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The story of the $20 note


“ALL who succeed in life get off to a bad start, and pass through many heartbreaking struggles before winning. The turning point in the lives of those who succeed usually comes at the moment of some crisis, through which they are introduced to their other selves,” Napoleon Hill observed.

Motivation: STEVE NYAMBE

Such is life. It comes in different packages to suit different tastes in order to produce different results.

You need to change your perspective. Change your fortunes today. Move away from the bad episode of undervaluing your worth.

When you undervalue who you are, the whole world will undervalue what you offer.

The $20 bill story

There were around 200 delegates who had gathered in a certain place.

So, a man, who was to give a presentation, stood up.

He had a $20 bill in his hand.

He lifted his hand with the bill in it and asked who wanted it?

All the hands went up.

On realising that everyone wanted the bill, he went further and said, “I am going to give the bill to one of you, but let me do this”, he crumpled it and then held it up again.

After doing this, he asked again. Still the same hands in the audience went up.

So he proceeded and quizzed: “What if I drop it onto the ground and stamp on it with my shoes?”

Your value doesn’t lose

The process was repeated again and those same hands went up as usual.

He tried all the possible tricks and realised that nothing was going to dilute their passion at all.

He then paused and concluded: “You have learnt an important lesson. No matter what’s done to the bill, you still want it. This is so because it does not decrease in value in any way.”

This is how your life is.

You may have been abused by your past, disappointed by your present, or even worried about your future, don’t lose sleep, these battles you are facing will not reduce your worth.

Along the journey, you may lose loved ones, friends or your inward strength, but still, it doesn’t change your worth.

You may think that’s your end. People might think you have reached the dead end. That’s not it, actually it is the beginning of great things from a giant called you.

It is very normal to have circumstances that will devour your confidence and your worth at times.

People may think your value has been destroyed and eroded.

Yes, that’s what they will be thinking. However, that’s not a reality and it is not true.

You are more valuable than such assumptions, a jewel in the making, a rose that’s ready to flourish.

Remember, seeds hold better value only when in the hands of a farmer, but if in hands of a hunter, the story changes.

But this is not so with you. Your value will never depreciate.

It is designed in a manner that it always appreciates, particularly when things seem to be taking a nosedive.
Never mind what you went through in the past.

Your past valleys are always a reminder that the future holds something bigger and brighter for you.

Steve Nyambe is a motivational speaker and leadership coach. He can be contacted on +263 784 583 761 or his email: leadershiptouch@gmail.com

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