Chamisa snubs ‘bogus’ honorary degree

Nelson Chamisa,

MDC-T vice-president, Nelson Chamisa, has turned down an honorary doctorate degree offered to him by an obscure British institution called the Commonwealth University.


Chamisa had been invited to the awards ceremony scheduled for June 16 at the Rainbow Towers in Harare.

“You have been invited because we recognise your exceptionally meritorious contribution in your chosen field. In recognition of your achievements, the Commonwealth University proposes to award you the honorary doctorate degree as part of the activities combined with your participation in this potentially rewarding top leadership seminar,” read part of the invitation letter to Chamisa.

To facilitate the process, Commonwealth University chancellor, Michael Addison advised Chamisa to pay $3 500 to enable him to attend a leadership seminar before the graduation ceremony.

But, the Kuwadzana East MP, a lawyer by profession, snubbed the offer, saying he did not subscribe to the notion of honorary degrees, particularly from little-known institutions.

“I believe in working and achieving and, if I am going to be awarded, it has to be done from a respectable university,” he said.

Early this month, Harare mayor, Bernard Manyenyeni snubbed a similar offer from a Dubai-based institute, Dubai Leadership Summit, arguing he would rather earn it through his own academic research.

However, Zimbabwe Tourism Authority boss, Karikoga Kaseke accepted a similar honorary degree from the Commonwealth University.

This comes as title-seeking Zimbabweans have been warned against acquiring educational qualifications from dubious local and international institutions, as they will not be recognised in the country.

Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo recently said the government will soon introduce a law to punish people receiving degrees from unaccredited institutions.

Moyo warned that the proposed law would apply retrospectively, which means several high-ranking government officials, including ministers and celebrities, could be in soup for possessing fake degrees.


  1. Dr this Dr that! Everyone is going to be a doctor. A doctorate has lost all respect. Its not fair to genuine PHD holders. This nonsense must stop. We also have those who claim to have earned PHDs. Many of those degrees have been purchased – PPHD (Purchased Doctor of Philosophy). Ztv is fond of using these fake Drs as experts during news time. They are so shallow in their contributions. They look so stupid. Well done chamisa

  2. Ayewaka thats what it means to be a new generation of leaders.Wagona muzukuru waTsvangirai.Chiudzawo sekuru vako kuti vasango kambira kambira

  3. Dhokuta Tsvangirai akariwanepi degree? But Chamisa you should accept because you are spiritual Dhokuta who told us that Biti is positive and that one is disabled so take that Honorary

    • New generation of leaders indeed. Those like Chamisa who firmly believe in earning what they work hard to achieve. What cheek to insult the Honoree too by asking the recipient to pay a staggering $3 500 towards his own Honorship! Of course unashamed public funds looters like Karikoga would be expected to grab at an opportunity to “buy” a doctorate;even a clearly bogus one like this one!

  4. These guys who are snubbing the conferment of Honorary Degrees by these institutions are setting a very good precedent for all and sundry, especially our youth who must know the virtue of hard work. Thank you good people.

  5. well done Honorable Chamisa. you are such a real model. let us hope the other politicians and celebrities will follow your route. true leaders of the 21st century

  6. What the world at large needs is only one doctorate in discipline reliably minimising one’s probability of mistaking True for False
    .The rest of disciplines merit no greater honor than masters in whatever you choose to master in. Until global community wakes up to its grossly aberrant traditional value system.

  7. Supposing for arguments sake the honorable Chamisa proceeds to procure his doctorate the hardest way and his subsequent performance displays voluminous airing and erring in society unkindly demanding correct guidance; how do you market the doctorate qualification.

  8. The bottom line here is just that you’ll be asked to pay $3,500. The institution knows its paper is worth a lot less than that.

  9. She ka ndiko kunozwi wisdom pane kungo kapira kapira tumapepa twenhando. Small head but bigger brains that’s what it means.

    sharp sharp

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