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I have no competition: Tuku


LONDON — Internationally-acclaimed singer and grandee of local music, Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi has opened up on the secrets to success in music.


Oliver Mutukudzi
Oliver Mutukudzi

In a question and answer segment during a dinner held in his honour last week at the Waltham Abbey Marriott Hotel in London, Mtukudzi said no artiste competed with him and that he was open to collaborating with anyone regardless of age or genre.

“No artiste is my competition, they are unique. I have what I have, they have what they have and I do not have what they have,” he said.

“I do not care which artiste it is, as long as you are an artiste, I would love to collaborate with you.

“The most important thing about collaboration is the song not the artiste, so I would collaborate with any artiste with an idea for a song because it is about the song.”

Tuku also shared his wealth of wisdom about music and the key to being a successful artiste.

“If you are meant to be a musician, then be able to identify who you are. There is a very thin line between who you are and your passion for what you want to be,” he said.

“Most of us have certificates or diplomas on our walls. Some have even gone to degree level, but in most cases, what we study is merely passion of what we want to be and, in some cases makes us ignore who we really are.”

Speaking on success, the Ziwerere hitmaker said one must remain humble and be original.

“Let your art fly high and there will be nowhere to fall. If you stand in the place of your art, then you will get dropped because your art goes up there and if you follow it and go up there along with it, you will definitely fall,” he said.

Mtukudzi said people should not discard education, as it helps to enhance what they already have, which is talent and they must not neglect to discover themselves.

“God does not duplicate talent. Do not ever feel inferior. There is no better you than you,” he said.

The tribute gala celebrated Mtukudzi’s two key milestones, the release of his 65th album, Eheka Nhai Yahwe and was the first part of his 65th birthday festivities, as well as recognising his service to music and philanthropic work worldwide.

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