza iyi, who is going to clean your mess, Mugabe usadaro shamwari, chibva pachigaro umwe mudiki apinde, anoendesa nyika yedu mberi

  6. Naturally if people are gainfully employed and earning a living wage then they don’t wallow in abject poverty. So how do government reconcile the fact that it created over 2 million jobs and at the same time almost the whole population is afflicted with poverty? What kind of jobs that cause poverty? Is the doctor prescribing the right treatment, and can a sane doctor then proclaim that my medicine is doing wonders in arresting an affliction when he is surrounded by graveyards of victims succumbing to the disease which he/she claims to have cured? Is this propaganda which has gone wild, with no limits whatsoever? or is it the arrogance of power? or just pure madness?

  7. Poverty will end when Zanu pf ends. The illegitimate government who steals elections and subverts the will of the people destroyed a sophisticated economy it inherited from the “racist” Smith regime in 1980.

    It is sad that generations of Zimbabweans two decades after independence will never know what a beautiful, well developed economy and country we had.

    Now these pompous over paid and over fed career politicians come out and state the obvious. They created the poverty and fail time and time again to take responsibility.

    2018 Zimbabweans better wake up and take back power from these fraudulent “Revolutionaries” that claim they have a God given right to misrule for ever. Don’t sit back and let another election be stolen.

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