I won’t concede defeat: Tsvangirai

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai

OPPOSITION MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday scaled up the political stakes and declared that he would not concede defeat to President Robert Mugabe’s “fragmented” Zanu PF party in next year’s general elections.


MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai addressing the crowd during the May Day celebrations held at Dzivarasekwa Stadium in Harare yesterday
MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai addressing the crowd during the May Day celebrations held at Dzivarasekwa Stadium in Harare yesterday

In his Workers’ Day speech at the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU)-organised commemorations at Dzivarasekwa Stadium in Harare, Tsvangirai said he would not accept an election result that does not confirm him as outright winner.

“We won’t agree on an outcome that is not my victory. Like [US President Donald] Trump, if I don’t win I will not concede. How does a fragmented minority win over a united majority now that we are all wiser than in 2013 because of the grinding poverty,” he said.

In 2013, Tsvangirai lost the presidential race to Mugabe, but disputed the results saying they had been manipulated by Israeli spy firm, Nikuv.

The MDC-T leader, who is widely tipped to stand as the opposition parties’ sole presidential candidate under the proposed grand coalition deal, told the 5 000-strong crowd that his party had identified and plugged most electoral holes likely to be used by Zanu PF to rig the upcoming elections.

“There is no option, but change in 2018 or the other option is that we die,” Tsvangirai added.

He urged the electorate to use next year’s ballot to change the country’s chief executive officer, whom he accused of failing to deliver dividends to shareholders after 37 years of Zanu PF misrule.

Tsvangirai said parties affiliated to the National Electoral Reform Agenda (Nera) would not relent on their demands for electoral reforms to safeguard the election process and results and avoid a repeat of the 2013 polls whose outcome was reportedly “cooked up” by Nikuv.

“He (Mugabe) wants to cheat. He thinks he can get away with cheating to victory. As Nera, we know what you (Mugabe) are doing and want to repeat what you did in 2013, but this time around it won’t be successful,” Tsvangirai vowed.

On Saturday, Tsvangira’s deputy, Thokozani Khupe, made similar remarks while addressing party supporters in Slough, United Kingdom.

Khupe told party faithfuls that the MDC-T was poised for victory in next year’s elections, insisting that Mugabe would not be allowed to defy the electorate again as he did in 2008 and 2013.

“If he [Mugabe] refuses to go we have plan B. I can’t divulge the details because I don’t know who is here, but I can assure you that Mugabe will not steal the vote again,” she said.

ZCTU president Peter Mutasa, who was one of the main speakers at the Dzivarasekwa commemorations, endorsed Tsvangirai as the opposition parties’ 2018 sole candidate against Mugabe.

“We will back Tsvangirai, a proven labour leader and unlike Mugabe we know he will handover power. What we are not aware of is whether he will hand over to me or [MDC-T vice-president Nelson] Chamisa,” Mutasa said.

The trade unionist said labour has always been political since the 1940’s and had no apologies for making political pronouncements.

“We are tracing back to the days of [Benjamin] Burombo and [Joshua] Nkomo when, as unionists, they led strikes and demonstrations against the minority colonial regime. They fought for land, free education and free health, but today that is still a mirage,” Mutasa said.

The commemorations were attended by 34 unions affiliated to ZCTU, civil society organisations and opposition political parties after they boycotted the government-organised Workers’ Day commemorations held in Chinhoyi, saying they could not afford to “dine with the devil” at a time the majority of workers were languishing in State-sponsored poverty.

Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe secretary-general Raymond Majongwe accused Apex Council chairperson Cecilia Alexander of “selling out the workers’ struggle” by attending the government-led commemorations.

“Any workers’ representative organisation worth its salt cannot be happy to be invited to its wedding like what Apex Council did by being invited by government instead of the other way,” he said.

But, Alexander defended her decision, describing government as “a better devil”.

“Yes, the unions are divided and the government saw it fit to organise the commemorations to avoid a flop of the celebrations this year. Because of the divisions, we could have easily failed to commemorate today, so the government is a better devil than to celebrate differently… ZCTU was invited, but decided otherwise,” she said.

In her address to the largely passive crowd believed to have been bussed in from Karoi and Kariba, Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare minister Priscah Mupfumira urged employers and employees to co-operate with the government for nation building.


  1. yah musabvume kubirwa zvekare Save.

  2. tendai chaminuka

    Your mind has already defeated you Cde Tsvangirai.What type of democracy when you are not prepared to accept results.Why not just boycott the elections

  3. be prepared to reject the outcome because you havent done anything to make me you win

  4. Ahhhhhhhh this is pathetic. So why waste people’s time. This makes ZAANU PF stronger because they will want to prove that they can beat you even if you don’t want the results. Surely can you quote Trump such a renegade racist American. Ndapererwa. Manje urikuzodyiwa madhongi achikuma.

  5. First Minister


  6. Precisely the reason opposition loses every time. They sit back and think that JUST BECAUSE THERE IS GRINDING POVERTY PEOPLE WILL VOTE FOR US. Shame stereki. There are strategies weee.
    Right now ZPF is in the rural areas where the win is. Using all sorts of strategies. And you are sitting at harvest house. harvesting what?

    Good luck!!!

    1. Randall Flagg

      You seriously think the opposition loses every time because of sitting back and slacking? Say what you say is true, do people really need to be convinced to vote for the opposition after what Zanu Pf has done to the country?. This kind of mentality is what has kept Zanu Pf in power for 37years. Grinding poverty should alone force sane people to look for alternatives.

  7. joseph hondo

    Tsvangson my son, brain ndiyo yausina manje

  8. Wezhira wezhara

    Do not relax and say people will vote for you because they are hungry. This is the time to start drafting feasible election promises “manifesto”. Ukangoti Mugabe wachembera haisi campaign. Tell people the truth that no meaningful investment will come Zimbabwe’s way as long as Mugabe is in power because he is inconsistent when it comes to policy implementation. Tell them that inviting Foreign Direct Investment is not selling the country because Mugabe thinks if a wife asks for mealie meal from a neighbor, then she has sold out. That is co-existence. Tell them the public sector will operate transparently and the country’s resources will not be plundered for the benefit of a few. Tell them when you win, you will implement a reconciliation policy by not victimizing Zanu PF supporters who were being used by Mugabe, save for those who have pending murder cases. I tell you if you sell these and many other promises, I will vote for you unless if Mugabe hands over candidature to another person. I am Zanu PF but I cannot as well invest in a 93 year old horse.

    1. WHAT ABOUT MUGABE’S I4 FARMS ???????????????????????????????????

    2. muzvomora kwayedza

      wezhira wasasa

    3. well said wezhira

  9. Tsvangirai is 100% correct, the truth of the matter is that Mugabe is now so old its better for Zim not to have a president at all than to have him in office for another 5years


  11. wezhira wezhara wataura zvine musoro. chionesawo mamwe maface ako eku ZANU PF pfungwa dzakanaka dzawataura. there is no pint of investing in a 93 old president. sell your ideas secretly to your fellow ZANUPFs

  12. Rtd Cst E Mupfumi

    Shooting your yourself in the foot Tsvangison.

  13. What manifestos do you need. Can’t you see for yourself that Zim is grounded. What will the ZANU pf regime give you now, which they failed to give you for the past 37 years. Only a fool repeats the same procedure and expect different a outcome. Nothing good comes from the ZANU government any person in his or her sane mind knows that.

  14. Pakachitwa ndepapi , tell people exactly pakachitwa pacho kwete kungoti Nikuv , advise ma supporters ako kunovoter kwete kuzadza maground musina kuregister kuvoter. Strategise masystems kumaruva muwane mavote

  15. nhai guys wen is this biometric voter registration startin and where???…pliz help

    1. Endaunovhunza mai vako.

  16. The secret Tsvangirai dont know is that zanu pf is fragmented on the top but if you go to the structures they will still vote for it.Mdc and its partners dont have proper structures in the rural areas as compared to zanu pf,MDC is like a farmer or a person who thinks he is the best fisherman just because he is ffishing from his own built fish pond at his house,Great fishermen fishes in rivers ,dams and lakes where there is crocodiles and sharks and on these places that is where you will find more fish.Stop holding rallies in Harare and Bulawayo and other towns you know you have the upper hand,Go to the rural areas and sell your ideas.
    The issue of gukurahundi will not win you elections ,matebeleland need someone who can sell a development model which caters for matebeleland,They need development more than anything else.
    As for not accepting the Election outcome you are shooting yourself on the foot,i just want to ask you Mr Tsvangirai what have you done so far which makes you 100% sure you are going to win the 2018 election,Yes many people are fed up of Bob but that does not make them vote for you,Some in Zanu pf will vote for uncle and hopes he step down just after the election.
    G40 WILL VOTE ZANU PF AND HOPES UNCLE WILL STEP DOWN FOR THEIR PREFFERED CANDIDATE WHO knows may Grace or Kasukuwere.So i am advising you dont read too much into the divisions in Zanu pf and think you are going to win,There will be no BHORA musango this time because the stakes are high for both factions ,they will push for a zanu pf victory and start fighting afterwards.

  17. Tsvangirai, it sounds naive and amateurish to predict crying wolf instead of taking the bull by the horns in due time. You have previously been denied an outright win but it seems you learnt no lesson from it. As the opposition frontrunner and presumably the coalition leader (if any), you have the political prowess to marshal your troops and enforce the necessary electoral reforms, lest the top seat is as good as gone. It is under your watch the opposition must make sure that before the elections are held, a new electoral commision with a national outlook is reconstituted, the much publicised BVR kits’ procurement, voter registration and election exercises are done in an open manner, the electoral boundaries reflect the true representation (no gerrymandering), there is impartial print and electronic media coverage for all, all the structured and organized militia youth camps involved in electoral violence are totally eradicated, the distribution of food aid and agricultural inputs should not be politicised, chiefs and traditional leaders should neither ring-fence nor commandeer people to vote in a particular way, armed security forces should not keep close proximity to the voters at the polling stations to avoid intimidation. Election observers and journalists should and must be firsthand witnesses in the counting and subsequent relaying of all results from the constituency tallying centre to the election command centre. The list is endless but starting the race with a competitor whose mastery of electoral deceit was recently revealed by a foreign leader is fighting a losing battle. Make hay while the sun shines.

    1. Dream on! So u think ZPF will give up power on silver platter like that? Zviroto zviroto.

  18. Anytime I get into a ballot booth, I am faced with a huge challenge as to how I cast my vote. Eventually I vote Zanu PF and Mugabe because its where I can tell with certainty what they stand for. I am not sure I know what others stand for. Someone will say because ndiri dofo hanty. But nehudofo ihwohwo Zanu inotohwina. So maybe someone in the opposition must let me and others with similar reasoning understand why I just vote for MDC or NPP.

    I dont know if rigging is real but I think ZanuPF inotohwina feya. Kuhumana hakuhwinisa mavotes. Romance haina mwana, dripping is not scoring. Kuti tinohwina hakusi kuhwina. Asi kana watanga hako kutotaurira vanhu vanokuvhotera kuti ndicharuza ndozoramba Aaaa kubva isu vatendi toti mashoko anesimba

  19. Tsvangirai uri Dofo

  20. addmore gudo

    It means Tsvangirai is not a democrat, kungobata vanhu kumeso kuti unorwira democracy.I DICTATOR

    1. Jongwe Rachembera

      You are demanding a “democrat” in a country that has no democracy? The system is rigged and Tsvangson is right. Tsvangson must be president then he can drain the swamp and implement the constitution of Zimbabwe fully to insure Zimbabwe has a democratic system moving forward. Tsvangson should serve one term and then hand over to Chamisa who should lead for one term and then call for elections and if he wins then he has the mandate of the people.

  21. @ Manje so! : What a tactical retreat! For as long as I am operating within the confines of the law, I ‘d rather prefer to die on my feet than continue to always live on my knees. In as far as the war in defending my integrity as person and my rights and liberties as a citizen is concerned, the sky is the limit.

  22. Hayiwa. Wati wananzviswa here ma $US. We know what you going to say when close to elections. Boycott. Plus how do you expect to penetrate the rural people when you dont even have a radio station or tv station.

  23. Poor, poor Tsvangison. Honestly how can we trust you when you already .display attributes of the one you despise – refusal to accept electoral results. So now what do we expect? another GNU should you lose?

    Usaputse chirongo wasvika mudhara iwe, or maybe chirongo chako changa chagara chisina mvura kubva nakare.

    You have easily lost my vote hey

  24. Does MT really think he is going into an election? Wait till you see how. ZANU is going to arm-twist him next year. There is no civilization in Zimbabwe anymore on the political playfield. It will just be another horrible day! Please buy BP tablets in advance. Bob has no respect or appreciation for our civil liberties!

  25. Tinotenda Muvambo

    Voting Zanu Pf is a betrayal to the country, many people have died, others turned into destitutes, economic refugees and our girls turned to prostitutes. ZANU PF is evil, noone needs a campaign from any party too see how Zanu Pf have destroyed the country.

    The MDC has failed the nation but ZANU PF, have destroyed the country completely..People are free to vote how they want, but think think Zimbabwe was far much better before independence atleast we had a currency an economy to talk about, now we are the laughing stock of the entire region. This Mugabe guy is just a total faliure, he is the defination of a failure, he is only good at brutality. They is no fool like an old fool…

  26. Keep it up Tsvangirai , it’s long journey to travel . Zanu Pf brought hunger and poverty to this country . This has to come to an end for Zanu Pf

  27. wezhira wezhara

  28. How can you say Tsvangirai has failed imi musingamupe mukana, firstly give him a chance and then judge

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