NetOne outpaces competitors, active subscriber base balloons

STATE-OWNED mobile phone company NetOne recorded a growth in active mobile subscriptions in the first quarter of 2017, while its two rivals, Telecel and Econet, were either stagnant or declined in terms of subscribers, according to the Postal and Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz).


According to Potraz’s report for the first quarter which was released yesterday, NetOne’s prepaid subscribers grew by 1,9% from 4 674 277 in the last quarter of 2016 to 4 761 156 million this year.

The company’s post-paid subscribers increased by 6,5% from 38 133 to 40 606.

Econet’s prepaid subscriptions registered a 0,5% growth from 6 259 807 in the 2016 Q4 to 6 289 980.

However, Econet’s post-paid subscribers decreased by 0,8% to 100 252 from 101 097.

Telecel’s prepaid subscribers declined by 1,3% to 1 766 995 from 1 789 407 registered in the fourth quarter of last year.

But Telecel registered a massive growth in post-paid subscribers of 13,1% to 18 326 from the previous quarter’s of 16 205.

“Active mobile subscriptions totalled 12 977 315 in the quarter under review. This represents a 0,8% increase from 12 878 000 recorded in the fourth quarter of 2016,” Potraz said.

The regulatory body said pre-paid subscribers were predominant in Africa, as they allowed consumers to buy airtime in small increments as and when needed, thus giving consumers control over expenditure.

Potraz said the total number of active fixed telephone subscribers as at March 31 this year was 257 626 compared to 305 720 the previous quarters, representing 15,7% decline.

Both NetOne and Econet registered significant growth in Long-Term Evolution (LTE), a high speed wireless access.

NetOne registered a 65,3% growth in LTE from 1 310 in the previous quarter to the current
2 165.

Econet’s LTE access, on the other hand, grew by 28% from 210 256 to 269 087.

“LTE is expected to increase as coverage and smartphone penetration increases,” the regulatory body said.

Overall, NetOne’s growth was underpinned by a direct result of a number of initiatives put in place to drive business growth, mainly the offering of customer-centric products, broadening the product and service offering and the realising of existing products, while driving subscriber acquisition.

The initiatives include OneFusion introduced in May last year, offering on-net and off-net voice calls, international calls, messages, data, WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.

NetOne has also embarked on an ambitious project, where it recruited 20 000 brand ambassadors who are aggressively registering new subscribers, replacing lines, number matching as well as marketing and selling NetOne products.


  1. shaolin kung fu master

    your services are par excellent.

  2. Econet is the market leader and always the best. Dream on Netone

    1. u are still behind man. when u try to query the guys who do have the statistics ukurevei or maybe u did not read the article. musangocommenter kana musingazivi baba

    2. The World Is Flat

      Looks like Econet Market Share has fallen below 49% from the dizzy heights of 80% market share just 3 years ago. That really is the story here. Something is happening and the story will soon be told!

  3. We will wait for profit figures. But once again the other part has no stringent reporting requirements to shareholders!

  4. People are moving away from econet because they are fleecing customers esp on data bundles. Im also moving over to one fusion

    1. Not really bro weekly bundles comes with 90mb and monthly 220mb and they are usage based.Weekly and monthly refer to expiry periods not meaning to say if u bought one for a week you will use it for the seven days.Your usage rate determines their longevity.

  5. Econet has lost steam because of their ludicrously poor customer service and their high tariffs

    1. Tariffs are not set in isolation they are regulated by the governing board.Tariffs are the same for voice and data and there might be a marginal difference, check your database for info.Be factual.

  6. Netone is much cheaper esp in terms of data. And the OneFusion is the best. Econet has a good name but it fleeces us.

    1. i agree with you, netone is the best. small profit quick return

  7. Chimboitai ne one fusion iyo honeymoon phase will be over soon.musazodzoke kuti crowder ku Econet kwedu

  8. Really, what about the company choking in its legacy debt. I understand this has rendered the business unprofitable.

  9. sole mandate of any business is to make profits and the shareholders should enjoy their investments. just last week saw an article on the loss making side of netone. Growth in subscribers does not equate to profits.

  10. Econet is on the right direction its all about technology that’s were the world is going. # Econet zvazvinhu.

  11. Talk of an operating environment that is hectic and unequal. Netone is state owned and does not pay any license fees to say the least. Fusion think irikuvapa loss and there is need for realistic promotions. Bu well Econet through its innovations has stood the test of time.

    1. Stood the test of time?so why are they quaking in their boots and all this name calling and mudslinging?Netone Onefusion ki bossa

  12. Econet remains the best , they have sustainable strategies unlike netone . Econet is the market leader and they continue to dish out new innovations which brings value to the business. There is better quality on the Econet network and data speeds are good compared to Netone. Cheap is indeed cheap.

  13. Doctored stats!! from POTRAZ……………………..!

  14. So Netone added 855 LTE subscribers while Econet added 58,831 during the period? That is “eight hundred and fifty five” compared to “fifty-eight thousand eight hundred and thirty one” ?

  15. Murimi wefodya

    One fusion kuseri.imi nemari dzenyu Itai zvebuddie yenyu. Econet yakugara muhomwe yongomirira ecocash chete.

  16. Samanyanga veHurungwe

    Econet for life, Netone is supported by state corruption is not reported. They have borrowed money that they are not paying, those loans will soon be taken by state. Econet borrows money and they pay their debt. One fusion, how can s normal company give a customer 4,000 free minutes. I am ptoud to use Econet

    1. Did they get the,loan from u?will u research about the ethics of all the service providers and manufactures of all the everyday things u use?garai pasi apo One fusion is the deal whether its funded by Isil,Al shabab,Al Queda all we nid is an affordable product

  17. refugee in my own country

    econet ma 1 haiite pama bundles apo ndakasiyana nayo plus customer care yacho madhaka ega ega hona

  18. Econet is the boss.

  19. Majaira zvakaCheaper no wonder you make losses in your small businesses. “Buddie for life”
    totoda Econet ZWE… irikundidzidzisa how to do business in this harsh economical operating environment. Iwe ndipo paunoda zvakaCheaper hapana iyoyo.

    1. wat kind of bizness goes for expensive inputs leaving cheaper ones? munongoda prestige,chete yekunzi hamuite come to One fusion apo kana biznes renyu rikufaya chamunoti harsh environment chii

    2. True Diva I support you,people want quality service for free and what is important is not number of customers but the Customers lifetime value to the organization.No wonder why there is an increase at Netone of subscribers and it’s not translating to profits.

  20. Econet is the boss???kkkk is this about prestige or what suits yo pocket and saves u some doll? one fusion is the deal dnt care whether net1 is owned by Isil or Al Shabab all l nid is to save
    The,repaying of loans and license fees blah blah is,not my baby
    One fusion ka 1

  21. Remember coming out of the arrivals at Harare Inter Airport early this year… And thank God just in front of me was a Netone shop!! I didnt want to see anything econet in my eyes despite it being the only sim card I ever had for years before my departure. Had the advantage of a watsapp number so never regretted the move of changing to Netone even after my return, I still have my Netone sim card. In contrast I have no idea what happened to my econet sim card as soon as I left Zim the first time!

  22. Netone 1.) has stolen from us by not paying $137 Million licence (its state money and it belongs to you and I)

    2.) They are stealing from us everyday by using public funds to sponsor Zanu-PF programmes

    Econet maybe expensive but Netone is the worst worst thief

  23. Just for $5:

    ”Thank you for subscribing to the OneFusion_5 Plan. You have 60 On-Net mins, 18 Off-Net mins, 300MB of data, 10 SMSs,700MB WhatsApp and 900MB Facebook”, all expiring in 30 days

  24. Econet kudhura ummm !!!!

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