Mugabe, Mutsvangwa go head-to-head

ZIMBABWE National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) chairperson Christopher Mutsvangwa and his top executive face off with President Robert Mugabe at the second war veterans’ indaba scheduled for next month.


Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association chairperson Christopher Mutsvangwa
Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association chairperson Christopher Mutsvangwa

War Veterans minister Tshinga Dube yesterday told NewsDay that his ministry would invite Mutsvangwa and his leadership for the indaba, which insiders said was likely to be explosive.

“We recognise the leadership which was elected in Masvingo, which includes the chairman Mutsvangwa and (spokesperson Mandiitawepi) Chimene. These people will be invited to meet the President at the indaba,” Dube said.

“We will also invite other war veterans from other organisations regardless of their political affiliations or beliefs because this is a war veterans’ indaba.”

The parties last met in April last year, where war veterans accused the government of neglecting them and failing to improve their welfare.

The frosty relationship between Mugabe and war veterans took a nosedive four months later, when the ex-freedom fighters wrote a damning communiqué calling on him to step down and labelling him as “genocidal and a dictator”.

Mugabe reacted to the rejection with fury and ordered a crackdown on ZNLWVA leaders, culminating in the summary expulsion of Mutsvangwa, his deputy Headman Moyo, secretary-general Victor Matemadanda, spokesperson Douglas Mahiya and political commissar Francis Nhando from Zanu PF.

Insiders forecast that next month’s indaba would be explosive, with angry war veterans accusing Mugabe of neglecting their welfare — particularly on government’s seeming reluctance to review the former fighters’ monthly allowances and non-payment of their children’s school fees.

“The indaba is going to be explosive and ministry officials are aware of it. This is why they have been trying to have pre-indaba meetings to pacify the angry war veterans, who feel Mugabe wants to use them ahead of 2018,” a source claimed.

Dube acknowledged the crisis faced by his ministry, as they try to meet the needs of the war veterans, blaming shortage of resources.

“We understand the challenges and concerns by the war veterans and we are making efforts to pay fees even before the indaba. It’s not like the government does not want to take care of them, the President is committed to their welfare,” he said.

The ministry was still working on the budget for the indaba to be held by mid-June depending on Mugabe’s schedule.

“We are working on the budget and might consider having our members stay in schools to cut on accommodation costs and also the numbers might have to come down,” he said.

During the last indaba, war veterans blew $2,4 million for a three-hour meeting with Mugabe at the City Sports Centre.

War Veteran ministry permanent secretary Walter Tapfumaneyi said most of the logistics were now in place and his team was now waiting to be given a date by Mugabe’s office.

“We are waiting for a date from the President and, depending on his availability, we will be having the indaba. The meeting might happen from mid-June to end of June because the President said he would meet the war veterans once a year,” he said.

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  1. Honestly how could people blow $2.4 million on a discussion that does not bring about results.The country is crawling on its stomach and someone is budgeting for something that does not solve our problems.Instead of them channeling that money towards the fees of those children of the war veterans they first want to sit and blow that money.
    Do our ministers have priorities please.

  2. Big yawn, we know the script of what will happen on the ‘big day’ already, as usual the ‘angry’ war vets will be sweet talked by Mugabe & before we know it they’ll be down on their knees praising their ‘great leader’ left right & centre, useless!!

  3. zvakaoma sure

    true zvakaoma. this is a non event. those guys are just being called to sing their godly message to their “god”. while we suffer some are busy thinking of how to keep ruling

  4. tendai chaminuka

    Opposition hokoyo!!!!!!!

  5. For how long are we going to be burdened by these people? A small minority of people who think that they are more special than everybody else and now meeting task master for direction. And then they blow away more than a million dollars for a meeting. No.

  6. A wife goes to the shops to buy lipstick when there is no food in the kitchen.A father goes beer drinking when there is no food in the kitchen. What is so special with war vets (ovets)?Now ovets have to sleep in schools so as to cut costs but mimisters and mbokos stay in hotels.Ovets want school fees for their children while some people have tto work for the school fees for their children. Ovets want the government to improve their welfare, what about the povo who were feeding the ovets during the war? No wonder why Simbabwe is crumbling on its knees-patronage,corruption………

  7. It goes without saying that in the abudance of water, a fool is thirsty whereas failing to plan is planning to fail. After all this financial mismanagement, Mugabe throws the ball back to sanctions. African politics my foot!

  8. $2.4 m could have paid school fees for lots of children of these war vets. What’s wrong with some of us Zimbabweans. Blowing money as if we have enough of it when we haven’t? Why can’t these guys simply send a few representatives and have the meeting televised for the rest? Use technology guys, does every war vet want to individually speak to or shake hands with Robert? Kasi hapasisina trust kani?

  9. Uuuuuuuuuu I smell rotten egg , mota dziya dzave kupihwa vanhu manje,uku vachigara muzvikoro ko vana vanodzidzira kupi? Zvamurimi motengwa kuti mushandiswe 2018 apa pose maivonekwa semusipo

  10. True war veteran as you are , you are the one who are suppose to enjoy the fruits of Independence, than minority and non war vets who are busy enjoying vasina zvavakaita. Remember just few among you will make it to the Heroes Acre. I suggest gathering like these, should be done where you should be accorded respect booked to better places than schools becoz ndimi vanhu vacho.

  11. Jamengweni Godonga

    Say there are 35,000 of them; let khulu Bob give each one of them $68.00 from the $2.4m and tell them to buzz off. Tyson called them drunkards, I guess he was very correct.

  12. @Nokuda .You have raised a valid point my dear ” FOR HOW LONG ARE GOING TO STAND ASIDE AND WATCH ZANU PF DESTROYING OUR FUTURE,FOR HOW ARE WE GOING TO CONTINUE WITH THIS ZANU PF INDUCED POVERTY? DAY and night ZANU Pf mafias are dreaming and plotting to oppress mwana we Zimbabwe. Vana Jonathan nana Patrick nana Tobaiwa havarare vachifunga tumitemo twekudzvinyirira mwana we Zimbabwe.But ONE DAY IS ONE,tichasvitsana pakaoma nemachinda iwaya. They have gone too far nehudzvinyiriri hwavo !

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