Mugabe’s first ‘meet the youths’ rally set for May 20

President Robert Mugabe’s nationwide rallies are set to begin in Marondera on May 20 as mobilising for support ahead of the 2018 elections start.

By Jairos Saunyama

The Zanu PF Mashonaland East provincial youth executive is scheduled to meet today in Harare to prepare for Mugabe’s first “meet the youths” tour, which will be held at Rudhaka Stadium.

The party’s national youth league boss Kudzai Chipanga and his executive members are expected to address today’s meeting.

Provincial youth league chairperson Kevin Mutsvairo confirmed today’s youth league meeting, saying the event was meant to “welcome” the veteran leader who will be in the province to meet the youths.

“It is true that tomorrow (today) Cde Chipanga will be addressing the youths drawn from all the province’s nine districts at Mbuya Nehanda. The main objective of the gathering is to welcome the President, who will be meeting the youths from this province on May 20 in Marondera,” Mutsvairo said.

“We are ready to meet our iconic leader, hence the Friday meeting that will also provide the platform to finalise preparations for the big day.”

He said the party had finalised transport logistics in all the constituencies for today’s meeting.

“We have done all the transport logistics with each constituency in the province having a bus deployed to fetch our members. The youths are eager to present their concerns to the national youth leader, Chipanga, as well as to hear his address,” Mutsvairo said.

Last month, Chipanga confirmed that Mugabe would embark on a nationwide tour of the country to meet the youths to gain a better understanding of the problems that they were facing.

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  1. Is there anything new about the youths problems zvangada kuziva

  2. Janana wa Bikaz

    I wonder what kind of youths will brave this chilly weather especially in Marondera to be addressed by an old dictator who has been telling the whole world that Zimbabwe is amongst the most developed countries in Africa when the opposite is true due to his autocratic rule..An old dictator who is divorced from reality,who does not even carry the aspirations of the youths.An old and cruel dictator who promised the youths 2 million jobs but instead it was the parents of these same youths who got kicked out from their jobs in their thousands due to economic mismanagement by this same old man..An old dictator who uses the same youths to maim.torture and kill their parents for not belonging to his mafia organisation called zanu pf.An old man.An old man who only want to address the youths when there are elections around the corner so that as usual he uses them to do all the dirty work to ensure his party’s victory.If you are a youth and you are going to attend these rallies, then shame on you for trusting an old and ailing dictator with your future and the future of your children.What new things can he bring to you that he has failed to do when he still had the energy for the past thirty seven years?

  3. Mugabe is trying his best to meet the youths because Tsvangirai failed to fill the void, how can he give the youths 20% quota system yet thy are more affected

  4. @ Lihlo, was Tsvangirai at any other given time a president of Zimbabwe? In which legal capacity was he supposed to fill a gap if any? Brain dzakazara maggot.

  5. Stupid mugabe thinks we’ll be fooled by him, I’m now advise all youth not to attend any ZANU PF meeting or rally

    1. ukudaro here ahh ndakazomboti kune munhu wekombi ndine R5 ndakaita sign yechinja ndakaita kunge ndichidyiwa kti ndazvitirei. apa uone kubatirira kwanga akaita kumashure kwekombi kungoda ka 50c kekushedzera kombi. hamno kti kupusa here or chii

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