Donated ambulance finally delivered to Binga Hospital

BINGA District Hospital has finally taken delivery of its donated vehicle a year later after it was detained at Mhlahlandlela Government Complex in Bulawayo last year, following an ownership wrangle between the local authority and Health and Child Care ministry.


Matabeleland North provincial medical director Nyasha Masuka confirmed the development last week, saying the ambulance had been registered under Binga Rural District Council, but would be stationed at the hospital.

“It has since been collected. It is now at Binga Hospital, although we received a report that it needs some service attention as some of its components are not functioning,” Masuka said.

“They assessed it and have recommended it for service to the RDC. All the papers are now in order. It will be stationed at the hospital, although it’s registered in the council’s name. We agreed that it should be stationed at the hospital due to its status, which needs properly serviced terrain.”

The ambulance was part of the three donated by Christian Youth Volunteers Association Trust to benefit Binga Hospital, St Luke’s Hospital in Lupane (Matabeleland North) and Maphisa Hospital in Matabeleland South province.

The other two health institutions got their ambulances in August last year, but Binga had to wait a little longer, as the local authority and the Health and Child Care ministry fought over its control.

Binga Rural District Council chief executive officer Joshua Muzamba was in January accused of confiscating the vehicle’s documents, claiming it was donated to the local authority.

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  1. Prince of lions

    How many people have died in this last year who could’ve been helped by this vehicle you retarded idiots. How can you stop public service for personal agendas. That’s the problem with the current system in Zimbabwe. We have selfish idiots in charge. You couldn’t even work together

  2. Surely heads must roll for this bungling…Parirenyatwa achiri pabasa here? A whole year an ambulance rotting in Byo just because some individual thinks it belongs to his or her department…shame on you.

  3. Taylor Nyanhete

    In-effiency rares its ugly head

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