Fresh calls on MPs to upgrade educational qualifications

Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda

THE Speaker of the National Assembly, Advocate Jacob Mudenda, has challenged legislators to advance their educational qualifications to be able to eloquently debate issues brought before Parliament.

By Tinotenda Munyukwi

Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda
Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda

Mudenda made the remarks in Harare last week during a stakeholders’ meeting organised by the Southern African Parliamentary Support Trust (SAPST).

Mudenda said civic players like SAPST had produced various publications in a bid to strengthen the institution of Parliament, but expressed disappointment with some legislators who had dismally failed to comprehend these publications.

“Over the years SAPST has produced several publications which have gone a long way in strengthening the institution of Parliament. Sometimes I get disappointed that some members cannot read these documents, but I have encouraged them to read,” he said.

He, however, hailed some members for heeding the call to enhance their educational qualifications.

“But I am happy to say after we said let us read beyond news publications, several Members of Parliament and staff have gone back to school with some completing their first degrees, masters and one or two doctorates,” he said.

Mabvuku-Tafara MP James Maridadi urged fellow MPs to heed Mudenda’s call and remain relevant in today’s fast-changing world.

“We pride ourselves as a country with the second highest literacy rate in Africa, second to Tunisia, so I think it is important for MPs to be educated because Parliament is about documents and the Constitution which has to be read,” he said.

Speaking at the same event, Election Resource Centre director Tawanda Chimhini said education was important for aspiring candidates in the coming 2018 elections in giving them a full understanding of their responsibilities.

“If we build the capacity of parliamentarians, the current sitting ones and those that are thinking of assuming public office, to have a full understanding of their responsibilities, we are likely to get a more accountable legislature and by effect an executive that is responsive and accountable to the public that elects them into office,” he said.


  1. Education is power hence more investment in it every Zimbabwean in public office should embrace and grab this opportunity for effective service delivery and accountability

  2. Zvino Chinos anoti kudii? Chinos is eloquent in his mother tongue although he seem not understand the subject matter

  3. Remember some are Grade 2 ( two ) drop outs and this is a 5 ( five ) year term so why wasting their time vachiita further their education. Viva Chinos and Sarah Mahoko.

  4. By the time they finish upgrading, most of the mp’s will have been replaced by other uneducated or under-educated persons. This call should be made to political parties to field well educated, well knowledgeable individuals who can make the meaningful contribution to parliamentary and government business that the speaker is talking about. Our parties have been deliberately sabotaging government business by sending substandard personnel to parliament. This is what needs to be corrected.

  5. Do you think Chinos is prepared to go back to school. I have never heard him talking in English. Zanu PF is interested in numbers in Government, the form three dropouts, Chinos, our partisan ambuya Mahofa who wants Masvingo ZanuPF youths to work on the Beitbridge -Harare road dualisation project just to name a few. If Chinos and Co go back to school that will again increase the number of fraudsters in ZanuPF because in Zanu PF even the Professors are big time theives.

    1. Chinos is very eloquent in his native language. He understands issues better than most very educated MPs and he puts it in simple terms. Education is overated.

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