MDC-T suspends Kwekwe councillors

THE MDC-T has suspended its six Kwekwe councillors from all party activities as the opposition party opened a witch-hunt into elections of a new deputy mayor for the city which was won by Zanu PF.


The councillors are being charged with putting the name of the party into disrepute after some of them reportedly voted with Zanu PF in elections to choose a new deputy mayor for Kwekwe following the death of Aaron Sithole early this year.

Initially, the party’s Kwekwe district had recommended that councillors Aaron Gwalazimba and Bekezela Ndlovu be recalled from council as they were suspected to have voted for John Mapurazi of Zanu PF ahead of Janet Tachirunga of the MDC-T.

Gwalazimba confirmed that he had received information on his suspension from party activities and was now due to appear at a provincial disciplinary hearing over allegations of fanning factionalism and dividing the party.

“I know that I was suspended and will be appearing before a disciplinary committee. As for the details and the charges, please talk to the provincial council. I will follow party processes and will submit myself to that authority,” Gwalazimba said.

Sources said Ndlovu abstained from voting for Ticharunga accusing her of having crossed the floor to join the then MDC Renewal, led by Tendai Biti, before bouncing back.

The counter allegations then forced the MDC-T to suspend all the six councillors from party activities pending investigations.

The councillors, however, continue to attend to their council duties as the party has not yet moved to pull them out.

MDC-T Midlands North secretary Felix Zifunzi confirmed the suspensions, saying it was a matter of procedure as investigations into the vote were underway.

“They are still going about their council business and as a matter of procedure while investigations are going on they will be suspended,” he said.

In 2013, two MDC-T councillors voted for Zanu PF’s Matenda Madzoke for the post of mayor leaving the party with egg on its face.

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  1. stupid councilors,whos ticket brought you in council busness? everybody else is drawing back from zanu and you are rushing there? shame on you,,,kwadzino rohwa matumbu,,,,,,,,,,,

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