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600 UZ medical students booted out over fees protest


AT least 600 medical students at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) were yesterday booted out of their halls of residence and barred from entering the campus after they protested over a recent 100% fee hike from $450 to $900 per semester.


UZ medical school registrar Sergeant Chevo confirmed the development.

“The Vice-Chancellor met the student executive council on 15 June, 2017 and discussed among other things, the issue of academic fees for medical students. It was clearly pointed out that medical students pay $450 per semester of 15 weeks. In this regard, for 3rd year medical students’ 30-week semester, they should pay $900. The Vice-Chancellor agreed that the medical students could apply for a payment plan and pay the fees while they attend lessons,” he said.

Chevo added that the institution then ordered the students to vacate the campus after they demonstrated at Vice-Chancellor Levy Nyagura’s office.

“The University has now made a decision that all medical students should move out of the halls of residence on campus and off campus with immediate effect.

“All medical students, therefore, are directed to vacate the halls of residence with immediate effect and by no later than 13:15 hours today, June 26, 2017.”

Students’ union secretary-general Ignatius Mukwichi accused Nyangura of being heartless and vowed to continue fighting until the fee hike was reversed.

“We have been peaceful, but they have resorted to intimidation and arresting our colleagues. We will not tolerate this nonsense. We will fight until the fees fall,” Mukwichi said.

“We are not going anywhere. The VC must listen to us and attend to our issues. He is behaving as if he does not live in Zimbabwe.”

This is not the first time that students from the medical school have protested against fee increases by authorities as in January, they did the same after a 35% tuition fee hike across departments.

The increase would have seen students paying as much as $1 000 per semester at a time when they were reports of massive dropouts in higher and tertiary education institutions.

Meanwhile, #ThisFlag movement leader, Evan Mawarire was arrested yesterday after joined the protesting students.

In a video sent from Avondale Police Station where he was still detained last night, Mawarire said he was arrested while praying with the students.

The cleric said a recent hike in fees by 100% was unjustified.

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  1. I Love this !! The youth can see what the problem is and they are now learning how to stand together and overcome. The youth of today will not be disillusioned and tricked into submission. The days of selling our soul for 5kg Roller meal is now over…Our time is near !!!

  2. You leave with the consequences of your decisions. You voted Zanu PF people into the SEC now they are in bed with Nyagura at your expense. How can you sell your votes for a plate of sadza? Dzingwai!!

  3. There might be question around whether the increase could have been implemented differently, however, we are not close enough to understand the constraints the administration is faced with. What is striking though is that at $900 per semester for a medical degree that allows you to, amongst other things, to practice in the state of California without having to write conversions as is required for most other countries, this program is still a dead giveaway. Just to complete the argument the average salary for a generalist in California is $200,000 per annum. These students should alternatively be motivating for loans to allow them to fund the odd $10,000 to 15,000 they will require to complete the 5 year program. Further noting that $15,000 is lower that the fees paid per semester at the cheapest medical school in California. It boggles the mind that the UZ can produce top flight medical practitioners at just $450 and soon to be $900 per semester given the above.

    • luminary, with all due respect, don’t be disillusioned in your insinuations. California is nothing to be compared with Zimbabwe. The system and the economy totally different. most of those students have parents who are civil servants, even after capping their renumeration under government is nothing to write home about.

  4. People you’re missing the point. A 15 week semester is $450 – the UZ wants to charge $900 for a 30 week semester.

    The students have complained over the fee hike! These students were evicted because the VC realised they were pretty stupid and it’s better to start over with a new batch.

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