Chinx’s family demands national hero’s status

THE family of the late liberation war musician, Dick Chingaira, popularly known as Cde Chinx, reportedly spurned the liberation war hero status bestowed on him by President Robert Mugabe on Tuesday, demanding national hero status.


The late Cde Chinx Chingaira
The late Cde Chinx Chingaira

Zanu PF national director of administration, Dickson Dzora, confirmed the development yesterday, saying the Chingaira family had since appealed to the Zanu PF politburo to review its decision.

“It is true that the family has rejected the provincial hero status. They have appealed to the politburo and the matter is now going to be discussed in today’s (yesterday’s) meeting,” he said.

NewsDay understands that Dzora, War Veterans minister Tshinga Dube and permanent secretary Walter Tapfumaneyi left the Chingaira family home in Sentosa with egg on their faces on Tuesday evening after the family refused to accept the letter conferring the singer the provincial hero status.

“They (Dzora’s team) brought the letter and the family refused to accept the honour awarded to Cde Chinx,” a source who preferred anonymity told the NewsDay.

“They (family members) wanted him declared a national hero. They demanded that the three get into the house and read the contents of the letter, but they did not do that after sensing the tension.”

According to the source, efforts were made that night to call Zanu PF secretary for administration, Ignatius Chombo, to apprise him on the situation, but there was no immediate solution.

Cde Chinx died last Friday at a private hospital and his burial has been delayed by Zanu PF taking time to decide on his status.

Yesterday, war veteran and Buhera South legislator, Joseph Chinotimba (Zanu PF), spent the better part of the day camped at the Zanu PF headquarters demanding audience with Mugabe and First Lady Grace Mugabe to influence the politburo to upgrade Cde Chinx’s hero status.

“I came here. I wanted to see the First Lady, they denied me access, I wanted to see the President, and they also denied me access,” he said.

“Now, I am going to call the politburo members one by one and influence them to demand that the politburo meeting will only go ahead after Cde Chinx has been accorded national hero status.”

Sources said Chinotimba initially confronted Chombo and quizzed him on why Cde Chinx had been given a lower status when other Zanu PF officials like the late national commissar, Elliot Manyika, were declared national heroes when they were not involved in the liberation struggle.

NewsDay saw Chinotimba storming out of the boardroom adjacent to the politburo meeting room with fellow Zanu PF members in hot pursuit, trying to cool him down.

Last month, Chinotimba donated several items including sofas to Cde Chinx.

Meanwhile, war veterans’ secretary-general, Victor Matemadanda, urged the Chingaira family to bury the late musician at his rural home in Rusape if Zanu PF refuses to review his status.

“It is very disheartening and discouraging. If you want to think of Chinx, his contribution to the liberation war, his songs recruited a lot of people and boosted morale,” he said.

“If he fails to go to the National Heroes Acre, then what merit are they using?

“As war veterans, we are seeing that the Heroes Acre has nothing to do with our contributions during the liberation war.

“The idea coming out from war veterans is that let’s mobilise resources and buy an area where we will bury true heroes, who are being sidelined.”

War veterans’ spokesperson, Douglas Mahiya, weighed in, calling for a national debate on the awarding of the hero status.

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  1. you really wonder what a hero is

  2. He is a national hero.

  3. Samanyanga veHurungwe

    He is a national hero remember Lookout Masuku is resting in a Bulawayo cemetery so taking him to rest in Rusape is still fine. The place is now called National Thieve’s Acre. Just compare Chidyausiku, Gezi Manyika what have they done so special thank Chinx. Do you have to kill people to be accorded hero status. Ndanyetera kwazo

  4. ngavanoviga munhu, ndabaningi sithole justice mutambanengwe james chikerema vakanyimwa wani

    1. Nhai nhai, they should get a life. Chinx died a pauper, so why should he be interned at the heroes acre. Nxaa. Rather they should bury him in Rusape, pachuru chaipo!!!


  5. I am really surprised as to how certain people are accorded the national hero status. Cde Chinx played a very important role through nziyo dzechimurenga during the liberation struggle. A lot of our cdes who left to join the war did so as a result of inspiration from the songs by cdes such as Chinx. If this is not a national contribution then I wonder what othgers did to deserve such a status.

  6. I personally feel that Chinx must be accorded national hero status

  7. Chinx was indeed a hero to me, to everyone. If they fail to give him the national hero status then Zanu Pf yu are failing to define the meaning of a Hero. Kusi kuvigwa ndekupi enda hako kwaRusape unowigwa i can tell yu Chinx funeral will be an event to remeber in Rusape


  9. Varikupedza nguva vanhu vemhuri yekwaChingaira Makoni. Endayi kumusha munoviga hama yenyu. Trying to persuade the so called presidium is just a futile attempt.

  10. i think zanu got it all wrong here. one is accorded provincial heroes status if they constributed immensly at their provincial levels, this one worked as national influence

    1. yes you are right very correct havazive zvavanoita

  11. Nyaya ye status does not matter mhani.Chengetedzai mutumbi wehama yedu uzorore.He suffered a lot this guerilla

  12. @Nesongano, I second your post.

  13. One of these days we shall witness a heart-broken & short changed family wearing bullet proof vests & proceeding to drive through those heroes acre gates by force to bury their ‘own hero’ there without official status

  14. The decision of the politiburo is final. Unfortunately Chinx was not a thief or a murderer thats why he wont be interred at Heroes acre. The best for the family, is to bury him in his rural area otherwise his soul wont rest in peace.
    Its lesson to all musicians not to be used by politicians. In politics you are chewed like a chewing gum and once the sweetness is gone you are thrown away.

  15. Sabina Mugabe, Leo Mugabe and Patrick Zhuwawo would be at heroes acre at the expense of the deserving cadres watch this this space.

  16. Chinx contributed immensily during and after the liberation struggle. The leadership does not listen what the people say and expect from them. They think of themselves and their families only not of majority who elected them into power.

  17. Elliot Manyika, Border Gezi, Solo Maimbodei and Duri wer all granted the national Hero Status becoz MugabeKilled them and as such he was just trying to conceal the fact andto calm down their families!#Mugabe imbwa yemunhu

  18. preston makombepr

    Chinx is not a natoonal hero but just a hero.zanu pf is right .there is nothing special that he did.anyone can sing just like tambaoga so does that me tambaoga,Joshua sako and other overzealous youth masqueradinh as comrades should be accorded national heroes status?the chingaira family must not be used by power hungry, sycophants and factional fights in Zanu to further their agenda.jus bury that cde and forget about everything.


  19. cde chinx..a true hero.. may his family find comfort in that the majority of zimbabweans appreciate what he did to unite us as a people.

  20. The problem is there is no laid out criteria as to who is a hero or not. On what basis is somebody adjudged to be a local, prov or national hero? Because of questionable decisions in the past almost anyone who participated in the war can be a hero now.In other words the whole thing is now valueless apart from the estate duty exemptions.

  21. Cde Chinx is our hero no matter what zanu pf did and didnt do we will always love you

  22. Muchaona Mapera

    Vakutya kuti nzvimbo inopera, vakuzvisiira avo makuva, real heroes will have to find their own places of final rest

  23. with this kind of decision even those who thing are qualified will not be buried there, it will not be surprising that those who decided that he is not a national hero when they die they will be given lower level as well as the dead person will have no influence over the decision. kana zvaramba i am sure the chingaira family must just go bury havo kumusha kwavo. in our hearts Cde chinx is a National Hero.

  24. Better kuendesa Cde Chinx kwaRusape kana varamba national hero status.vanorwadzisirei ruzhinji rwevanhu apa varikuda mavotes edu futi next year.itai zvido zveruzhinji honai takatarisana nemaelections!!!!

  25. Nzvimbo yake ichatorwa naGrace so chillerai zvenyu. Nzvimbo yake hakuna.

  26. Without holding anything against Cde Chinx or his family, I think the Politburo’s decision is very fare in this case.Surely you can’t compare Chinx’s contribution to the likes of Tongogara, Takawira, Chitepo, Joshua Nkomo etc. These guys were at the forefront during the war whilst Chinx was just a well known music Entertainer at the background of course encouraging people to go to war.His effort can be equated to what the Chimbwidos and Mujibas were doing during the war .Some were even nurses and doctors who were attending to injured comrades during the war.The only difference is that he was well known at national level.

    1. You have just described a hero. Hondo haina kurwiwa nemunhu one. Songs are some of the things that kept the cmrds going those days. Chinx is a hero. He mobilized people to go a fight through song. He kept morale high. Even after the war, he was a consistent. So, if you say he is not, then who is a hero? Remember this guy had been offered a scholarship to study medicine and he chose to fight

    2. @mimi, you pose a fairly good argument. Compared to the likes of Tongo, Chitepo and Nkomo Cde Chinx is not a national here. However, you should not stop there. Compared to the likes of Manyika, Hunzvi, Gezi, Sabina Mugabe, Cde Chinx is well above these four plus a few others of questionable contribution. The problem is the whole criteria has been jumbled up to the point that Grace could be declared a national hero and even Zhuwao. So it is on that comparison that Cde Chinx can be declared a national hero otherwise him, Manyika, Gezi, Hunzvi, Sabina would also not be heroes.

    3. What about the other guys whom you dont even know that they existed wwho were buried at National heroes Acre.
      Hapana apa.They are cowards chete.


    5. And what,was Boder Hesi and manyika doing at the same time

  27. Mimi,you have said it all. But the real problem is that he is being compared with some who were accorded national hero satus when they they contributed virtually nothing. the likes of Border Gezi, Elliot Manyika etc. Surely Chinx did more than these two. The tactic of ZANU PF is that when they kill someone, they quickly accord national hero status to appease the family, exactly what they did with Gezi , Manyika and Gunda.
    I have this one question. What is the guerilla name of our president kana akarwa hond that ids?

  28. Islamic State of Zim

    Thats zanu for you,they use you and then dump you,hope Chinx will learn this while in hell.

  29. A white man Guy Clutton-Brock is interred at the so-called Heroes’ Acre, a recognition which ZanuPF denies one of their own. I real sympathize with Chinx’s family but the only noble thing to do is bury him at his rural home. Ndiwo maitiro eZanuPF.

  30. If ZANU PF kills you for certain reasons, you will be awarded national hero status. Look at Armstrong Gunda, Eliot Manyika, Border Gezi, etc. If you kill for ZANU PF, you will again be awarded National hero status eg, Kanengoni, Manyika, Hunzvi, etc. If you loot & donate part of the loot to the leaders, you are a hero again. Chinx wasn’t a thief, he wasn’t a murderer. Again he died on his own. That’s why he is not a national hero.

  31. Haa. Kana iwe Chonoz unotadza kuitwawo National Hero because unenge uri kuona stereki. Good lesson for you Chinoz and follow the true war vets vakadzingwa avo

  32. Wezhira wezhara

    We all respect Chinx and the family should head to Rusape for burial tomorrow or Sunday. Vana Grace ndivo maHero eZanu Mugabe( aka G40). Siyanai nenzvimbo yakan’ora iyo mhani

  33. Danai Pazvagozha

    Imagine Sabina, Border Gezi, Chambati, and someothers never did anything bin war. But they were given hero status. ZANU is just very idiotic. Chinx did a lot. His songs include ‘Takura Shoko undopa Mambokadzi (Prince Charles), Ruzhinji heyino Mibvunzo yeedu mukuzvitonga, Vanhu vese veMuAfrica in chior (not guitars)

  34. ones hero status will be decided in heaven, not here on earth.

  35. The problem is, some people dont learn. They bootlick and allow to be used by the politicians. They go to each and every Gala and the only rewards they get are T-shirts. They sing, praise as well as bootlick the antiquated leader. NOW LOOK THEY CRY FOUL. WHO TO BLAME? THE BOOTLICKER OR THE BOOTLICKED?

  36. mwana wemu ol vet

    real and tru nationa heroes sanababa nanamai vedu r bng denied their ryt kuenda panational shrine ts ol because of th opportunists who have hijacked the process. over zealous and over ambitious misguided sellouts, zvikara nemaboorangoma. taking cde chinx kunovaviga kumusha kwachingaira uko will give our beloved national hero peace because some political vultures wants to cash in on heroes status yakomredhi. vari ktoda political milage nerufu rwakomredhi. saka veduwee ngatisiyei komredhi vazorore havo murugare. chivanhu chedu tinoremekedza vafi nevashakabvu,saka ngatisatambudzei mweya wegamba rehondo. zororai murugare komredhi.rrrrrrrrrrroja……over over over stand by….

  37. Cde CHINX deserves National Hero status. Asi pamwe varikuda kunyima family ma benefits anopiwawo ma National Heroes. Veduwe musadaro.

    1. NDOCHOKWADI VAKUDA KUNYIMA FAMILY YAKE BENEFITS.all this caused by Grace kufurira sekuru President zvemadhokororo.Vharazi yemba vaiziva vanhu vaizotaura manje takamirira tione hondo toitidibura majaira kufunga zvemazuvaese takapusa

  38. Comrade Chinx is a national hero. No one can take away that from him. He was loved by almost every one. Kana zvaramba ngavaende naye kumusha kwaMakoni. Tinomurangarira saizvozvo. He is our hero.

  39. Nyatsimba Mutota

    ndooo panotiiiii zanu pf ipapo, hudzvinyiriri hwoga.

  40. If Chopper was a provisional hero because he returned home way before independence, why Chinx not being a National because he brought the independence with him.

  41. If Chopper was a provisional hero because he returned home way before independence, why Chinx not being a National?. He brought the independence with him Politiburo please chanjai fungwa.

  42. Very very backward people. Instead of concentrating on important issues they quibble about heroes nonsense. Hero for doing what? Maybe he was a good singer so what?
    The country has no cash yet idiots are falling over each other to fawn over this musician.
    The so-called liberation war was silly – black people were better off under white rule, what use was the so-called liberation? The funny part is that Mugabe’s education was funded by white colonialists. So was Chitepo, Ndabaningi Sithole, Joshua Nkomo, Simpson Mtambanengwe, et al.

  43. dust to dust wherever u rested

  44. NDOCHOKWADI VAKUDA KUNYIMA FAMILY YAKE BENEFITS.all this caused by Grace kufurira sekuru President zvemadhokororo.Vharazi yemba vaiziva vanhu vaizotaura manje takamirira tione hondo toitidibura majaira kufunga zvemazuvaese takapusa

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  45. Cde Rusununguko Kwaedza

    “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears! I have come to bury Caesar and not to praise him! The evil that men do often lives after them but the good is always interred within their bones!” What a traverse of justice to deny Cde Chinx National Hero Status!

  46. Rest in peace Comrade. Your deeds are written in our freedom and liberty.

  47. lets not fight over petty issues,let the dead be buried kumusha kwake for his grandson and grand daughters to easily see his grave and remember him daily. The Chingaira family must take their relative”s status home kwaRusape and bury him peacefully there and stop all this nonsense otherwise they are wasting their time for nothing. Uyo atofa zvake zvatoita ngaavigwe. The nation will still remember him there and his family will always visit and clear the grave as and whenever they need.

  48. RIP cde chinx

  49. Gedye yaramba

  50. The fact is that hero status in Zimbabwe is decided by Bob and surprisingly according to how you fought to make him rule forever. heroism should be based on contributions made to the country. even sportmen like black brothers, Coventry, peter ndhlovu; musicians like Thomas mapfumo, chinx; academics like Charles mungoshi all deserve to be heroes.

  51. Cde Chinx you are not a Zanu PF hero but a National Hero RIP

  52. Chiremba Honestly

    I salute comrade Chinos for the good work you are doing.chin is a true like it or not

  53. Kudya paHeroes Acre panozara kupfuura zvapanosiita. Chinx would draw most musicians, music lovers, sympathisers and politicians. He was one consistent person, not greedy or selfish. More about UNITY

  54. War vets should have done zvavakaita kwa Hebert Malaba instead of leaving Cde Chinx to fight a lone battle.

  55. May his soul rest in eternal peace Mwana wevhu

  56. Sorry meant to say Cde Chinos not Chinx

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