Knives out for Dokora

PRIMARY and Secondary Education minister Lazarus Dokora has come under fire from teachers’ unions for reportedly “resorting to military tactics” in dealing with educators.


Primary and Secondary Education minister Lazarus Dokora
Primary and Secondary Education minister Lazarus Dokora

Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) secretary-general Raymond Majongwe said Dokora had threatened to fire school heads who were not delivering quality results.

“The idea of threats, attacks, blunders and orders is not synonymous with education. It is found in the military and Dokora wants to bring this into the education sector. We will not accept it. Teachers are working under atrocious conditions with children suffering, especially this winter and we have a minister who is preoccupied with sabre-rattling,” Majongwe told NewsDay.

“Dokora and [permanent secretary Sylvia] Utete-Masango’s combination is worse than the one the minister had with Constance Chigwamba [now with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission]. Education is a technical field and it’s dangerous to dump every civil servant they think has nowhere else to fit. We do not know where Utete-Masango is coming from and her specialty.”

Recently, Dokora issued a stark warning to non-performers and teachers with little appreciation of the new curriculum.

“We cannot move on like this. There are going to be a lot of casualties. Now do you want us to review the retirement age of teaching downwards because we can lobby government for that?” he reportedly said.

Majongwe’s sentiments were echoed by Zimbabwe Teachers’ Union spokesperson Tapson Nganunu-Sibanda, who urged a sober approach to issues affecting education.

“As much as we cannot encourage laziness, we believe that there are a lot of factors that affect the pass rate beyond the incompetence of teachers and school-heads. The new curriculum in particular has its own shortcomings that we should all sit down and find solutions to.

“These threats are not necessary. We need a sober approach to our problems rather than rushing to shift blame and cutting our noses to spite our faces,” Nganunu-Sibanda said.

Zimbabwe Rural Teachers’ Union leader Obert Masaraure was more scathing in his response to Dokora.

“Rule by force is the preserve of the inept who have no skills to motivate their subordinates boldly towards goal attainment. Dokora has monumentally failed and is tragically transforming our education system into a circus,” Masaraure said. “The only person who should be fired for incompetence is Dokora because the same teachers he is accusing of failing performed well under successive ministers before him.”

He said Dokora’s “fascist” approach to issues had demoralised teachers and learners alike.

Dokora and his ministry’s spokesperson Patrick Zumbo were not available for comment yesterday.


  1. vake vana nevazukuru havadzidzi muno. anobikireiko sadza rausingadyi.

  2. Masaraure has spoken well. This Dofora is killing our education system! nxaa

  3. Is it not possible for teachers to be given an opportunity to make a vote of Confidence or no confidence in the Minister?

  4. Dokora is a failure from the onset. how can you introduce a curriculum without proper ground work and expect teachers to deliver. This man is a failure.

  5. Hats off to Masaraure, he doesn’t mince his words, Dokora a total failure, he came to twist our educational systems, if his so called new curriculum is anything to trust, teachers and headmasters were supposed to be supporting it from the onset. He is an example of the ministers that must not come back next term.

  6. Zimbabweans!!! Do not be afraid of change. The same report has been used in other regional countries and hence their education is moving with the times. I urge all of us not to be emotional and see the good of what Dokora is trying to do. At the same time, he should not threaten teachers and heads of schools – that not the way to go but engagement solves a lot of problems. Before i forget, to everyoneone else heaping loads of trash on Dokora and Utete-Masango, this is not their thing alone- mfor the whole Cabinet is involved. Do you in your right senses think for one second that the minister and perm sec would bring all these changes on thier own? If you want to be fair to them, then blame the President and Cabinet. Besides, there are a lot of new sills which the new curriculum will bring which previously were not in the old one.

  7. My wife who is a teacher is always complaining of how Dokora is causing untold low moral to the profession, This guy is a bully. I must tell him that his actions are causing unquantifiable psychological consequences to our bedrooms.

  8. No the guy(Dokora) is right , let our kidz lern to play pada,nhodo,tsoro and many other games

    they are no-longer playing . I think it is good for them(kidz) . kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk hayas

  9. His children is not learning in our poor country but is forcing us to dance according to his tune which is a discord.

  10. DOKORA MUST FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I normally don’t support Dokora, but in this case allow me to. Dokora is referring to those non performing lazy teachers. Its so painful that we have lazy masters on the excuse of poor working conditions

  12. Dokora must follow president mugabe becoz takuwara ne matask amana we are know focusing on tasks and leaving out our books

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