Roadblocks slashed to 40 countrywide

Home Affairs minister Ignatius Chombo

HOME Affairs minister Ignatius Chombo yesterday told Parliament that government had ordered police to reduce the number of roadblocks to 40 countrywide, which translates to four per province, following a public outcry from motorists and tourists, who described the numerous vehicle checkpoints as a great inconvenience.


Home Affairs minister Ignatius Chombo
Home Affairs minister Ignatius Chombo

Chombo made the remarks after he and his deputy, Obedingwa Mguni, appeared before the Dexter Nduna-led Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Home Affairs to speak on roadblocks, where they also disclosed that they would next month commission the integrated electronic traffic system to electronically identify defective vehicles and traffic offenders.

“Government has told the Commissioner-General of Police, Augustine Chihuri, to remove all unnecessary roadblocks and mount necessary ones,” Chombo said.

“Roadblocks will be reduced to only 40 nationally before computerisation, and it means there will be four roadblocks per province unless there is a security threat or serious crime.”

On the integrated electronic traffic system, Chombo said 500 police gadgets had been acquired through a public-private partnership with Univern.

He said each police station would have its own gadget.

The electronic system will be integrated to road authorities such as the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration, the Central Vehicle Registry, police vehicle theft squad, Vehicle Inspection Department and Road Motor Transportation.

Chombo said the new electronic system would be multi-faceted to weed out rogue elements such as drivers without licences, traffic offenders and unroadworthy and unlicenced vehicles.

He said it would be so advanced that it would even weed out all fake licences that have been issued without the driver having gone through proper testing.

Chombo said the new electronic system would record sale and change of ownership of vehicles, and all the paperwork would be done in one day, as well as bringing to book rogue commuter omnibus drivers bent on disturbing the smooth flow of traffic and using undesignated routes.

The Home Affairs minister said more than 300 police officers had been nabbed and weeded out of the police force for different acts of corruption including theft of property belonging to the deceased at accident scenes.

He hailed the Zimbabwe Republic for carrying out its duties diligently to safeguard public security despite the limited resources.

Chombo denied claims roadblocks had become the force’s cash cow.

Mguni also told the committee that traffic police officers had been ordered to stop throwing spikes at moving vehicles pending the outcome of a court challenge filed by a local motorist.

He, however, said in countries like Belgium and South Africa police were allowed to use minimum force, including spikes, on errant drivers.


  1. at list beta now zvaku meka sense

  2. Surely the country can not be so low, visited my country last week, I could not believe what I saw, from Highfield to town ten ( 10 ) roadblocks, only one thing came to my mind, survival tactics in a ravaged economy, the government is now introducing these tactics to extort money from the suffering public, what a shame, they are not even ashamed.

  3. totenda maruva tadya chakata


    1. Kungotaura chete. Road blocks are actually being increased. Mari vangazoiwanepi?

  5. This would still allow none road blocks between Harare and Mutare – that’s still way above and beyond anything that is normal or reasonable!!!

  6. This would still allow NINE road blocks between Harare and Mutare – that’s still way above and beyond anything that is normal or reasonable!!!

  7. no need to be happy now until they practice what they preach bcoz usually whats said is opposite of what is on the ground.

    1. But I tell you now there are 4 police road blocks from Ruwa to Jaggers Masasa right now

      1. Palunch I saw two roadblocks along Cripps Road within 2km of each other. One after robot repamabanks apo and another paCOTTCO. Muakadaor mapruisa anofa nenzara. Kkkkkkkkkk.

  8. we will count road blocks as we move and if they exceed 4 we will not allow them to stop us

  9. Bulawayo road can have harare (3), mash west (3), midlands (3) and bulawayo (3). Petentially this is still too much, tora mari united.

    1. Mind you Bulawayo road is not the only road in Mash west and Harare if they really follow the rule we may have 1 road block per road. Mash West as Bulawayo Rd, has Chegutu-Chinhoyi Rd, Harare has Hare Bul,Har-Masvi, Hre-Muta, Hre Mtoko, Mr Bindura so already the 4 for Hare are exhausted before we count Chitungwiza, Highfield, etc that is not ZRP,

  10. “Chombo denied claims roadblocks had become the force’s cash cow”… Really!

  11. The police will just disregard this. The four per province thing is just a gimmick.

  12. Does he know what he is talking about i wonder. 4 per province really!

  13. nyanga district only
    2.regina-nyamaropa t/off
    3.tombo-tangwena t/off officers mangeya,mukwari,chedumbu
    4.pamaBooster towards troutbeck t/off officers nyengera,tafadzwa,maposa
    5.magamba heroes t/off
    6.devchards t/off
    8 clairmont

    inhasi iyeye nw nw!!!
    so 4 per province yobuda ere zvakadai muNyanga chete

  14. ini zii zvangu semunhu mukuru

  15. SUMS DON’T ADD UP: First zvirikunzi “Chombo yesterday told Parliament that government had ordered police to reduce the number of roadblocks to 40 countrywide” Then zvonzi “Chombo said 500 police gadgets had been acquired through a public-private partnership with Univern”. Saka ini ndirikuti why so many gadgets for a reduced number of roadblocks (kuita 12 per roadblock, surely?)?

    1. eeeee tsano those gadgets mukuti maspike here, intergrated electronic traffic system gadgets

  16. Dzidzai kuverenga. Zvanzi starting next week! This week rese munenge muchirohwa mari kusvika mati mbuya nemiridzo! Yoooo!!!

  17. totenda dzamwa mombe dzaswera nebenzi! road blocks are a threat to human security

  18. Oh!!! Government had ordered Government to reduce the number of roadblocks to 40 countrywide.

  19. My feeling is there should just reduce roadblocks not to have a formula. I have been driving since 1986 and we had roadblocks and no outcry because they were not as much as we have.

  20. I counted thirteen (13) road blocks between Harare and Mutare.

  21. Police in urban roads with spikes, are those roadblocks? Are they not referring to mounted roadblocks..#jussthinking

  22. Until its practically implimented on the grund, hapana nyaya apa, remember they say there is a difference between a roadblock, a checkpoint and the roving bike/b-car type.
    So according to them for example, on most urban routes eg Harare-Chitungwiza, Harare-Highfield, there are no roadblock, but check points. Hanzi roadbloack ndopanenge paine madrums.
    Saka till there is clarification on the check points, there is no reason for joy

  23. There is a caveat in Chombo;s statement.- there is no definition of “necessary” and “unnecessary” roadblock.The distinction has been left to Chihuri and we all know what that means-NOTHING CHANGES ON THE GROUND!! Kubata Mugabe kumeso chete!

  24. Ngwarai Hlakhanipha

    It remains to be seen granted there was a directive that Roadblocks/ZRP TOLLGATES be spaced 10km apart, mangwana acho they had actually narrowed. 1 Mapranga 2 Lusaka/Machipisa intersection 3. Machipisa pamasimbhi 4 Willowvale Road, just atfer Colour Purple 5 Pa Roth mans into Beatrice Road 6 Pa ZBC 7 Pa TSF near Edgar’s. 8 Pa Colcom . This is on a stretch from Main Street to the Cold Storage Commission premises.

  25. Highway patrols can increase

  26. Zimbabwe unoti uchibva pa one roadblock before you even hit gear 4 wakutomira futi pane imwe.

  27. In the first place why should we have 40 road blocks for what reason uncultured minister. road blocks should be there for a purpose but in zim theirs is for revnue collection as he said that they are collecting $15 million officially and more than that as robbery its a sad situation!!!!!

  28. Zim Nhakayangu

    Road blocks reduced, they were not many at all. Police checked points will remain intact if not increased to compensate reduced road locks. Jargon!!

  29. Roadblocks ari muzim are the same in war zone areas Iraq,Syria,Afghanistan and those are there for security OURS in Zim are meant to generate money for the government.Kana hurumende ichiri yakabroker ichitadza kubhadhara macivil workers don’t think kuti maroadblocks achaita machoma.KUTAURA chete towards elections ha few roadblocks,land for the youth, ha the Chinese robbed us.No more talk about the 2million jobs they promise.Dzangova nyaya isu manje hatidye nyaya see you 2018.This government has nothing left to sell to voters they are now desperate(DESPERATE ZANU PF).You are going to see all roads heading torwads kumarallies held by ZANU Pf will be fixed imi mobva mati idevelopment ha kwedu kwane tara muchivharwa kumeso kuti muvotere bato after maELECTIONS no more service kumaroads acho mapot holes atanga.

  30. Kungotaura chete apa hapana chinoitwa

  31. Aluta continua, munoda kuti mari tiiwane kupi? Muchajaira sekujaira kwamakatiita kubva 1980. Tinozvitonga kuzere isu. Munotyei maroadblocks kana mota dzenyu dziri right?

  32. its almost election time vakuda kuita sevanhu kwavo…..pese apa vaisazviona kuti ma roadblock awandisa?

  33. This is just on newspapers and not on the ground. In Kwekwe, the traffic police have invaded the CBD at every corner

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