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How are you planning to use your home?


I KNOW how challenging today’s subject is, considering the current situation not only in Zimbabwe but the world over.

Relationships: Kilton Moyo

Kilton Moyo
Kilton Moyo

Are you aware that the world offers you so many excuses to fail to become, who God intended you to be?

I have repeatedly said this to you all that marriage is a place of fruitfulness.

There is so much on this fruitfulness, but one of the parts of it is reaching out to others and making our homes places for restoration and love.

As far as I see it, every couple has a duty of love towards other couples, those intending to marry and anyone in the community needing help. I am not sure how prepared you are to make your home a place for God’s love?

I am not sure how you want to use your home. You see, people choose and live with their choices.

Some use their homes as shebeens for people to come and drink their lives, relationships and families away.

It’s a choice. Others use their homes as brothels for people to come and prostitute themselves and enjoy rebellion against God.

Have you not heard of the vuzu parties, where young people destroy themselves in the name of pleasure?

This is how they have chosen to use their fathers’ houses.

Others too use their homes as drug houses, capitals for drugging and maiming humanity.

There are others, who use their homes as havens for criminals.

Some use their homes for terrorism.

All crimes in communities are planned and executed from their homes.

Some will use their homes for witchcraft and idolatry purposes.

Others use their homes for human trafficking and for perpetuating violence against defenceless women and children.

All this is their choices, but I want to believe you want to choose right and use your home for the glory of Him, who created you and made you in his image.

Choice is given to all and sundry, but it is the end of the matter that matters the most.

I wish all of us would understand that there is a God, who is going to judge us according to our choices. But you as my reader or as a Christian or whoever you are, how do you plan to use your home?

If you read Proverbs 31 from verse 10 to 31, you will see that the couple in that scripture chose to involve their home in caring ministry.

They involved themselves outside their family. They chose to care. Do you know that in your village, town, city, community or whatever place you live, there are displaced people, restless people, and homeless people looking for a place to stay?

The challenge with us is that we have labelled all of them as criminals.

We use this as an excuse not to do what God expects us to do.

We do not see their need, we only see our insecurity and the lie we feed our spirits.

I read about Aquila and Priscilla, a couple, who cared for others in their community.

Remember how they gave shelter and encouragement to Paul, himself? Remember how they taught the great teacher of the word Apollos? Their home became a centre for the church in Ephesus.

Do you remember a woman called Dorcas in the Bible?

She turned her little house to a ministry, sowing blankets for widows and needy people.

When she died, her generosity raised her from the dead.

You can open your home too for goodness in your community.

There are many young couples in your community, who need help.

How about starting a small group to encourage them? How about starting a small prayer group, where you pray for children in the locality?

How about a small group just to read and study the word?

Have you ever considered opening your home for those young people, who walk your streets because they have nothing to do and nowhere to just sit and think constructively?

Maybe it can start with just watching some DVDs with them and discussing.

Our communities would be much better if our Christian homes were to be turned into places of fellowship and growth.

If we could just catch this, beloved, we can solve 50% of issues bedeviling our communities.

The challenge is we think like the world. We are ruled by fear as the world.

We are ruled by suspicion. Did you know that suspicion kills your love for others?

We think everyone is a criminal.

We cannot help our youth and other needy people because we think they are not what we expect.

Beloved, we are not called to serve angels, but to help sinners and commoners unto Christ.

Our homes can be such sanctuaries and such places of love and renewal in our communities. All of us are in ministry here. What are you waiting for?

My challenge today is for you out there to reconsider how you use your home.

Use it for the glory of the Lord.

Use it to bless others and see how much the Lord will bless you. One huge purpose of your marriage is to bless others.

One huge purpose of your home is to bless others.

So go for it beloved. Open up that home to the plans of God and be blessed.

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Kilton Moyo is creator of Fruitful Marriages, a renewal and enrichment programme and is pastor, counsellor and author of Marriage Fitness. Call or whatsapp on +263 775 337 207, +263 772 610 103 or kilton.citizenafrica@consultant.

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