Zim should change direction: Pastor Chris

RENOWNED Nigerian tele-evangelist, Chris Oyakhilome, popularly known as Pastor Chris, yesterday urged local leaders to always listen to their people and assured the politically and economically-troubled Zimbabweans that their patience would soon be rewarded.


Pastor Chris of Christ Embassy at the National Sports Stadium yesterday
Pastor Chris of Christ Embassy at the National Sports Stadium yesterday

Addressing thousands of his Christ Embassy followers on his maiden trip to Harare, Pastor Chris said Zimbabwe’s young democracy should mature.

“Your patience will be remembered,” he said.

“The quality of a nation is in its people. This country is a young democracy and it is time it matured,” he said as he addressed his followers during a Worship and Communion Miracle Service.

Zimbabwe has, for the past three decades, gone through tough economic and political challenges characterised by violence and economic decay, but Pastor Chris urged the populace and its leadership to strive to resolve their differences amicably.

“As an educated country, you must deal with your differences in a highly cultivated manner, as you have always done so far,” the popular preacher stated.

To leaders, he said: “Don’t always insist that your way is the only way.”

He said Zimbabwe needs to change its direction and strategy in order to overcome the current challenges it is going through.

“Change direction, change strategy. You are going somewhere, you are making progress, you will overcome the difficult times,” Pastor Chris said.

The service was attended by people from all walks of life and different classes, who were treated to entertaining music by both local and foreign singers.

Among the top performers, who kept the crowd entertained, were the global church Believers Loveworld, popularly known as Christ Embassy — headed by Evangelist Kathy Woghiren from Nigeria.

There were also other Nigerian singers, Eben, Jahdel, Chris Shalom, Ada, Israel Strong and Buchi, among others.

The local contingent had 2012 ZBC Video of the Year winner, Blessing Manyangadze, popularly known in music circles as Flem B, as its drawcard.

Pastor Chris said God had been favouring Zimbabwe for many years and this was evidenced by the number of church ministers emerging from this country. “One of the things I thank God for is that this country has released so many ministers of God. It is a good sign,” he told the overjoyed crowd and promised to come back and spend time with his followers.

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  1. wow, that was a great moment to remember….

  2. Rubbish, these criminals who masquarade as Man of God should just take their loot and go silently other than to tell us that God has been favouring Zimbabwe. This Pastor Chris is simply a divorcee who was left by Anita coz of infidelity and abuse and you hear some stupid people calling him a Man of God.
    Problem is Zimbos are too naive they believe too much into the unknown thts why the Magayas and Makandiwas are now millionaire by reaping where they dd not sow.

    1. God bless you Sam

      1. ndiwe zombie chairo

    2. Samuel inga une zita rakanaka wani, wadii kusiyana nekutuka vanhu vaMwari. Ndosaka zvinhu zvako zvisiri kufamba.

    3. Relax bruv, add ‘Judge’ to the front of your name so we know who you really are. Dude, if you listen to Sinach, Eben, Frank Edward, and many of the Gospel ministers in the world today, you’re still listening to Pastor Chris.

      You can run, but you can’t hide. Pastor Chris’ message will find you. I just hope your annoyance wouldn’t give you heart attack, and you’d finally learn God is with him when you are on the healing line in Healing School Autumn Session in South Africa.

      If you like, agree with me or not, I’m in my house, come and beat me.

      1. You are right bro. I live In Cameroon. Pastor Chris is a true man of God. Don’t mind if some people don’t like him. One day like that man who confessed to him yesterday he used to criticized him, they will acknowledge he is a true man of God. yesterday service was glorious. Zim is a blessed nation. I love your country. your generation will bring development in yr nation. Just be patient. Just give time to God to change the curses of the past and turn yr nation into developed one.

      2. Hahaha, dont mind the fool.

      3. Great thought. God bless you

    4. Consider your name's sake Samuel the Prophet

      just admit that they have something you don’t have but which you want. People who talk like you are small. Great people recognise other great men.

  3. You shall live to testify one day!

  4. SecularSkeptic

    Well said Samuel Zimbabwe , notwithstanding its so called high literacy rate in Africa also holds the dubious honour of having the highest per capita number of adults who believe that angels are real

    1. And you think being educated means being spiritually bankrupt?

    2. Spiritual Demagogue

      Have you become so intelligent to not consider the one who gave you the mind in the first instance?

  5. Jesus is alive

    Samuel, or whatever u call yourself, u are one BIG agent of the devil, what’s important to the people is the word of God the Man preaches, and whether u and your devil masters like it or not, Pastor Chris will always have a huge following, leave the local prophets alone as well and find Jesus while there is time.
    The kingdom of darkness is upon u heavily and ì pray God will have mercy on u, the bible says touch not my annointed.. for your own information Pastor is coming back again soon, c u @ the healing school

  6. Tatenda Mugodhi

    We have got our own Makandiwa. So why Chris of Nigeria?

    1. Haha, your useless pride will not let you see that one is senior to the other.

      1. Who told you he is senior? Its pride as well to try and clarify issues of seniority, its God who knows who is senior among his servants. Advanced age and years is no measure of seniority.

    2. if you have your Dembare, don’t you watch ManU, Barcelona, Bayern?

    3. We have him so what. Is there anything wrong inviting other man of God from other nations.

  7. thank God for the coming of Pastor Chris in this great nation called Zimbabwe

  8. I love that Pastor Chris mentioned how the government and the people should re-unite, I mean how does a government operate outside of the people when the people make the government. My opinion is people have lost trust in the government and the government knows not what people are thinking anymore, that detachment between the leadership and the people is unhealthy and as pastor Chris urges,it is important that the government and people re-kindle their relationship so that we work in the same direction for the continued advancement of Zimbabwe.

  9. No matter how you hate Ministers of the word of God it does not change your situation. The Bible clearly warned of false prophets long before you, Samuel and many others of the same attitude, were born. What you lack is knowledge and understanding of the word such that you cannot differential a false man of God and a true man of God. It is better that you do not comment on things you lack knowledge about, for if I were to ask you how much of the loot you are talking about as a percentage you contributed so that he should take and go or how much time and resources you factored in such that you complain about something that you did not even attend. How many false n’angas have you scolded including the tsikamutandas prejudicing people of their wealth through manipulation. Samuel and your supporters if you don’t believe in Jesus as LORD and personal Saviour just cool down, mind your own business for we did not hear of people being forced to contribute or attend the meetings. All who were there went there because they wanted to be there. The problem with us Zimbabweans is we want a super hero who will sort our problems while we enjoy ourselves in night clubs, having parties with our friends, which is impossible with man, but with God all things are possible Mark 10 v 27. It is far much better having people who uphold the word of God which brings faith, than people who promise you miracles without the word of God preached. Thank you Pastor Chris for speaking over Zimbabwe.

  10. Magaya is number 1

  11. Pastor Chris, Zim is a cursed country and no prayers can remove the curse in Zim. Even you Pastor Chris, your prayers can easily be neutralised by the Zim curse.
    We are sick and tired, Pastor Chris, of hearing this Cliché.
    Zim’s curses wont vanish until donkeys grow horns.

  12. am sory you feel dat way.but I wonder what you want a pastor who meets your. starndard to be like and what words he should say about you and your nation.

  13. Pastor Chris, we Zimbos are tired of the cliché you uttered. There is a curse in Zim and all our prayers have failed to remove that curse. Not your prayers could remove the curse in Zim. It will never move an inch. The curse will remain in Zim until donkeys grow horns.
    The curse caused thousands of Zimbos to leave their country. The curse caused and is still causing many companies to close down. The curse is causing many pple in top positions to loot becoz they are uncertain of the future. The curse is compelling us to use other countries currency.

    1. Word in flesh

      That you can say your prayers have failed is testimony that you have not known the word and how faith works. You have no understanding of what faith is. God changes anything by his word and whether you know it or not the word has been working. Dear, things could have been worse had it not been for God, far worse so learn about Faith and I pray that your eyes be opened in Jesus’ name to see what God is doing because God is a spirit and to know Himis by the Spirit and By Truth (the Word). God bless you and someone close to you who was having nightmares has been healed. jesus loves you and receive him today as your lord and Saviour.

  14. Mutendereki, Pastor

    The only true church in the world is Family Of God (FOG). All other prophets are fake and lead to hell. Don’t be misled.

    1. judge not and you will not be judged, says the Bible

    2. oooh Family of God the church where your so called Prophet anohura na Makhao akasiya mukadzi zvonzi its the only church, others will lead you to hell ita mushe Mutendereki zvakanyorwa in which verse of the bible that FOG is the only true church of God, don’t be delusional and hero worshiping. Stop it….. God is also found in many churches around the world. One must just have Spirit of Discernment to differentiate fake and real. i doubt if you are a Pastor for real because your comment is pathetic

    3. Spiritual Demagogue

      FOG yakabvepi gara zviya?

    4. Word in flesh

      A person who criticises Shakespeare books without reading them is a fool. For you to say this is a fake US Dollar you need the equipment or expertise to do so. It takes a spiritualy educated person to discern and that comes from the word of God. Have you ever listened to messages by Pastor Chris. If you read in Acts 14, Paul commended the christians of Barya for checking all that he preached. Check and verify what Pastor Chris has taught on any matters with the word of God because God and His Word are one (John 1 vs 1). Do that for every minister and you will then appreciate the gift that is Pastor Chris. He has held the three largest crusades ever held by a single ministry (3.6 million, 2.5 million and 1.6 million), the Rhapsody is the most read book in the world after the bible plus many more records. Dont just criticise because remember the jews criticised Jesus many times. Dont also just praise because Jesus said they praised false prophets. So get to the word. Remember you can be used by the devil to comment without knowing. If Jesus had not said to Peter get behind thee Satan he would not have known that he was speaking something that came from the devil. So be careful. Finally thank you Lord for sending the greatest teacher of the word today to Zimbabwe. I salute you Pastor Chris

  15. If a pastor is the man to preach the word of God,for those who repent wll hv an everlasting lyf so how this Chris tells us abt politics Tell him to stop talking abt zim its better for him to tell us abt ten commandment , dont kill adulterous not honor ur parents lv one another are they zim in these 10 commandment , beware of false prophets Samuel ur right another Nigerian pastor was arrested 4 days ago in south Africa for girls trafficking but ur still saying the man of God nonsense , no man of God preaching politics

    1. Word in flesh

      I fear for you. First learn from the word of God that the ten commandments have been abolished (Ephesians 2 vs 15). We are in the New Testament study the word of God especially Hebrews 6 and 7, Colossians 2 vs 16. When Moses was talking to Pharoah a politcal leader and saying let my people go, was he not talking politics. when Nathan talked to David, Jesus talked about Caesar went those political offices. Paul talking to Agrippa was he not talking to political office. A man of God is sent to a nation. Listen to the messages by the man. Yes a Nigerian Pastor was arrested (that doesnt change that he might be a man of God because David once committed murder and adultery but still he is a prophet), but shall you say Peter is fake simply because there was Judas. Come on learn the word and you shall be wise.

  16. God has visited our nation to break curses.It is a new season and we rejoice that there is a God in heaven with whom nothing is impossible.He is turning the curse into blessing.Zimbabwe will never be the same again.Zimbabwe will rise again, in Jesus mighty name.We shout unto God with a shout of triumph,lifting His name high above every other name

  17. The only true Church in this world is the Church of God. Noone owns a Church but The Almighty God solely, becareful not to be mislead by eloquent speakers, pray for the gift of wisdom and holyspiri so that you wont be mislead .

    True prophet or not that is for God to judge.,

  18. Hey Guys..Have Faith in the Word of God spoken through Pastor Chris..He is only a vessel used to give the Word of hope that brings faith.So, only those who have faith will eat the good of the land.Stop criticizing what you Don’t know.God is only saying “Zimbabwe,come back to me and ile heal your wounds”Do not harden your hearts when the Word is spoken

  19. Vese vakanaka maProphets pamberi navo nekuti vanhu vanoda dzikinuro vanhu vakaremerwa




  22. dfhngkil

  23. The presence of the man of God wasnt a coincidence, for the 1st time??? Because God makes you meet the right people at the right time and at the right place. thank you so much for coming and see you when you come again next time.

  24. If we read the bible, most of the people we find there, except Jesus Christ, had their own weaknesses. The only difference is that God appointed them for a mission, then for them to succeed, He anoints them.
    Criticising a vessel, as someone referred, is unlikely to change God’s plan, Zimbabwe has has covered some ground in sharing the word of God. This is despite the fact that there are some wolves in sheep skins,this is normal and expected as The Lord said let them grow together, will see at harvest stage.

  25. well I think everyone is entitled to their opinion when it comes to these prophets because even the bible warns of false prophets and at the end of the day why take offence when someone doesn’t carry the same belief as you in your prophet how does that affect your relationship with god which is what brings question marks

    1. Spiritual Demagogue

      But where is the true prophet? I find a similar problem with those who claim accomplished Men of God are false prophet; they can’t point out the real one. For there to be an imitation there has to be an original. Show us the true prophet

    2. Word in flesh

      Is everyone entitled to judge in Zimbabe or it is only the judges and magistrates. If you wanted to represent someone today and you were not qualified as a lawyer, depsite your opinion, except you are a witness, you cannot represent the accused. What am I saying, judges and lawyers have specialised knowledge, same as doctors etc. A man of God also has specialised knowledge, and until you are privy to the specialised knowledge, the word of God you cannot accurately judge and your opinion is just that an opinion, but it takes a person who knoes God to judge based not on opinion but on the specialised knowledge (the word). Know the word and all this unfortunate vicing of ignorance (with all due respect) will go for whether a person is in Egypt, Kenya or USA, when they know the word of GOd they can identify truth for we are in this world but not of the world. Thank God Pastor Chris came. Try listening to one message and your opinion will change.

  26. because mese munovada vana pastor venyu ivavo hamumbofa makaona chokwadi pane zvataurwa na sam
    manje munofa nenhamo muchingotorerwa mari nana mbavha venyu ivavo
    ikozvino akauya akaenda vamwe venyu makaenda ikoko bt namanje muri pa sam level yamaingove
    its tym fo u to wake up n smell the coffee

    study the bible n know the truth than kupedzerwa nguva nevanhu vamunoti mapastors amwari

    shout out to u brother samuel

    1. Word in flesh

      I am very wealthy and I am not suffering at all. I live in peace and doing business internationally. Yet i know the word of God. And thats why I tell you, learn the word. Was Moses perfect – No. Abraham lied twice out of fear. David, Samson, Samuel all of them had issues. Even Peter. So come a man of God is a representative of God. Its God who chooses them in his sovereignty.

  27. everyone has been blabla about zim ,but onone has a solution chris he has given his own opinion thats all,but let us becareful by these so called prophets,dont force people to say chris is a man of god if u believe him kip it to urself samuel he has his own belief

    1. Spiritual Demagogue

      as long as he says something about Pastor Chris we also will not be silent about the truth we know concerning Pastor Dr Chris Oyakhilome Dsc Dd

  28. if I’m black and born in Zimbabwe I’m entitled to the benefit of the Land!! if I’m white and born in Zimbabwe I’m entitled to the benefit of the Land!! if I’m coloured or “mixed race”and born in Zimbabwe I’m entitled to the benefit of the Land!! if I’m Indian and born in Zimbabwe I’m entitled to the benefit of the Land!! if I’m Chinese and born in Zimbabwe I’m entitled to the benefit of the Land!! please let’s Respect all the Born Zimbabwean Nations we are all Zimbabwean Brothers & Sisters in Jesus Christ! black + white = coloured or mixed Race Black + Chinese = mixed race Black +India = mixed race can’t you see we are all people and our blood mixed still produces people! people can make baby’s with bird or donkeys! let us love one another people And build Zimbabwe let us make Zimbabwe the Bread basket of Africa!!

  29. For Mugabe to be a president today, a lot of blood was spilled by this shameless man.He was supposed not to be where he is today.Thus why Zim is a cursed country regardless of who the mindless people supporting him don’t believe this truth,but they will also be eaten too.

  30. read the book of Hebrews carefully brethren. NAMATAIMUSHE!

  31. Useless Pastors comes to steal all the way from Nigeria our few hard earned money by telling us Zimbabwe will be fine nxaaaaa. You don’t need a rocket scientist to tell you Zimbabwe is a failed nation. The reason why Magaya and the likes of Makandiwa’s are rich is because of foolish Zimbos that just believe all the Tom’s and Jerries in foolish spiritual promises. Now some where even foolishly told that all their problems were carried to Israel by Magaya in a Bag. Until now they are still languishing in extreme poverty and even a cent to buy an underwear. Seriously i will be another foolish Zimbos to believe what this crook prophet told us……Zimbabwe no longer needs all this fake prophecies from fake prophets….It now just need a change of leadership and one person is stalling the development of our country. This is what he must have said not to say leadership lesson to your people? Which leadership are you talking about nxaaaaa

  32. Of course Pastor Chris well played diplomacy there. You had a responsibility to take care of, “do not agitate my people” It’s a power game

  33. So TB Joshua has disappeared into thin air and here comes another

  34. Sam l really feel sorry for you …. you must learn to avoid putting bad comments about Pastors
    … the bible says in Psalms 105:15 ” touch not mine anointed….. ” ….. May God forgive you

  35. I love Pastor Chris. He taught me to have faith, to work and not be lazy. To improve myself so that I win the fight of faith. To those who claim he is fake….by what spirit are you saying so? By what revelation ..or is it just your opinion? Its better to keep some opinions to yourselves. Pastor Chris never begged anyone to believe in him. Yet millions in the world believe what he teaches and that he is a true man of God. They say he is a thief yet they never gave him a single cent. By the way how many are aware that Pastor Chris is an architect. He left his job for the gospel. There are doctors, lawyers etc who are pastors. These people give and dont wait to be given first. What is success without the Word of God? If Pastor Chris is fake then tell us who is real. Pastor Chris taught us that there is no successful social critic. Most of these critics are stingy coz they are so poor. Yhooo. Dont criticise. Offer a solution to what u perceive is the problem. You say people are being duped. Is it your money they are giving. WARWADZIWA NEI PAMARI ISIRI YAKO? DZIMWE SHANJE SORRY KWAZVO!!!

    1. Word in flesh

      Great and True. Will keep giving to the gospel. These people who criticise have never listened to one message by Pastor Chris or given a cent. There is nothing as painful as ignorance gone on rampage and masquarading as wisdom. Get the word into you. Just to quote Pastor Chris – All things you ever need are in the word, get to the Word, it will make you what it talks about

  36. amen jesus surely is alive

  37. Pastor Chris,Prophet Makandiwa,Prophet Angel,Prophet Bushiri,Prophet Ed,Apostle Wutabwashe,Baba Ezekiel Guti,Prophet Magaya,Bishop TD Jakes,Kenneth Copeland,Joyce Meyer,Ramson Mumba,Creflo Dollar,TB Joshua……are all servants of God muchida musingade.If you have a problem with this,go and ask God why he anointed them with different gifts to minister.

  38. John 14 v 15

  39. Peace be unto you! We thank God the Father in heaven for the gifts He has bestowed upon our generation. Thank you Jesus for affording us the opportunity to have Pastor in our country! Thank you Jesus Christ!

    May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be upon you all!

  40. I think Sam & Rico hv a point, God bless

  41. They are all criminals, so called “men of god”, business executives and politicians.


    What an awesome moment we had with our man of God Pastor Chris. Our nation will never be the same again. Eager to welcome you Pastor Chris for the second time. Thank you Jesus for giving us the shepherd of our soul.Glory to God.

  43. Behold that brother is sufering from chronic lack and want.

  44. Be very careful wen u choose for yourselves teachers,pastor,prophets etc coz now is the tym wen the devil is in the business of decieving the saints with all kinds of trickery

  45. our patience finaly Payed, THANK YOU PASTOR CHRIS

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