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Never panic, you are not alone


“ALWAYS bear in mind that your own reason to succeed is more important than any other one thing,” advised one of the greatest presidents America ever had, Abraham Lincoln.


Considering the above, my goal is always simple. The goal is never an uphill task. It is to write to just a single individual. One who thinks he or she is alone. A person who is in dire desperate psychological distress. One, who if no quick motivational help comes, will die a mindset death.

A weary person, who can’t see the purpose of living.

This is so because the main purpose of this column is to encourage the disheartened. To give inspiration to the totally hurt. To strengthen the weak. Inspire the depressed and empower the discouraged.

So, there is just no satisfying reason to give up on life when perusing through this column.

It must always be known that life is tough, but you are designed, decorated and deposited with tougher material.

You are unique because you are build with in-build mental problem shock absorbers.

Footprints on the sand of time

There was a man in a certain land. He was a believer. His faith was anchored in the mighty God.

It does not mean that if you put your trust in God troubles won’t knock on your door. It doesn’t mean you are immune from them.

Life is never like that. It is filled with ups and downs. Sometimes you are on the mountain top. Sometimes you are in the valley. But through it all, don’t lose heart. You are not alone. Learn to put your faith and trust in Him.

So, this man had a vision. In the vision he saw two different pairs of footprints. These footprints were imprinted on the sand side by side. In other words, there were for two different people walking adjacent to each other.

He saw them closely printed side by side when everything was going right. However, immediately when the situations became bad, he started seeing only one pair. This worried him.

To him, it appeared as if the Lord had left him. He was not caring, He was unconcerned, He was unloving and ruthless, but, that was not the case. While still in the vision, he sought clarification from the Lord concerning this troublesome matter.

He got his response as, “when things were good for you, I walked besides you. I knew you could handle all your challenges. However, when your situations had become bad, I realised you could not bear it. As your Lord and master, I had to carry you”.

The explanation then continues, “the single pair of footprints you saw were mine. Remember this, that before things went bad, you were seeing two pairs. When situation turned bad I came in to give you a hand by carrying you, my son”.

With these powerful words of love and care, the man was relieved, he became relaxed, he became stronger, his doubts were dissolved, it took away any room for complaining. It extinguished his murmuring.

It made him believe that no matter how bad the situation, he was never alone.

Temporary defeats

Scott F Fitzgerald once said: “Never confuse a single defeat with the final defeat.” Defeats may come. Loses are always found in an game play. Missing a goal doesn’t translate to losing a match. It’s okay to lose the battle, but you must not lose the war.

Even if all is not going well, you maybe engulfed in thick frightening darkness and you can’t see your future, you maybe hopeless, worried and pained, even if you are just a few inches from death, or disappointed to an extent that maybe suicide has turned out to be the only option, just take a deep breath and wait a minute. I have good and kind words for you that you are not alone.

Prolific author, Spencer Johnson in his book, Who Moved My Cheese says, “movement in the right direction may help you find your cheese”.

Though you may pass through the valley of death, the Lord will fight for you. Even if the arrows of the enemy may be pointed at you, still that’s not your end. For the Bible plainly says, “all those that trusted in Him were never embarrassed”. This is so because He tells you that no weapon formed against you will prosper. Your God will be with you, even in you up to the end of the world.

“When life knocks you down, try to land on your back. Because if you can look up, you can get up,” once noted Led Brown. It can be done. Be blessed.

Steve Nyambe is a motivational speaker and a leadership coach. He can be contacted on +263 784 583 761 or his email: leadershiptouch@gmail.com

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