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‘Grace major stumbling block to economic, political stability’


OPPOSITION Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngarivhume has described First Lady Grace Mugabe as the major stumbling block to the country’s economic and political stability because of her lavish lifestyle.

By Everson Mushava

First Lady Grace Mugabe
First Lady Grace Mugabe

Ngarivhume made the remarks at the weekend during commemorations of Mother’s Day in the high-density suburb of Budiriro, Harare.

He said without an “understanding First Lady”, the country would not develop.

“Although we know our country is in deep trouble because of Zanu PF’s ruinous policies, one of the biggest problems that we face is First Lady Grace Mugabe. That woman is the source of many problems that the country is facing,” he said.

“Things started to deteriorate when former First Lady Sally (Mugabe) died. When this one (Grace) came in, she began to cause all sorts of troubles while squeezing the economy through her lavish demands. Imagine a person can buy a ring worth $1,4 million in a country where people are facing too many hardships.

“Do you think that person can be able to restrain her husband on ruinous policies and lavish spending? We need serious people who understand the plight that many citizens are going through.”

Ngarivhume said Grace should urge President Robert Mugabe to step down and leave the presidency for more capable people.

He said his party was involved in coalition talks with other opposition parties to beef up the campaign to dislodge Mugabe in next year’s presidential race.

Ngarivhume also challenged women to take a leading role in ensuring that people register to vote for the upcoming elections.

“Women, you are the human asset that we have in this country. Despite all the challenges we are going through, you have remained strong and continued working for your families. We are going for watershed elections next year, but the whole process starts now with ensuring that you register to vote,” he said.

“If it means going into the streets to demand the even electoral playing field, then let it be so. Even if it means that we need go into the streets to defend our votes, then let it be. This time around we are not fearful, we will do all possible to defend our votes.”

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  1. Aspirants have this tendency of painting a glorious picture of the past. One day we campaigners will refer to these days as an example of excellence. Why don’t they just present what they have to offer instead of comparing the past with the present. Corruption existed in the past too (willowgate etc) and if they are ignorant of this, they definitely have no plan to take this country anywhere.

    • Well said.

      There are way too many aspirants who want to take us back to the “good old” Sally Mugabe days, whilst forgetting that a lot of crimes from corruption to atrocities like Gukurahundi took place while Sally was first lady.

      Even Mapfumo was singing about corruption back then.

      Not saying Grace is innocent, but by the time she became first lady, the corrupt system was already in place and well oiled. Now she’s just a leading beneficiary of such a system.

  2. Zanu pf has always had ruinous policies from day one. The difference between now and then(Sally Mugabe days) is their moronic policies have finally caught up with them and people should also remember Zanu inherited a very vibrant economy, which they have done nothing but destroy.

  3. chinoiuta kuti vanhu vasasiya zvigaro kudya matakadya kare. pasina izvozvo dai vakaenda karekare.

  4. cde muzvinavhu munoita basa rekunyepera vanhu kuti masangisheni hee masangisheni.chii chakaita kuti aiswe.bato renyu raiponda vanhu,kupisa dzimba dzevanhu,kurepa ,nekuba zvinhu zvevanhu.usanyepe kuti inyaya yevhu.urimwana wani iwe

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