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MSU sues former bursar, director over tenders


MIDLANDS State University (MSU) has sued its former bursar and former director of works for clandestinely conspiring to clinch a deal with a private organisation to supply the institution with stationery and chickens at uncompetitive prices, prejudicing the higher education institution over $74 000.



MSU filed summons at the Bulawayo High Court on May 10 citing former bursar, Mamelo Moyo, former director for works, Melusi Moyo and Netabelt Investments (Pvt) Limited as first to third defendants respectively.

In its summons, MSU submitted that it was claiming judgment against the defendants jointly or severally the one paying others to be absolved the sum of $50 232,40 being the financial prejudice it suffered due to the defendants corrupt practices during the period September 2014 to September 2015 together with interest at the rate of 5% per annum from October 2015 to date of payment in full.

MSU also demanded $372,60 from Mamelo, being the financial prejudice it suffered when she “corruptly, recklessly, negligently or wrongfully and unlawful” allowed Netabelt Investments to sell chickens at an uncompetitive price on July 9 2015 without abiding by the competitive bidding procedures.

MSU also demanded payment of $23 768, being financial prejudice suffered by the institution when between June and August 2016 while employed by the university, Mamelo recklessly allowed Black Brain Investments to supply stationery at incompetitive prices together with 5% interest per annum.

In its declaration, MSU submitted that during the year 2014 and 2015, Mamelo and Melusi connived with the Netabelt Investment to engage in a deal which would see the organisation supplying the university with stationery at uncompetitive prices which allegedly prejudiced the institution.

“In furtherance of the corrupt arrangement, first defendant between September 11 2014 and September 22 2015, she manipulated the plaintiff’s tender and competitive bidding processes such that the plaintiff ended up purchasing goods from the third defendant at uncompetitive prices,” MSU submitted.

“Had such goods been sourced from First Pack, a reputable supplier of stationery, plaintiff would have made a saving of $50 232,40.”

MSU prayed for an order compelling the defendants to pay a total of $74 370.

The defendants are yet to respond to the claim.

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