Mujuru party hit by mass defections

FORMER Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s National People’s Party (NPP) yesterday suffered a major setback, as several top officials in Matabeleland South quit the opposition movement citing tribalism and factionalism.


NPP leader Joice Mujuru
NPP leader Joice Mujuru

The NPP’s former Matabeleland South interim chairperson, Bekezela Maduma Fuzwayo and several others wrote to the provincial executive yesterday announcing their resignation, a move set to weaken the party’s bargaining power in coalition talks with other opposition parties.

Sources said Fuzwayo and others cited tribalism as the major reason for their resignation.

In his resignation letter, Fuzwayo said he was retiring from active politics with immediate effect although party sources claimed the defections were triggered by high levels of factionalism and tribalism.

“Please allow me to announce my immediate retirement from active politics, as I need to concentrate on my studies,” he said.

“I have since communicated this arrangement to my ward, constituency and provincial leadership and hope they will communicate the same to higher authorities if need be.

“It has been a wonderful experience being with the NPP and being within its structures in the short time that we have been together.

“The zeal in me to see (President Robert) Mugabe and Zanu PF out of governing Zimbabwe shall indeed one day get us to meet in some sectors as we fight to bring a better Zimbabwe for our people.”

The development comes less than a fortnight after Mujuru dissolved the party’s Bulawayo provincial structures due to factionalism and tribalism arising from the April provincial elections.

NPP spokesperson, Methuseli Moyo confirmed Fuzwayo and several others’ resignation from the opposition party yesterday.

“To be honest, we expected this to come given the internal dynamics in the party. I don’t want to say we welcome their departure, but we are not sad at all that they left,” he said.

“We expect others to follow suit.”

Moyo said NPP will emerge stronger after the resignation of Fuzwayo and others, whom he accused of fanning factionalism.

“Believe me, NPP has just become a stronger and healthier party, with some of these purported resignations,” he said.

“Some of the people seemed to be in the party to engineer antagonism and factionalism. They found the going very tough because we refused to allow them space to execute their agenda.”

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  1. the party is doomed

  2. They are fortune seekers kkkkk havalume

  3. Eish, what a big blow ,thats the daily politics in Zimbabwe my beloved country, people are being paid . It happens with the main MDC ,when people were given tea at the state house in return to destroy MDC, thanks to God ,Tsvangirai(Tsvangson) a truely and tested men .

  4. this woman is just not right at all

  5. so a few disgruntled elements defect and it s a big deal? politics in zim is wrought with political non descripts who belch stench to their party as soon as a higherbid appears. the goal is to remove zanu, it s a long and painful journey, opportunists will definitely fall by the sidewalk.

  6. Let them go and those with bone marrow continue with the struggle.

  7. And with all this,Mujuru claims to lead the coalition only to tell us vaMugabe chete chete a few days to the polls.No , no to dis!!!

  8. janana wa Bikaz

    Well said Munya,opportunists will always be amongst us.They are planted at times at the heart of the party by the mafia party called zanu pf and when the opposition party appears to be gaining ground in terms of membership and popularity all hell is broken loose by the so called defectors.MDC has experienced this stupid joke so many times where some idiotic,stupid and unprincipled men and women are paraded like cattle headed to a slaughterhouse denouncing the opposition party that they would have “defected”from and go on to narrate how they had got lost by joining the opposition party in the first place.Do we need television and media reporters when someone decides to resign from a party?

  9. Well said @janana wa Bikaz , its seems these journalist only write about opposition politics on defections only , but wnen they are recruiting and having meetings in opposition they don’t write, journalism has gone to the DOGS ,

  10. Politics is not for the fainthearted kkkkk, you need to have a big heart; no place for cowards. Zanu pf actually had the temerity to fire many bigwigs from the party but is still going. If you find the going tough, then be advised to resign and leave those with a clear vision to lead the party. It is actually healthy for the party when misguided elements leave.

    1. Sometimes the “misguided” elements remain “leading” the party or country to ruins!!

  11. haaa kunenge kurongerana dhende uku,what were they doing in that party for all these months,why did they join it in the first place? Amheno isu kwedu kutarisa ivo vachingonetsana havo,hatina capacity yekumira mumoto wakadaro.

  12. They have to join MRP and forget about these fly by night polical parties.

  13. Mujuru is also an opportunist

  14. Mujuru was arrested in Spain, she was caught with 3.5 tonnes of gold worth 62.5million pounds when she was VP. She should not spent the billions of dirty money she made trying to attack a person who made her-Mphoko and Mujuru`s husband were doing the same job, same as Chiwenga, chihuri but she was pushed up and now Mphoko claims to be senior to the other ones holding lower positions-because Mugabe does not like war veterans
    “Zimbabwe’s Vice-President ‘tried to sell gold in Europe’` The Telegraph“

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