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‘ZITF Company is not about ZITF only’


THE Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) Company wants to rebrand and reposition consumers to view it as the Zimbabwe International Exhibition Centre as opposed to ZITF, an April event.


ZITF Company board chairperson Ruth Ncube
ZITF Company board chairperson Ruth Ncube

In an interview with NewsDay, ZITF Company board chairperson, Ruth Ncube said people had been made to believe that the company only manages the ZITF event, yet they offer space throughout the year.

“So when we rebrand, we want to emphasise that ZITF Company is not about ZITF. Our business is that of selling space. We sell meeting space, we sell exhibition space, we sell office space and we also sell meetings,” she said.

“So we want to rebrand to reposition the mind of the consumer that our business is that of selling space. These things like ZITF and so on, must really be under the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries, the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce and so on and other trade businesses and then we provide the space.

“That is our core business, but because we then said as ZITF Company, let’s arrange, let’s organise, let’s put this meeting (ZITF) together, we have been known to be people who manage an April event. So the rebranding is really into the consumer’s mind. We are repositioning the consumer to think of the Zimbabwe International Exhibition Centre.”

Ncube said they have space that could sit 8 000 people and best facilities in the country in terms of indoor conferencing.

“But because you only know it when it has been demarcated and you have no idea how much we are sitting on in terms of the capacity and potential. So that is the rebranding calling. We are working on it; planning is on. Rebranding is just a process. We will do the launch function on the rebranding,” she said.

Apart from the flagship trade fair held annually in April/May, the ZITF also runs at least two other major exhibitions – MineEntra for the mining, engineering and transport industry and Water, Sanitation and Energy Expo.

During ZITF, the company runs educational expo Scholastica; PrintPak for the printing and packaging sector and Ultim8 Home for homebuilders.

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