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CIO accuses police of scuttling graft-curbing efforts


The Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) is accusing the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) of scuttling efforts to weed out corrupt activities within the State security system.


Kizito Gweshe, who is a deputy director in the President’s department, said this while testifying in the court case against Delish Nguwaya, Mbereki Mbizo Nyathi, Vengai Zano and Clever Gadzikwa, who are accused of extorting
$19 990 from a Chinese businessman.

Gweshe said State security agencies receive information in relation to criminal activities of ZRP and CIO officials, but the police will allegedly try to protect their own.

Nguwaya, an official CIO informer, is applying for referral of his case to the Constitutional Court, saying he is being harassed by the police after implicating senior police officers in criminal activities.

“Your worship, I received information from Nguwaya pointing to criminal activities by members of the security structures, that is the police and CIO. A decision was then taken to clean up the system. Specifically, the order was that members of the police or CIO, who are partaking in such criminal activities should be arrested without fear or favour,” Gweshe said.

“We started to have differences with our colleagues from the police. I must say, for the record, the discord with our colleagues began when Nguwaya started to make disturbing allegations against Chief Superintendent Nyaradzai Majachani and Superintendent Shepherd Tachiona.”

He said the police went on to disregard the National Prosecution Authority’s (NPA) advice to give Nguwaya immunity from prosecution in order to save senior officers, who are being implicated in criminal activities.

“We held a meeting with NPA officer Chris Mutangadura, which we attended with Superintendent Viera of the police and other team members,” he said.

“We agreed that Nguwaya must make full disclosure of what he knew on the criminal nature of security members in order to grant him immunity.”

Gweshe said it was unfair to selectively prosecute Nguwaya for an offence that involved members of the security forces.

He said it was senseless to leave scot-free serving members of the police.

Regional magistrate, Themba Kuwanda postponed the trial to Monday for continuation.

Allegations are that on June 13 last year at around 3pm, Zano, Gadzikwa and Nguwaya presented themselves as a team comprising members of the CID, President’s Office and Zimbabwe Revenue Authority and wanted to check the Chinese company’s documents.

It is alleged they took $19 900 from the complainant, who together with his partner believed the accused were on a sanctioned operation and decided not to report the matter.

On August 17, the complainant reported the matter after discovering that the suspects were not on duty when they took the money from him.

Michael Reza appeared for the State.

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