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All set for Battle of the Chefs Episode 5


EPISODE 5 of the TM Pick n Pay Battle of the Chefs will see a slight departure from the usual format, with the introduction of an identification challenge and the replication challenge designed to test the chefs’ knowledge of flavours and skill.


To date, the competition has witnessed 16 chefs competing in the Americana, Italian, Chinese and Food on the Flame episodes.

The competition will be running for the next three weeks, with the judges doing their Masterclass with the contestants, TM Pick n Pay said in a statement.

Chef Hyde will demonstrate his skill in removing the sinew off a fillet and cutting it into the perfect medallion.

“If you’re an aspiring cook at home, watch this episode to get some insight on how to prepare the perfect Tournedo of Beef with smoked garlic mash and fondant butternut,” the statement read in part.

“Garlic enhances the flavour of any dish, and adding it to mashed potato makes it a more interesting side dish. By watching this episode, you can learn the technique of how to smoke garlic. Smoking is a process of flavouring food using ingredients such as garlic, fresh herbs and flavoured wood bits.”

This week’s line up of chefs is made up of Tatenda Nyamande, Kendall de Souza, Chengetai Makawa and Kundai Muchanyuka and is expected to impress the judges’ panel of Stephen Hyde, Innocent Masuku and Tafadzwa Anifasi.

“The chefs have just over an hour to replicate this dish, and with no written recipe on hand, these contestants have only their memories to rely on. Let’s hope they can all remember how it was done,” said TM Pick n Pay, adding that the chefs were set to deliver well-balanced and plated dishes, where flavours must enhance the mashed potato and the butternut should be cooked through.

The programme will be screened on ZBC TV tonight.

Viewers can also follow Battle of the Chefs on Facebook (Facebook.com/BattleChefs) or watch the season on YouTube (YouTube.com/BattleChefs).

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