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Man axes father to death over beer


A SANYATI man allegedly bludgeoned his father to death with an axe after an altercation over spilt beer.


The suspect, Petros Lozane, of Village 22, Nyamatani under Chief Neuso, is alleged to have axed his father Joseph Lozane three times on the head, ribs and waist in full view of his younger brother Patrick Lozane.

Petros pleaded not guilty to a charge of murder when he appeared before High Court judge, Justice Clement Phiri. In his defence, Petros told the court he never intended to kill his father but acted under the influence of an illicit brew called “chikokiyana”. He was remanded in custody to June 2 for judgment.

The incident, which left Sanyati villagers dumbfounded, occurred on March 6, 2009 just after Petros and his father had left the latter’s sister Lener Lozane’s homestead, where they had been drinking the illicit brew together.

Prosecutor Masimba Manhamo presented that on the day in question, Petros requested one Innocent Misha to ask for forgiveness from his father on his behalf saying he (Petros) at one point, had poured his (Joseph) beer to the ground sometime in February that year.

The court heard the now-deceased accepted the apology after which he, together with other patrons, then left for their respective homes since they were all drunk.

The State alleges, just after his father had left, Petros followed him and started shouting threatening to kill him. Initially he allegedly picked two axes, but Misha managed to disarm him and took them away.

At that juncture, the father, is said to have decided to go and put up at Misha’s homestead fearing his son, but the latter again followed him.

On the way, it is alleged, a fistfight ensued and Petros was overpowered. This did not go down well with Petros who went back home and took another axe which he used to strike his father once on the head and twice on the back in full view of his brother, Patrick.

The father is said to have fallen unconscious and was rushed to Kadoma General Hospital where he later succumbed to the injuries.

In his evidence, Patrick told the court he was asked by his father to accompany him to Misha’s homestead where he wanted to put up since Petros had threatened to kill them.

Whilst at Misha’s homestead he said his father was seated on the bench in the kitchen when Petros budged in armed with an axe and suddenly struck him with an axe.

Patrick said he could not help but watch Petros striking his father on the head, ribs and waist until he passed out.

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