Tshinga Dube in intensive care unit

Tshinga Dube

WAR Veterans minister Tshinga Dube, who was taken to hospital and is currently admitted in the intensive care unit (ICU), is expected to be discharged soon, as he is showing signs of recovery, an official has said.


Tshinga Dube
Tshinga Dube

Dube was taken ill after undergoing normal dialysis on Wednesday, but after his session he was feeling unwell.

Permanent secretary in the War Veterans ministry, Walter Tapfumaneyi said the minister was not in danger and will soon be out of hospital.

“He is not on life support, but he is in the ICU and we expect him to be released from hospital in the next two days. He is not in any danger,” he said.

Dube is at the centre of trying to bring warring war veterans together after Zanu PF factional wars ripped them apart.

The minister was due to address a war veterans’ meeting in Bulawayo at the weekend, where provincial leaders were to meet to discuss their issues ahead of an indaba with President Robert Mugabe.

Just hours before being taken ill, Dube told NewsDay that the planned meeting with Mugabe was at an advanced stage and the Bulawayo meeting would present them a chance to refine the agenda.


  1. When an individual is admitted into the Intensive Care Unit they are in medical danger. Only a qualified doctor can make a pronouncement that the individual is not in danger, not a political demagogue.

  2. I couldnt say it any betta yu are very correct the fact that he is in ICU speasks volumes……

  3. Was he also poisoned by warring ZanuPF factions like all others? Maybe.

  4. martin mazivisa

    lets have ubuntu i hate to see comments of people who wishes someone dead,its unchristian and why should we glorifty death.lets wish him a speed recovery GOD shall take care of him,its only GOD who determines our destiny not individuals,who always wish hell to some people

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